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3974 2018-07-13 09:02:36
Vanderbilt University
If looking for immigration services to apply for GC, then I will always suggest Chen immigration. After the first attempt, we were not willing to try again, but the lawyers were really sure that our profile can go through EB1 process. To convince us and re-apply for EB1, they really worked hard, and now we have our I-140 approved.
3973 2018-07-12 08:59:56
Mechanical Engineer
Quite a few of my friends were approved for NIW through Chen team. In my mind I was already decided to work with them because of the great experiences my friends had. Now I can add my experience in the mix, which is amazing!!!

They are very professional. Whatever is written in the retainer agreement, they will follow through no matter how busy they are. I loved their commitment for making my petition perfect. In the end, I received the NIW approval without any RFE within 6 months.

From what I had heard: they are the best. From what I have experienced firsthand: they are committed, timely, takes care of even the smallest detail, and all these make them the best.
Thank you Chen Immigration - I am grateful for all the help you have provided.
3972 2018-07-11 13:10:22
Research Scientist
A friend of mine referred me to Chen Immigration for my NIW application, and I couldn't be happier working with them. Their attention to details in so assuring. They made sure my application was 100% complete and every minor detail in place, which resulted in a speedy approval with no RFEs or hiccups. Another thing I find extremely valuable about Chen Immigration is their user friendly web portal which allows easy communication with your attorney (and very impressed with timely responses I got every time I had a question). Immigration processes could be stressful. Chen Immigration made mine a smooth and easy process. THANK YOU!
3971 2018-07-08 14:00:26
I just found out that my EB1 case was approved in 10 days. Thank you very much for all your help in preparing my case and helping every step of the way.
3970 2018-07-06 14:22:05
Old Dominion University
Research Scientist
My profile:

Phd in computer engineering and working as a research scientist in high performance computing.

Publications: 10 Journal + 7 conference + 4 workshop
Citations: Total 183 with 115 independent.
Paper Reviews: 83 for various journals and conferences.

Applied for EB1A (PP requested) at TSC on 6/25/18 and got the approval on 7/5/18.

After searching for many attorneys online and talking to them, I think Chen attorneys were the best when it came to evaluating my case and exactly telling what I needed to improve in my profile. After I did work on my profile for a while, I selected them to represent my case at USCIS.

And I have to say, they did a really fantastic job of handling it. Their whole process is extremely streamlined with precise steps laid out as to what the client and attorney are supposed to provide. After nearly 3 months after I started working on my profile with them, they filed my case and I got an approval after 10 days. I am quite happy with the way they handled my case and I highly recommend it to future clients.
3969 2018-07-05 16:27:40
Assistant Professor
I was recommended by a couple of my friends to Victoria Chen. They did a great job and my EB1 was approved in 4 days. They were very thorough in preparing my petition. Always replied in 24 hours. They are truthful and honest in the assessment of credentials. Overall, did a best job. They are doing my I-485 too. I have contacted several law firms and no one gave me the reassurance Victoria Chen gave me. One of the best !!! Highly recommend.
3968 2018-07-05 11:47:18
MD Anderson Cancer center
Research Investigator
Awesome job !
Thank you so much for all your help in preparing my NIW case . I would highly recommend you guys
3967 2018-07-03 17:13:07
University of Florida
Post doctoral Associate
I received my I-140 approval in exactly 12 days! I am so happy for my approval. Victoria chen’s amazing team worked hard to prepare a very compelling I-140 petition for me. I am amazed by their professionalism of the entire team in responding to your questions and are on- point with their timer on delivering letters and petition. This is the best immigration attorney in USA. I highly recommend all the researchers who are seeking green card under EB1-A category.
3966 2018-07-03 15:59:34
Postdoctoral Scholar
I would like to thank chen immigration law firm for helping with my EB1a and NIW application. They're very professional and high efficiency. Most important, they really care about their client and try their best to help me to build up a strong case, to handle my RFE. They really spend time to evaluate my background and finding most critical evidence to support my application. I would never get my Eb1a approved without their help, especially attorney Jessy, H.. I would definitely recommend Chen Immigration to those are going to file EB1 petitions.
3965 2018-07-02 12:34:24
I hired Chen Immigration Law firm for my EB1B petition. I am glad that my EB1B Form I-140 got approved after NOID. Throughout the case preparation , response to NOID and filing stage their support was exceptionally good and professional. I highly recommend Chen Immigration for filing their EB1 petitions