Free Evaluation

Who will benefit from a free evaluation?

  1. Anyone who is interested in a precise and comprehensive evaluation of their chance of obtaining U.S. permanent residency through employment-based petition (EB-2, NIW, EB1-A, EB1-B),
  2. Anyone who wonders if he/she is eligible to our "Approval or Refund®" Service Package, or
  3. Anyone who is interested in knowing their chance of obtaining a petition-based non-immigrant visa O-1.

How to request a free evaluation?

  1. Via email:;
    (or Send us an evaluation request here)
  2. Via fax: 214-580-5532

What information should you send us?

The more detailed information we receive, the more precise and comprehensive evaluation we can provide. Please submit the following information:

  1. Your most update CV/resume.
  2. Your current field of specialization. (e.g. Mechanical Engineering, Internal Medicine, Cultural Studies, etc.)
  3. Your current U.S. position. Please provide your job title, the name of the company or institution you work for, and your physical worksite (which state). And please let us know whether you plan to change your U.S. position within 6 months.
  4. If you are inside the U.S., please let us know your current visa status and your visa status expiration date.
  5. Your country of birth; country of birth of your spouse if applicable.
  6. If you are a researcher, the number of your total citations and independent citations (from databases such as Google Scholar, Web of Science or Scopus). If you have a Google Scholar profile, provide your Google Scholar Profile link and make it public.
  7. Please let us know whether you would continue to conduct research and publish papers. If yes, do you have any ongoing projects that will be published soon (i.e. in 6 months)?
  8. Information regarding any experience with judging the work of others in your field. Good examples can be: reviewing papers for peer-reviewed journals/conferences (please also provide the exact number of papers you have reviewed), or serving on an editorial board/being an associate editor (please also provide the impact factor of the journal).

After receiving complete information, our attorneys will provide a free evaluation within 24 hours in business days. If you do not receive our response in this time frame, please check your email spam folder or email us again.

If you are interested in our recent approved cases, please see our recent EB-1 NIW approvals

To know more about our attorney fee and the USCIS filing fee, please refer to our Legal Fees page.

Please note:

  1. An attorney-client relationship does not arise based on the free evaluation our attorneys provide.
  2. We do not charge any fee for the free evaluation or answer questions about your case.
  3. If you wish to discuss your case with our attorneys, we are happy to schedule a time to talk to you after we provide the evaluation and determine that we are able to take your case.