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6676 2021-12-02 20:52:10
Bioinformatics Scientist
Today morning I received my O1 approval and would like to thank Chen Immigration for the same. The attorneys have been very diligent, prompt and knowledgable.
They addressed all my queries and doubts promptly and revised the reco and the petition letters many times till I was satisfied. They have been highly professional and I would definitely recommend their service.
6675 2021-12-02 12:49:37
Computer Vision Scientist
I am very excited to know that my EB1B case got approved. The PP took 10 days without RFE. Although I have a pending NIW case (which already took 1 year to process, thanks to USCIS), I am confident it will also get approved. WeGreened helped me on both cases and I really appreciate their service: they are professional, diligent, and lead me through the application process. The recommendation letters and petition letters are well written and be prepared in 10 days. I highly recommend the firm.
6674 2021-12-02 09:36:14
University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Post Doctoral Researcher
I received the news of my I-140 NIW approval with joy and this is thanks to the diligent assistance from Chen Immigration. They are very professional and responsive. They are simply the best.
6673 2021-12-02 08:34:20
Computer Vision Engineer
I just received my EB-2 NIW approval, all thanks to the excellent help from the folks at Chen Immigration. Their instructions on how to document my research, collect evidence, and get recommendation letters was helpful. I had tons of questions that the attorneys *ALWAYS* responded to within 24 hours, many times within a few hours. This is quite extraordinary and gave me a sense of relief that I could truly depend on this firm. If you are reading this review and wondering whether you should sign up with them, just go ahead and do it, you will not regret!
6672 2021-12-01 21:39:29
Postdoctoral Associate
I am glad that my EB-1A I-140 was approved within 2 weeks with PP, thanks to the great help from Wegreened. It was a smooth experience to work with them from the beginning to the end. Although it was a little bit prolonged in the final review process of my petition package, that is understandable considering the massive customers they are serving at the same time. Overall, I will strongly recommend Wegreened to others.
6671 2021-12-01 18:03:06
The SPHERE Institute
Data and Policy Analyst III
My EB-1B was approved without any issues. I have an EB2-NIW pending and have also filed I-485.
Throughout this entire process that has lasted well over a year - communicating with Chen Immigration Law Associates was always a great experience. Their messages are super detailed, without any extraneous talk and to the point. They are very responsive via the messaging system and not once did I have to call them (precisely because our rapport was so good over the months via the messaging system). Having said that, this process can be confusing, overwhelming and a significant source of anxiety -- BUT Wegreened is with you every step of the way. I think their charges are very reasonable and worth every cent given how much is accomplished over an extended period of time. They work with you in case there are any disagreements or differing points of view about some nuance to make sure that in the end, the final step taken is mutually agreeable and in the best interest of the client. They also make sure that their recommendations are aligned with the person's profile. I was very happy with the application packet build up components they advised me (reco letters, from whom, how many, their content, other documentation etc., the list goes on).
At no point did I get the feeling that they did not care (as may happen with some of the other larger immigration firms - but not with Wegreened).
Given how outdated, complicated and frustrating the US immigration landscape is, having a professional team like Wegreened to help you navigate it is definitely desirable.
In short, all positives from me and I definitely recommend this law firm for getting "greened"!
6670 2021-12-01 12:22:56
New Iberia Research Center
Laboratory Scientist
My EB2/NIW was just approved. Many thanks to Chen Immigration Law Associates. The have a very unique team to address all visa-related issues in a very professional as well as efficient way. Highly recommended.
6669 2021-11-30 19:09:42
My EB1A was just approved thanks to all the help from Chen Immigration Law Associates. The draft petition letter and letters of recommendation were so good - I didn't even change anything! Highly recommended to everyone!!
6668 2021-11-30 18:32:35
Research Associate
Highly recommend CHEN Immigration Law Associates. They are very professional, thorough and reliable. Very prompt in their response and helpful throughout the process. I got my EB1A approved without any RFE.
6667 2021-11-30 13:38:10
Staff Scientist
This law firm came highly recommended to me by a colleague, and I was not disappointed. My EB-2 NIW petition was approved in 8 months, far earlier than I anticipated.

When initially trying to decide whether to retain them, I was a little concerned that they weren't in the same physical state as I was, but this is absolutely not an issue. The initial consultation put me at ease.
The team is very organized, thorough, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to messages. I am very satisfied with the overall experience and will recommend them to anyone else looking to self-petition.