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4652 2019-11-20 14:44:40
Researcher in Oncologic Imaging
My O1A petition was approved yesterday thanks to the diligent and outstanding work of NAmILG. Their firm was recommended to me through word of mouth by a good colleague of mine. Before retaining them, they offered a thorough and exact evaluation of my credentials and answered many questions I had even before I retained them. After I decided to go with them, they worked professionally and diligently on my petition. From start they offered sound advice and answered nearly all questions within 24 hours. Their online platform is very convenient, self-explanatory and allows one to review and upload documents at any time, regardless of office hours. They provided step-by-step instructions for every step of the process and always offered sound and knowledgeable advice. They are VERY experienced with immigration petitions of the category EB1/EB2/NIW and O1A.

The whole process was at first very overwhelming for me, but they make it very easy by working with you through every step from beginning to end and making sure your petition is perfect before it is ready to be filed.

Also, they answered all my questions very courteously and reliably.

I am very happy with the result, moreover I am amazed with their reliability with timelines we had set. Also, the quality and accuracy of their drafted recommendation and petition letters was outstanding.

I will wholeheartedly recommend NAmILG to all of my friends and colleagues seeking to file petitions in these categories.

Thank you NamILG!
4651 2019-11-20 11:36:42
Post-doctoral Researcher

It was a pleasure to work with Chen group and I'm thankful for all support and guidance.
4650 2019-11-20 11:07:36
Thank you Chen association for your time and efforts. I am really impressed by your great work!
4649 2019-11-18 14:13:35
I'm very impressed with Chen Immigration services.
4648 2019-11-18 12:48:06
My EB-2 NIW case was not as straightforward as I expected. Despite a very strong petition prepared by my lawyer at Chen Immigration, I received an RFE which was very stressful. Chen Immigration group handled my RFE with ultimate care and professionalism (and free of charge!). I finally got my approval today. I'm glad that I made the right decision and worked with them. All good!
4647 2019-11-17 10:42:47
Senior Scientist
We are very impressed with Chen Immigration services. I had to switch to a new employer under O1 visa within a few weeks and, only because of their expert team, I was able to do that. The Chen immigration team is highly professional and well updated with the current scenario in the visa process. I got my NIW and two O1 petitions approved through them. I strongly recommend to hire them as your attorney. It is such a peaceful process working with them. I am glad to work with them.
4646 2019-11-16 21:43:53
It was a great experience working with the Chen Attorneys for my NIW case. They are highly professional and experienced. The whole process was very simple due to their constant guidance and recommendation at every step. I would strongly recommend them for any immigration case.
4645 2019-11-15 15:28:17
Best Immigration Law Group ever. EB1 has been approved in one week. EB-2 NIW has been approved in 6 months. Highly recommended!
4644 2019-11-15 11:10:46
I am appreciated to work with Chen group. It was a surprising new for me that I could get approval EB2 NIW I-140. They are very professional in their work and they can be get approval if they accept a case in the initial evaluation. They always are available and reply any matter quickly and with a high responsibility.
4643 2019-11-15 10:52:28
Ph.D. Candidate
It was a pleasure to work with Chen Associate. My EB-2 NIW I-140 just got approved in 40 days! I was so happy and I got surprised. They are very accurate and meticulous in preparing the documents. They exactly follow their timeline based on what they propose in the contract. Also, they provide professional guidance which I found very accurate and helpful. They respond very quickly and I highly recommend this law group! 5 star!