USCIS Fee and Attorney Fee

What does the attorney fee cover?

  1. Unlimited inquiries regarding the petition,
  2. Detailed discussion regarding the candidates of references,
  3. Drafting reference letters (if applicable). Guaranteed timeline to finish the letters.
  4. Drafting various testimonial letters if necessary.
  5. Drafting a petition letter (guaranteed finished in 10 business days)
  6. Preparing the petition package and filing with the USCIS
  7. Responding to the RFE (Request for Evidence) or NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) if applicable.

We provide the most comprehensive service for NIW (National Interest Waiver) and EB-1 petitions, including drafting recommendation letters (from the scratch), drafting the petition letter and responding to RFE (without extra charge).

For more information, please refer to The Q and A Session.

What Types of Service We provide:

Please send us your resume and your basic information by submitting a free evaluation request online. Please click here.

  1. "Approval or Refund®"
    When we review your credentials and decide you have significant objective credentials such that we are certain your case will be approved with our assistance, your case will be prepared under our "Approval or Refund®" service where if the case is denied, the attorney fee will be refunded. The refund policy is specified in the retainer agreement and is legally binding to us.
  2. "Approval or Refund®" with Conditions"
    Some clients have good credentials and great potential of a strong case but still lack certain credentials for their case to be 100% safe. In this situation, we provide guidelines for them to improve their credentials and put a condition in the retainer agreement. If the condition can be met, our refund policy will apply. If the condition cannot be met, the client can use our regular service.
  3. "Regular"
    As a firm with close to 99% of approval rate, we only take cases we see a good chance of approval. Sometimes, we do not see overwhelmingly strong objective credentials of the case but believe with our assistance, the potential client still has a good chance of case approval.
  4. Recommendation Letters Drafting Service
    For EB-1B and O1 cases, some employers do not allow outside law firms to prepare the entire petition package and file the case. In this case, we can provide the service of drafting up to seven recommendation letters to support your case. If you retain us for this service, we will provide consultation help you pick experts supporting your case, drafting up to seven recommendation letters, and revising the recommendation letters to your satisfaction.