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82 2013-03-12 14:26:30
Dr. M. M.

"Chen Immigration is the best place for your green card processing. The law firm is providing great support to petitioner and their advise to prepare documents are excellent. If you plan to do your green card, don’t miss Chen Immigration. My green card has been approved in just TWO days in EBI-A category. Thanks for Chen immigration firm. I strongly recommend Chen Immigration for your green card processing."

March 5, 2013. Dr. M. M. was Chen Immigration's client (from LinkedIn)
81 2013-03-12 14:25:02
L. B.
Research Assistant Professor at University of Rochester Medical Center

"I hired [Chen Immigration Group] after receiving a RFE on my self petitioned EB1A petition. I was immediately impressed with their action plan for our response to the RFE. They knew exactly what they wanted to focus on in our response and asked me for additional information about certain publication and patents and also drafted 8 new letters (I had already submitted 15 letters of support in my original self-petition). They initially asked me to do an overview of about 5-6 research accomplishments of mine over the years, linking them to my published work. With this information, they drafted excellent letters for independent recommenders. The letters highlighted my research accomplishments and was written in a very scientific manner, yet simple enough to cater to the lay audience. They also drafted a 25+ page response to the RFE, noting how I had fulfilled specific EB1A criteria. During the entire process, they had excellent communications via email and always promptly responded to all my queries. Reading the original self petition letter (written by me) and the response to the RFE (written by [The Chen Immigration Team]) it was more than apparent why I should have let the professionals do their job in the first place ! I received my approval within 5 business days of submitting my response to the RFE. Needless to say I am really glad that I hired [Chen Immigration] as my attorney and would highly recommend using their services for any immigration petition. Additionally, I would also recommend hiring [Chen Immigration Group] right from the beginning so that it will help you to construct a good, carefully thought out, well documented application package which would have a very good chance of being approved by the USCIS officers."

March 4, 2013. L. B. was Chen Immigration's client (from LinkedIn)
80 2013-03-12 14:22:56
P. X.
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering Professional

"[Chen Immigration Group] did a great job on petition preparation."

March 1, 2013. P. X. was Chen Immigration's client (from LinkedIn)
79 2013-03-12 14:21:52
P. T.
Assistant Professor at Arizona State University

"[The attorneys of Chen Immigration] are very professional and organized. They provided us a lot of guidance in preparing our petition package for EB-1A category. Their templates and documents greatly helped us save time in preparing all those documents."

February 28, 2013. P. T. was Chen Immigration's client (from LinkedIn)
78 2013-03-03 12:56:07
Anesthesiologist, Miami Beach Anesthesia Associates, Miami Beach Fl
Chen Immigration principal attorney- Victoria Chen- is an immigration attorney with excellent skills. Ms Chen- knows the immigration laws and all its archaic rules. The most striking attribute about Ms Chen is her attention to detail. She realizes that every case is different and she is willing to think outside the box. When dealing with immigration and USCIS, having a strong lawyer like Chen Immigration in your corner, is a great asset. She is resourceful and creates a compelling argument which is hard for USCIS to reject.
I highly recommend her as an immigration attorney.
77 2013-02-28 13:44:48
"Dear [Chen Immigration Group],

Thank you so much for this wonderful news and thanks a lot for working with me.
I will recommend you on the linkedin page and also to my colleagues who are considering to apply via EB1/EB2 categories.
As a matter of fact, I did recommend you to a former colleague of mine.

Best regards"

February 27, 2013. M. K. was Chen Immigration's client (through email communication with client)
76 2013-02-28 13:36:45
"Dear [Chen Immigration Group],

Thank you for your evaluation and comments so far. I appreciate your kinds responses.

I am writing to inform you that I want to retain you for my NIW application.
It is my great pleasure to work with you for the very important issue of my family and my career.
I am absolutely sure that you will take good care of my case, and I can feel that there won't be any problem to get GC if I work with you in our email conversations.

Again, I am so happy with working with you.

All the best"

February 14, 2013. J. C. was Chen Immigration's client (through email communication with client)
75 2013-02-28 13:01:36
"[Chen Immigration Team],
Great! Thank you very much! You are excellent, I will be very glad to refer my friends to you.

Best regards"

February 19, 2013. Z. Y. was Chen Immigration's client (through email communication with client)
74 2013-02-28 12:59:31
"[Attorneys of Chen Immigration],

Thanks you so much for your great help in this process."

February 28, 2013. P. T. was Chen Immigration's client (through email communication with client)
73 2013-02-26 15:00:43
J. N.
Postdoctoral Fellow at Boston University

"It’s my pleasure to recommend Chen Immigration Law Associates. [The attorneys of Chen immigration] have done an excellent job in handling my EB1A petition. They did it so well in a cool, very composed and a timely manner. They are always available and repliesto the queiries by te clients with in the same day (unless it is weekend). I am totally satisfied with the attorneys and I strongly recommend Chen Immigration Law Associates for people who would like to file their petition for permanent residency in US under the category, either EB1A or EB1B."

February 16, 2013. J. N. was Chen Immigration's client (from LinkedIn)