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252 2013-12-16 14:18:55
C. P.
Research Associate at Lerner Research Institute

"I am very happy to inform you that my case status shows- Approved. I really appreciate your great work."

Jul 02, 2013, C. P. was WeGreened (Chen Immigration) - North America Immigration Law Group's client (from Email Conversation)
251 2013-12-12 09:55:37
A. V.
Postdoctoral Associate at University of Minnesota

“I would like to recommend Chen Immigration Law Associates to anyone interested in filing for permanent residence. I have had a very pleasant working relationship leading to the approvals of both my NIW and EB1-A. I have found the associates to be very pleasant and extremely helpful with any concerns one might have. The lawyers at Chen Law firm have done an excellent job in writing my cover letter highlighting all my strengths and keeping in view current trends and practices. I strongly recommend Chen Law Associates to anyone who's interested in filing for their green card or any other related services.”

December 12, 2013, A. V. was WeGreened (Chen Immigration) - North America Immigration Law Group's client (from LinkedIn)

250 2013-12-10 08:51:46
Postdoctoral fellow at National Institutes of Health

“I most appreciate below points done by Chen immigrant team....

Organizing my application package in a professional way
Addressing my questions within a day
Bringing up the importance of my publication through the logic of google search
I-485 DIY package

I'll refer your law firm when the chance comes up. Thanks for the nice work!! “

Dec 06, 2013, Anonymous was Chen Immigration's client (From Email Conversation)
249 2013-12-09 12:13:09
P. R.
Associate Member in American Association for Cancer Research

"Today I saw in the USCIS website, that my I-140 case was approved. I feel so happy to see this news on the USCIS website. It was not possible without your great support and coordination. Many thanks and congratulations to you and your team."

Dec 03, 2013, P. R. was Chen Immigration's client (From Email Conversation)
248 2013-12-09 12:10:52
K. V.
Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Illinois

“I have received a message from USCIS yesterday confirming the approval of my I-140. I am very much thankful for all the help, patience and faith that you showed on my case.Again, me and my family wanted to thank you for all the help. “

Dec 03, 2013, K. V. was Chen Immigration's client (From Email Conversation)
247 2013-11-25 14:07:56
Y. S.
Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University

“Thanks for the news and your service. I will recommend you to my friends at Stanford!”

Nov 19, 2013, Y. S. was Chen Immigration's client (From Email Conversation)
246 2013-11-25 14:06:01
J. S.

"I thank you very much for your impressive work on my EB1EA petition. I think your cover letter and extremely well drafted recommendation letters have done the "trick". You are best of all, I strongly recommend you for my friends. Thanks! "

Nov 22, 2013, J. S. was Chen Immigration's client (From Email Conversation)
245 2013-11-25 14:01:53
V. T.
Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Texas

“Excellent!! This is great news!! [Chen Immigration Law Associates], thank you so so much for all your help and patience with my case. I have the impression that it was not an easy one to pull off, but you made it come through. Congrats and thanks as well for the very professional act you carry. I'm extremely satisfied with the service you provided, and with how things were structured and executed. Thank you very much for all the time and help, and for the wonderful job you all did.”

Nov 21, 2013, V. T. was Chen Immigration's client (From Email Conversation)
244 2013-11-25 13:58:04
M. B.
Research Associate at Drexel University

"Thank you so much for your help. I am very fortunate to work with you on my EB2 case. I always refer my friends to your firm for green card application and I will continue to in future."

Nov 20, 2013, M. B. was Chen Immigration's client (From Email Conversation)
243 2013-11-25 13:56:03
Y. S. P.
Senior Scientist at Samsung SDI, South Korea

“I am so happy to have the approval notice and from the bottom of my heart appreciate the help from [Chen Immigration Law Associates]. You guys were really professional, precise and quick […] great job!! I am willing to refer my friends to you. Thank you very much once again.”

Oct 02, 2013, Y. S. P. was Chen Immigration's client (From Email Conversation)