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North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates) is a U.S. immigration law firm dedicated to representing corporations, research institutions, and individuals from all 50 U.S. states regarding I-140 immigration petitions. We specialize in employment-based immigration petition and have a proven record of high success rate for the categories of:

We keep close track of the latest immigration trends and regulations of USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), decisions of AAO (Administrative Appeal Office) and judicial review opinions. The massive collected material contributes to the winning strategies for our clients' cases.

Approval of each case is the goal of our law firm. The key to our success is how we present supporting evidence and the high-quality petition letters based on systematic knowledge and comprehensive database developed by our firm. To provide the best immigration service, North America Immigration Law Group only hires attorneys with J.D. degrees from top law schools.

We have one hundred percent confidence in our capability to successfully represent our clients, and we are the only U.S. immigration law firm with refund policy on I-140 petitions. This is not an empty guarantee but specifically laid out in the attorney-client contract and is binding on our law firm.

We are pleased to announce that North America Immigration Law Group has so far received over 7,500 EB-1A, EB-1B and EB-2 NIW I-140 approval notices. In 2015 and 2016, the approval rate is 97.9% for cases using our Approval or Refund® (money back guarantee) service and 96.9% for all cases.

Our approval rate is 99.6% for NIW petitions using our "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) service and the overall approval rate for all NIW cases is 99.2%.

In terms of EB1A petitions, the approval rate is 96% for cases entitled to our "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) service and the overall approval rate for all EB1A cases is 94.3%.

As one of the leading U.S. immigration law firms providing the most comprehensive services focusing on EB-1/NIW petitions, we are proud to maintain our high approval rates with a large volume of approved cases.

* The number of EB1B approvals is under-estimated because we calculated our approval rates based on the approval notices we received. Some EB-1B petitioning employers did not submit a G-28 so only the employers received the approval notices.

** One denied case was not originally filed by our firm. We took the case after an RFE (Request for Evidence) was issued and the case was denied after the RFE response.

*** Among 125 EB-1A denials, 71 were processed in NSC (Nebraska Service Center) and 54 were processed in TSC (Texas Service Center). The majority of the EB-1A denials processed in NSC were issued by officers who requested thousands of citations for EB-1A approval.

In 2015-2016, our approval rate for O1A I-129 cases is 100%.

Note: These statistics are based on the final adjudication received in the specified year. Some of the cases were approved after appeal, motions, or re-filing.

Client Testimonial

  • The Scripps Research Institute
    Research Associate

    I wanted to thank the Chen Immigration Law Group for obtaining EB2-NIW approval. I am thankful and grateful to Ms. Victoria Chen who was my immigration lawyer. It was pleasure to work with Ms.Chen. It was and it is a great experience to work with the Wegreened team. I would strongly and highly recommend to anyone the Wegreened. Thank you for all.

    With warm regards to you,
    Yosef Avchalumov.
  • I wanted to thank the Chen Immigration Law Group for obtaining my EB-2 NIW approval. Having my petition submitted pre-Dhanasar case, I was worried that my case receives RFE since the prongs are slightly modified. But thanks to their professional and detail oriented work, I got approval with no RFEs.
  • China

    Thanks for the WeGreened team. My EB2-NIW I140 was approved on 9/9/2017. My research area is Statistics. I am had a great experience to work with the Wegreened team . I strongly recommend the Wegreened.
  • JHMI

    My EB2-NIW I140 was just approved within less than 2 months without RFE. I was completely surprised seeing the notice in my mail box last night, never thought it'd come so fast!
    Chen immigration team has provided me tremendous help along the way, they always respond to my questions promptly with accurate answers to leave my worry behind. BTW, their online system provides so much useful information and allow us to communicate without any issues.
    I have already recommended their law firm to my friends and I believe you should also consider!
  • Thanks for the Wegreened's help. My EB1A I-140 got approved by NSC after RFE. I had a great experience to work with the Wegreened and highly satisfied with their excellent and professional service. I strongly recommend the Wegreened.
  • Research Scientist

    My I-140 (EB1B) petition was approved recently after receiving the NOID. I want to thank the entire staff at Chen Immigration team, especially Attorney Jesse Holmes for their hard and thorough work. Jesse was very helpful is acquiring all the necessary information, writing a strong response to the NOID, and highlighting my major accomplishments in the industry. I highly recommend this group.
  • Software Engineer

    My EB-2 NIW petition was approved on 09/08/2016. Application was received by Nebraska center on 09/21/2016. My I-140 got approved without RFE. My field of study is avionics, navigation, electrical engineering, aeronautics, and computer science. My research area is navigation satellite system. I contacted several law firms before contracting Wegreened. There are several reasons why I contracted with Wegreened.
    1. Objective Evaluation
    2. Approval or Refund service - another law firm denied refund, bou re-filing I-140 if the petition is denied.
    3. Wegreened allows applicant to review the final I-140 petition letter - another law firm did not allow to review. They said it is their intellectual property and did not want to disclose.
    4. It is able to review contract online before contact and free evaluation inquiry.- Another lawfirm did not show until I decide.
    5. Another law firm request $7000 for IVP after I-140 approval. As I asked to Wegreened, they said there is no attorney fee, because applicant can take care of IVP by himself. Another law firm was not honest.

    Hence, I strongly recommend North America Immigration Law Group
  • Post Doc

    Last week my I140 was approved without RFE. Thanks to the diligent and painstaking effort by Chen Immigration team for drafting and re-reading all my documents several times during the case preparation. Moreover they also went over all my supporting documents very carefully to make sure that all evidence was in place before the submission of my case. Frankly speaking, I don't think I would have ever been able to represent my case so strongly and yet accurately without their help. I strongly recommend them for this reason .
  • Columbia University
    Postdoctoral Research Scientist

    I am so happy to hear that my EB1a I-140 got approved after RFE. I would like to express sincere gratitude to Chen Immigration Team (WeGreened). I have retained WeGreened for both EB1a and NIW I-140 preparation, with NIW filed before EB1a. Professional, responsible, and punctual are some of the characteristics that they manifested during the whole process. Besides, the online system that they used to communicate with clients is highly organized and efficient. Lastly, whenever I ask them questions, their answer is always quick, specific and to the point. I am very satisfied with my experience interacting with them. I would highly recommend WeGreened (PS: actually, after my recommendation, one of my friend is currently retaining WeGreened for his NIW I-140 petition. And he is also satisfied based on his experience with Wegreened so far).
  • Recently, my NIW case was approved and I really thank Chen Lawyers for making this happen.

    Preparing my NIW case was such an easy and smooth process thanks to the excellent services they provided. I am currently working as a software engineer and there is definitely not enough time for me to prepare all these documents as well as recommendation letters myself, and Chen lawyers prepared all these documents in such a high quality so that my case finally got approved. They provided step-by-step guide for preparing my NIW case and ensure any question you might have are answered as promptly as possible. I am currently working with Chen Lawyers to prepare my EB1A case. I would definitely recommend Chen Lawyers if you want to apply for NIW or EA1.
  • Designer at Apex Supply Chain
    UI Designer

    Got my EB1B application approved. Thank you so much. Attorneys from your firm are very professional and patient. Could dedicate on my case and replied any of my question in 1 business day. I had 2 master degrees on design and my academic background was not strong. Attorneys at WeGreened could leverage my work experience and draft super strong petition letters. I really appreciate what they helped on my case and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to apply NIW or EB1/EB2 green card.
  • Thank you for your great work. I really appreciate your time and effort in helping me with the I-140 application and RFE. I will strongly recommend your law firm to my friends.
  • University of Colorado Boulder
    Postdoctoral Research Associate

    Thank you for the great news about my I-140 approval! I really appreciate Chen Immigration team efforts they put in in my I-140 case preparation. After reviewing my case, I was sure that it would be approved. Although, it took one year because of the backlog at Nebraska Service Center but, I am happy that my case was approved without any RFEs. I would highly recommend Chen Immigration Law firm to others. They are experts in case preparation and they respond to questions quickly. Thank you V. Chen!
  • Marshall University
    Structural Engineering Lab Manager

    I would like to thank Chen immigration law team. My I-140 petition is approved under the EB2-NIW category in less than 3 months. I really appreciate their support and I strongly recommend them.
  • University of Michigan
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Many thanks for the great news. You did a great job in preparing my case and replying my emails promptly.
    It took a long time for my case to be processed in Nebraska Service Center, but it was only because of the long processing time in this center. I was confident that when the time comes, my case will be approved.
  • I would like thank V. Chen Group for the great job they did on my I-140 NIW case preparation. They worked with me during the preparation and final submission to the USCIS, they were very responsive in very timely manners. Finally, my case was approved with any RFEs. Thanks V. Chen and Great Job!
  • Baylor
    Post Doctor

    Great to have WeGreened team as my green card application lawyer. They did very good job and save me a lot of time.
    Thanks to WeGreened. My I-140 was approved.
  • Postdoc

    Great experience working with WeGreened team. The lawyers carefully prepared and reviewed my documents and evidences for EB1a. I am vey happy to get the I-140 approval.
  • Research Scientist

    I would like to thank Chen immigration firm for all their help and efforts on preparing my I-140 case and getting its approval under the EB2-NIW category. I highly recommend them.
  • Post doc

    I would like to thank all the people in Chen Immigration for making my case successful. I do appreciate their timely response and valuable suggestion putting in my case. I am so proud that I selected Victoria Chen's group as my attorney for getting I-140 approval. I had very pleasant experience working with them and I am highly satisfied with their well-organized work like drafting recommendation letter, petition letter etc. I would highly recommend this team for filing I-140

Success Stories: A Doctoral Candidate in Electrical Engineering Received EB-1A Petition Approval Exactly 14 days after PP Upgrade

Thanks for your help with 140 application!

Approved in 22 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved for Postdoctoral Research Associate from China in the Field of Biomedical Engineering (PP Requested)

Wegreened has helped me for my application of EB-1A. They are very professional to prepare my petition letter and recommender letters based on my research summary. They always responded to me regarding any questions I have in time. I really appreciate their help, and will recommend them to anybody. In fact, I also asked them to help me for my submission of I485.

Approved in 10 days

State of Residence: Oklahoma

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in 3 Days for Chinese Postdoctoral Researcher in Ohio in the Field of Analytical Chemistry (PP Requested)

Thank you again for helping with my case.

Approved in 3 days

State of Residence: Ohio

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Success Stories: Nebraska Service Center Grants NIW Petition Approval to Iranian Mechanical Engineering Expert in California

Thank you so much for your email and amazing supports.

Approved in 200 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved for Postdoctoral Associate in Massachusetts with 112 Citations in the Field of Nutrition

Thank you for your notice. I am very happy we get to the final success.

Approved in 101 days

State of Residence: Massachusetts

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved in 3.5 Months for Research Associate in Pennsylvania in the Field of Computer Science (Based on Matter of Dhanasar)

Thank you...

Approved in 105 days

State of Residence: Pennsylvania

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in Under 2 Weeks for Indian Postdoctoral Researcher in Connecticut in the Field of Organometallic Chemistry

First of all please accept my heartiest appreciation for all your help and support. It is a fantastic news and great sense of relief for me. The credit goes to you and your team for this success.

Approved in 13 days

State of Residence: Connecticut

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Success Stories: Postdoctoral Research Associate from China with 152 Citations in the Field of Neurobiology Receives EB-1A Petition Approval (PP Requested)

The attorneys in NAILG are professional and with high efficiency. I really appreciate that they are with me through all ups and downs. Thank you very much for your hard work.

Approved in 74 days

State of Residence: Utah

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in 36 Days for an Analytical Chemistry Expert in Georgia (127 Citations)

Thank you very much...I really appreciate your work and help!

Approved in 36 days

State of Residence: Georgia

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved in 72 Days for Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Texas in the Field of Computer Engineering

I have received the original copy of my I-140 approval notice! Thank you for all your help during my I-140 processing.

Approved in 72 days

State of Residence: Texas

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved in 3.5 Months for Iranian Environmental Engineering Expert in New Jersey (based on Matter of Dhanasar)

I am writing to express my deep gratitude for your time and consideration. I would like to thank you for all the support you have given to me.

Approved in 110 days

State of Residence: New Jersey

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in 4 Months for Postdoctoral Research Scholar from China in the Field of Plant Science (155 Citations)

Thank you very much for your time working on my case... It's been a pleasure working with you!

Approved in 123 days

State of Residence: North Carolina

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved for Research Associate in North Carolina in the Field of Nanoengineering (Based on Matter of Dhanasar)

You did such a great job. 2 months and 10 days is impressive... I am so grateful for your help.

Approved in 71 days

State of Residence: North Carolina

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved for Iranian Assistant Professor with 150 Citations in the Field of Computer Science

Thank you for the information! I really appreciate your help.

Approved in 13 days

State of Residence: Pennsylvania

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Success Stories: Employer-Petitioned EB-1B Approved for Senior Wireless System Engineer from China in the Field of Senior Wireless System Engineer

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank you all for your hard work and great support for my I-140 EB1B case. You have done an excellent job and I really appreciate it.

Approved in 7 days

State of Residence: California

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