Q & A Session for Potential Clients:

Q 1: How fast can I expect my case to be prepared and filed if I work with Chen Immigration Law Associates?
A: The time on us is always standard and predicable. It takes us 1-2 weeks to produce the first drafts of the recommendation letters and 1-2 weeks to provide the first draft of the petition letter. After we get comments from you on the documents drafts, it takes us about 1-3 days to provide the revised letters. We also need 3 days to organize the exhibits and file the case to the USCIS. This timeline is specified in the contract and is binding on us. So you can always expect us to work efficiently and prepare your case in the most timely manner. The rest of time depends on how fast each client works and how responsive the recommenders of the clients are. It takes most of our clients 1-3 months to have everything ready to file. 

Q 2: What does your “guarantee policy” really mean?
A: It means if your case is denied, you can request us to refund the attorney fee immediately and we will send you a check of the full amount of the attorney fee paid within 7 business days. 

Q 3: What is your attorney fee?
A: We charge $4,500 for one case filing. $2,250 is due at the time you retain us and $2,250 is due at the time of case filing. If the case is denied, the attorney fee will be refunded. 

Q4: Since immigration officers are hard to predict, how can you guarantee the case result?
A: We can predict most of the case results based on your objective credentials, immigration law, USCIS regulations and memos, AAO (Administrative Appeal Office) decisions and of course, our experience. For more information, please read Ms. Victoria Chen’s blog article:
Case Outcomes Simplified: How Much Discretion Does an Immigration Officer Truly Have?


Q 5: Do you actually “draft” the recommendation letters for me or you just review my drafts? How many reference letters do you draft for clients?
A: We draft all the documents for our clients; not just review clients’ drafts. This saves our clients large amount of time. In addition, we do so to build up clients’ cases by including strong and specific languages in the reference letters so that we can later use those letters as evidence in the petition letter. We draft 6-8 reference letters for clients and most of the letters are about 1,000 words. 

Q 6: Will I get personal attention from Attorney Victoria Chen?
A: Yes. Attorney Chen personally takes care of all the cases and discusses your cases with you. If you have any questions, Ms. Chen will be the only person you need to talk to. 

Q 7: I live in a state where you do not have an office? Can I still work with you? Do I need to come in the office to discuss the case with you?
A:  You can still work with us. We are admitted to file cases for clients from all states in the United States and all over the world. As we spend most of our time drafting documents, we always communicate with clients via E-mails and phone calls. This is the most efficient way as NIW and EB-1 petitions are primarily about documents drafting/exchange and we make sure the quality of the documents we draft is superb. Attorney Chen is very responsive to clients' emails/requests to talk on the phone and always makes sure any questions/issues/concerns are properly addressed in an efficient manner. 

Q 8: After I email Attorney Victoria Chen, how fast can I expect to get response from her?
A: You can expect to get response from Ms. Chen within 24 hours during business hours after you email her or leave her a message in our case management system. 

Q 9: I am on F-1/F-1 OPT/J-1, can I start the I-140 application process?
A: Yes, we have many clients who start to work with us on F-1/OPT/J-1 visa status. Filing I-140 or I-485 does not affect your current visa status. But note that you may encounter problems of extending F-1/OPT/J-1 after filing I-140 since these visas do not allow dual intent (being on a non-immigrant visa status but apply for a green card). 

Q 10: Your contract online is only for I-140 petition; do you file I-485 for clients?
A:   Our attorney fee of $4,500 only covers I-140 and we encourage clients to file I-485 or apply a green card via consular processing themselves as these are relatively simple petitions. We will share I-485/consular processing DIY packet with you and you can ask Attorney Chen questions during the process. So essentially, you only need to pay $4,500  attorney fee for both I-140 and I-485 filings. But if you wish to work with us for I-485, our discounted attorney fee for I-485 is $1,000-$1,500/family. 

Q 11: What is your approval rate for original filings in 2012?
A: For original filings, our approval rate for EB1A, EB1B and NIW cases is 97 %, including cases we did not guarantee. For our approval notices, please see: http://www.wegreened.com/Case1.html#Greencard

For cases we guarantee, our approval rate is 100%. 

Q 12: What is your approval rate for cases that you did not do the original filing but only helped to respond to RFE?

A: We helped many clients respond to RFE (Request for Evidence)  although the cases were originally filed by other law firms and attorneys. This year, among 18 cases we only helped with RFE response but did  not do the original filing, two have been denied, with the approval rate of 89%. 

Q 13: Can I contact your previous clients for more information about your service?
A: Sure. You may take a look at some of our clients’ testimonials on our website: http://www.wegreened.com/Case3.html#Greencard
You are also welcome to request some referrals of our previous clients. 

Q 14: Everything looks good; how should I start to work with you?
A: To proceed, please sign, scan/email or fax back the retainer agreement at:


You may make payment of the 1st installment via a personal payable to Chen Immigration Law Associates or request a credit card invoice and make payment online. After we get the agreement and the 1st installment, an attorney-client relationship will therein arise. We will zealously represent your case to make sure the guarantee result. You may contact Attorney Victoria Chen any time regarding your application and Ms. Chen will respond your emails and phone calls promptly. 

You will receive a client packet where step-by-step instructions and various sample documents of the application process can be found. You will also get a welcome message for our case management system.

North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates) is a U.S. immigration law firm dedicated to representing corporations, research institutions, and individuals from all 50 U.S. states regarding I-140 immigration petitions. We specialize in employment-based immigration petition and have a proven record of high success rate for the categories of: EB2-NIW (National Interest Waiver), EB1-A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability), EB1-B (Outstanding Researcher/Professor) and O-1 (Alien of Extraordinary Ability).

Our Ten Thousand I-140 Approvals Provide Unprecedented Insight into the USCIS Adjudication Trend

With more than 16,000 EB-1A, EB-1B, EB-2 NIW and O-1 cases approved, we have first hand information on the manner in which the USCIS adjudicate I-140 cases. As the USCIS has constantly changed its adjudication standards for the EB-1A, EB-1B and EB-2 NIW categories, our firm's huge database of successful cases gives you unprecedented insight to USCIS adjudication trends. We carefully analyze the data for all of our cases and apply the results of our analyses toward giving our clients up-to-date advice and adapting our strategies such that we remain on par with the ever-shifting landscape of immigration law in the U.S. With us, you will always have access to important updates, strategies, and information so that you can make the most informed decisions about your case.

We Have Helped Hundreds and Thousands of Clients with Credentials and Backgrounds Similar to Yours

With our exceedingly large number of successful petitions, no matter what credentials you have, no matter your background and field of expertise, no matter your visa status or nationality, chances are we have helped hundreds or even thousands of clients just like you. Our clients are usually impressed with how well we understand their research and work. Our insight and understanding stems from the fact that we have handled many cases with elements similar to yours already, and this helps us devise the best strategies for each individual petition.

Vast Majority of Clients Came to Us Because of Referrals

For years, our firm has attracted new clients based solely on word of mouth, recommendations, and the positive collaboration experiences shared with them by their friends and family. We take pride in our reputation and work hard to ensure that we provide a green card application experience that our clients are happy to share with their friends and colleagues. That is how our approved cases grew from 600 in 2013 to over 3,500 in 2019.

If you are interested in filing the green card, please send your CV to law@wegreened.com for our free evaluation. Our attorneys will email you back with the evaluation result within 24 hours.

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