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North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates) is a U.S. immigration law firm dedicated to representing corporations, research institutions, and individuals from all 50 U.S. states regarding I-140 immigration petitions. We specialize in employment-based immigration petition and have a proven record of high success rate for the categories of:

We keep close track of the latest immigration trends and regulations of USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), decisions of AAO (Administrative Appeal Office) and judicial review opinions. The massive collected material contributes to the winning strategies for our clients' cases.

Approval of each case is the goal of our law firm. The key to our success is how we present supporting evidence and the high-quality petition letters based on systematic knowledge and comprehensive database developed by our firm. To provide the best immigration service, North America Immigration Law Group only hires attorneys with J.D. degree from top law schools.

We have one hundred percent confidence in our capability to successfully represent our clients, and we are the only U.S. immigration law firm with refund policy on I-140 petition. This is not an empty guarantee but specifically laid out in the attorney-client contract and is binding on our law firm.

We are pleased to announce that North America Immigration Law Group has so far received over 5,000 EB-1A, EB-1B and EB-2 NIW approval notices. In 2014 and 2015, the approval rate is 98.22% for cases using our Approval or Refund® (money back guarantee) service and 96.95% for all kinds of services.

For NIW cases, the approval rate is 99.18% for cases using our "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) service and the overall approval rate for all NIW cases is 98.47%.

For EB1A cases, the approval rate is 97.25% for "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) service and the overall approval rate for all EB1A cases is 95.27%.

We are one of the leading U.S. immigration law firms providing the most comprehensive services for EB-1/NIW petition with a large volume of approval cases and high approval rate.

*The number of approval notice for EB1B cases is under-estimated of the total EB1B cases we successfully petitioned because many EB1B employer petitioners did not submit G-28 and we are not the attorney on the record.

*Our approval rate is 98.47% for all NIW cases and 99.18% for "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) NIW cases.

*Our approval rate for all EB-1 cases is 95.36% and 97.21% for our "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) EB-1 cases.

*The approval rate statistics only include cases that were originally filed by our law firm and exclude RFE (Request for Evidence)/NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) cases that were taken over in the middle from other law firms or DIY clients.

*In 2015, all our EB1B denials and many of our EB1A denials were issued by the same immigration officer working in Nebraska Service Center. This officer holds a significantly different adjudication standard from the rest of the officers. Without exception, the officer firstly issued a generic template NOID (Notice Intent to Deny) or RFE (Request for Evidence ) without addressing specific evidence submitted or raised specific challenges. After our response, the officer issued another template denial, without addressing any information in our RFE/NOID response.

*Most of the denied NIW cases are from the same immigration officer working in Texas Service Center, who, similarly, always issued template RFEs (Request for Evidence) and denials without addressing evidence submitted. Clients with similar credentials as those in the denials were able to get approvals from other officers.

Client Testimonial

  • I recently got my NIW approval notice. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Wegreened team for their valuable support and numerous responsive and accurate answers to my NIW related questions. The lawyers in the firm stick to the deadline so firmly that you need not worry any delay in your case. Everything during the GC application process is so smooth, the communication is excellent, and I sincerely recommend you to attain GC service with Wegreened.

    Whenever my friends turn to me for lawyer recommendation, I would recommend Wegreened. Actually one of my friend already established agreement with Wegreened for his EB1A case. The team is so supportive and the service and finally the results will not let you down!
  • University
    Materials Research Scientist

    After filing (PP), I have got an RFE and after 3 months, my I-140 was approved. I am really thankful to Chen Immigration Law firm and appreciate their efforts in working with me patiently in a precognitive manner. They have provided me with professional Reference Letters, Petition Letters, and Testimonials. They have always replied to my questions very promptly and efficiently. I came to know their service through a friend of mine and I am glad about it. I would definitely recommend people to use North America Immigration Law Group for their service regarding EB1A.
  • Wegreened is the ultimate law firm to choose for NIW based GC applications. The lawyers very patiently worked with me for preparing my I-140 application. Right from selecting the recommenders till my application submission, they were very helpful. I appreciate all their time and efforts for my application, and am thankful to them for my NIW I-140 approval.
    Research Fellow

    My I-140 was approved only in 10 days after filing (PP). I greatly appreciate the help of Chen Immigration Law firm. They are very professional and provided me with amazing RLs and PL, they answer my hundreds of questions fast and accurate. My friend referred me and I am glad to refer people to use North America Immigration Law Group for their green card application.
  • New York University
    Assistant Research Scientist

    I received my EB1A approval 2 days ago and I have to say that WeGreened has done a stupendous job with my application. They showed great attention to detail in each and every step and did not settle for anything less than best. My application was approved without any RFE and this was only made possible by their careful preparation and review of the petition letters and recommenders. They answered all my questions in a very professional way with detailed explanations. I highly recommend WeGreened to anybody for their expertise and professionalism in preparing the EB1A cases.
  • My wife and I recently got our I-485s approved. The process took quite a while but it certainly was not because of WeGreened! They have always been extremely quick and helpful. They responded to all my questions in a very professional manner and provided incredibly detailed explanations. I would not hesitate for a second to work with them again.
  • My experience working with Wegreened attorney has been incredible. They are the most professional, dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable attorney i have worked with. Just from the very beginning of preparing of my I-140 case, i knew i made the right choice of attorney to help me with my I-140 case. They guided me step by step through material preparation, giving detailed instructions. They went through the materials i sent to them very carefully and made very good recommendations.
    All the people i know that have worked with Wegreened all have shared very pleasant experience working with Wegreened Attorney.
    I highly recommend Wegreened attorney for your EB/NIW applications. I can assure you, you'll be in the hands of the most dedicated team!
  • I recently got my I-140 under EB-1A approved. Wegreened provides the most professional service I have ever seen. When I initially retained them, my background was not strong enough and many other lawyers only suggested me go for EB-2 NIW, but Wegreened agree to help me go through the EB-1A petition. After my citation numbers increased, I asked if they can upgrade me to "Approval or Refund", since I would be feel safer. I did not quite expect they would agree because we already signed the contract and they had the right to decline. Gladly, they agreed. They always provide timely and accurate response to a wide variety of questions, and they have abundance experience on preparing the petitions, which I can tell not only from the phrasing of the letters, but also many details during the whole preparing process. I definite recommend WeGreened for any potential immigration application!
  • Wegreen is the ultimate choice to apply for an academic immigration visa, thanks to their extraordinary professionalism, very cautious and serious attitude, and rapid response. The attorneys helped me from the very beginning stage, together with well-developed instruction packages and, very well-written documents with multiple rounds of revisions, to the very end of the careful checking of application materials. It is a really long journey and painful to prepare so many documents, and it is amazing that Wegree can find even smallest mistake, providing suggestions always on time. They are always there and always patience. Without the great help from Wegreen, nothing is imaginable. I’m truly grateful for their support and highly recommend their service.
  • I found the North American Immigration Law Group through their website. After reading through numerous testimonials from satisfied clients and reviewing their outstanding success rates with EB1/NIW petitions, I was convinced that this was the appropriate law firm to handle my case. I therefore consulted the firm for a free evaluation and after a positive review suggesting that my petition stood a good chance of being approved, we started working on my petition. Throughout the entire process (selecting recommenders, gathering the supporting evidence, drafting the petition letter all the way to submitting the application) the lawyers were very thorough and paid great attention to detail. My EB1A was approved in 12 days and we are now working on my adjustment of status application. I am so grateful to Ms. Chen and her team for their hard work. I highly recommend this team to anyone looking for an immigration attorney.
  • North Carolina State University
    Postdoctoral Scholar

    I highly appreciate the support and professionalism of Chen Immigration Law firm. Although it took me a long time to gather all my documents but attorneys from were never late in replying to any of my concerns. They were extremely meticulous in analyzing my documents and made sure all my supporting exhibits were appropriate. In only 30-days my EB2/NIW was approved and I'm sure it was due to their experience handling of my case. I'll certainly recommend others to consider hiring Chen Immigration Law Assoc. for any kind of immigration purposes. One of my friends is already in touch with them after hearing my success story. I sincerely appreciate their time and effort in preparing my case.
  • Rigide pipeline engineer

    Thanks for the wonderful job you have done. Filing work took only 2 and a half month abd EB2 niw was approved in 1 month abd 30 days from the filing date.

    Would definitely recommend.
  • Senior Director

    We are so grateful to Victoria Chen and her team for helping us obtain our green cards under the EB2 National Interest Waiver regime. We are German citizens, a director in management consulting and a lawyer. Ms. Chen and her team guided us through the journey very professionally and helped us prepare our case thoroughly and for maximum chance of success. It was still a lot of work to gather all the supporting evidence and recommendations. But Ms. Chen's team made this work pay-off. USCIS approved our case only 3 weeks after filing. Consular processing then took around 6 months. A few weeks ago we then entered the U.S. as permanent residents. The CBP officer at the port of entry actually clapped her hands and said: "Welcome to America!" We are so grateful to Ms. Chen and her team.
    Postdoctoral Researcher

    I sincerely thank Chen Attorney Law Firm who helped me to build my case strong enough to be presented in EB1A category. The initial free evaluation of the case and acceptance of the case in approval/refund policy is something that makes them highly unique and great. They are highly meticulous and professional in drafting the recommendation letters and petition in an organized and in a timely fashion. It took me only 2 months to finish off the filing after I signed a contract for I-140 with them. Their website for client dealing is the best and they respond to the questions in a committed window of 24 h which is very impressive. Throughout the process, they were very supportive and interactive and I strongly recommend this group for any immigration issues. Thank you very much for making my sail smooth through this rough process of I-140 approvals.
  • University of Texas
    Research Assistant

    I have work with Wegreened in the past 4 months for my application in NIW+EB1A immigration petition. Thank you for Wegreened's professional services in drafting recommendation letters as well as the excellent petition letter. Both my NIW and EB1A+pp were approved by USCIS within weeks after submission, and both without RFE.
    The law group have given me a lot of important reference on how to improve the soundness of my case during the cooperation in petition, which I think were the critical factors that insured the approval of my case. I strongly recommend Wegreened to other applicants with background in research like me.
  • I can't thank Chen Immigration enough for their help in enabling me to get My 140 approved in EB1A. I am an Indian citizen and there is a 10-year long wait in getting a green card in EB2 and EB3 categories. Chen Immigration helped me to build my case and provided me great feedback on what more I needed to do to apply in EB1A category.
    EB1A wasn't a sure shot case for me but with the help of everyone at Chen Immigration I was able to present a strong case through my petition letter, recommendation letters, and credentials. I got my I 140 approved in less than a week after applying in premium processing. In all, it took me about 5 months from signing up with Chen Immigration to get my I 140 approved.
    Seeing their thorough professionalism in helping clients, I have decided to retain them for my I 485 filling as well. Hope that also goes off smoothly.
  • Thank you Chen Immigration Law firm for my I-140 approval. There is no doubt that your group is the best and it is the outcome of an organized and systematic approach. I found this group in Google while I was looking for an evaluation of my case. Without any background of this group, I asked for the evaluation and the reply was different. you could see a number of questions for more details and it was the first thing made you believe this group knows what to do. After signing the contract and working with this group, I found out so many of my friends or friend of my friends have been working with this group and it was my chance to find this reliable group without reference. Anyway, thank you for everything and good luck.
  • Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
    Assistant Professor

    I am so happy to know that my I-140 got approved. Thank you very much, North America Immigration Law Group for your hard work to make my case successful. I am very much satisfied with your service, it's so systematic and reliable. I have already recommended many of my friends about your service. Really appreciate your great work.
  • I can't thank enough Chen Immigration Law firm for the successful approval of my I-140 EB1A petition. Having had the bad experience with working with another Immigration Law firm, the professional approach that they maintain is worth commending. From the day my case was filed till today (the day of my approval of the I-140 petition), the team has maintained a very meticulous and professional approach. They answer all your queries within 24-hours which is very very important from a client's standpoint. They adhere to the time-line and the way the recommendation/petition letters are drafted are very thorough.
    I am extremely satisfied with the services and I have already recommended their services to my friends and co-workers. For all prospective clients just do what they say and your case will be a success. They know what they are doing.
    Let me take this opportunity to thank Chen Immigration Law Associates for all the effort to make my case a success.
  • I was noticed that my form I-140 is approved. A million thanks to Chen Immigration Law firm for their support, patient and professional action. I believe this company is the only choice for everyone who are going to apply for EB1 and EB2. I already have introduced them to my all friends and some of them are going to apply soon.They are highly recommended.

Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved Without RFE for Research Associate Scientist in New York in the Field of Biostatistics

Thanks a lot for the great news! I also wanted to thank you for your very professional work and fantastic result. It was a pleasure to working with your team. I will definitely recommend you service to my friends and try to post a recommendation for your firm on the forum in the near future.

Approved in 272 days

State of Residence: New York

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Success Stories: Iranian Assistant Professor in the Field of Civil Engineering with Approved NIW Petition is Now Ready for Immigrant Visa Processing

Thank you very much for the excellent news! I really appreciate your help and efforts in this matter. Will surely share my experience with others to help them use your great services.

Approved in 264 days

State of Residence: NA

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Success Stories: Nebraska Service Center Approves NIW Petition for Iranian Graduate Research Assistant in California in the Field of Electrical Engineering

Thank you for your message.

Approved in 254 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved (RFE Received) for Research Associate in California in the Field of Cell and Molecular Biology with Just 54 Citations

I am extremely satisfied with the way Chen Immigration Group has handled my case. At every step, I had lot of questions and they patiently answered everything. They drafted excellent letters of recommendation with lot of technical inputs from me. The top quality letters and highly persuasive response to the RFE was the biggest benefit for me that led to a definite approval. They found the strongest possible evidence from my records. As a matter of fact, these were evidences I may have overlooked due to a lack of understanding of what immigration officers look for. I am happy I chose Chen immigration to represent me. Recently (Jan 10th 2017), I also received my green card after I-485 was approved. I am happy to start my journey as a permanent resident in this country and extremely thankful to Chen Associates for their valuable service.

Approved in 102 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: Employer-Sponsored EB-1B Petition Approved for Research Technician from China in the Field of Neuroscience (PP requested, No RFE)

Thanks for all your work! It is a great experience to work with your team and I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Approved in 8 days

State of Residence: New York

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved for Maryland-based Assistant Research Professor from Russia in the Field of Virology

Thank you so much for the good news! I really appreciate your help and expertise!

Approved in 325 days

State of Residence: Maryland

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in 9.5 Months for Arkansas-based Postdoctoral Fellow from India in the Field of Chemistry

Today I got message from USCIS. My I-140 is approved. Thanks for your support and help.

Approved in 290 days

State of Residence: Arkansas

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Success Stories: University-Petitioned EB-1B Approved for Assistant Professor from India in the Field of Special Education

I would like to take this opportunity to share you that on 9th of May, 2016, that I-140 that I filed under extraordinary professor /esearcher category (EB-1) got approved! If you are one of those individuals looking for an excellent and efficient legal firm to represent your EB-1/NIW or other special cases, I would strongly encourage you to check with North Immigration law group/Chen Immigration Law Associates (email: to find-out the prospects. If you feel like your case is really time-sensitive, then Chen associates would be a perfect fit. I have not seen them missing deadlines even a single time. If they say that they will get back to you by Monday, June the 6th before noon, you can expect to receive their response on Monday, June the 6th for sure. Regardless of your area of expertise (e.g., nanotechnology, clinical psychology, special education, speech pathology), they are capable of individualizing your case with the support of your skills and expertise. Their work ethics is truly amazing and I can't ask for a better legal firm to represent my case and hoping the same for you and your friends and family members. Thank you and good luck!

Approved in 201 days

State of Residence: New Mexico

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Success Stories: NAILG Helps an Organic Chemistry Postdoctoral Research Associate in Texas Secure an EB-1A Petition Approval (135 Citations, PP Upgrade, No RFE)

I am very excited to see your message. I am really very grateful to you all, especially Victoria Chen who handled my case most probably. You people are the best. The way I got help from you just amazing and no word to explain.

Approved in 56 days

State of Residence: Texas

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in 12 Days for Chinese Postdoctoral Research Associate in Georgia in the Field of Virology (PP Requested, 136 Citations)

What a good news!! Thanks so much for all what you have done in the application process.

Approved in 12 days

State of Residence: Georgia

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved in 8.5 months for Researcher in Michigan in the Field of Nanotechnology

Thank you so much. You did tremendous job to make it happen. Thanks again for suggestions, support, passion and everything you did while preparing/submitting I-140 petition packet.

Approved in 260 days

State of Residence: Michigan

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Success Stories: Chinese Postdoctoral Fellow in Massachusetts in the Field of Chemical Engineering Secures EB-1A Petition Approval with 143 Citations (No RFE, PP Requested)

Thank you so much for the exciting news! It's my great honor to retain you as my application attorney. I appreciate of all your help during my case preparation process.

Approved in 14 days

State of Residence: Massachusetts

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved Without RFE for Postdoctoral Research Associate from China in the Field of Analytical Chemistry

I was greatly impressed by the efficiency with which our lawyer at North America Immigration Law Group handled our immigration case. Most communication was via email, and all of our concerns, however minor, were promptly addressed by our lawyer. I highly appreciate their hard work and high level of professionalism demonstrated through all steps of my application.

Approved in 265 days

State of Residence: Washington

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved for Research Associate and Quality Assurance-Quality Control Manager in California in the Field of Radiochemistry (No RFE Issued)

Thank you for exciting news. The whole process from preparation to final approval is very smooth. It is a pleasure to work with you guys.

Approved in 285 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: EB-1A and NIW Petitions Approved for Senior Device Engineer in California with 91 Citations in the Field of Electrical Engineering

Thank you so much for all your help in the past 1 year.

Approved in 328 days

State of Residence: California

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