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North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates) is a U.S. immigration law firm dedicated to representing corporations, research institutions, and individuals from all 50 U.S. states regarding I-140 immigration petitions. We specialize in employment-based immigration petition and have a proven record of high success rate for the categories of:

We keep close track of the latest immigration trends and regulations of USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), decisions of AAO (Administrative Appeal Office) and judicial review opinions. The massive collected material contributes to the winning strategies for our clients' cases.

Approval of each case is the goal of our law firm. The key to our success is how we present supporting evidence and the high-quality petition letters based on systematic knowledge and comprehensive database developed by our firm. To provide the best immigration service, North America Immigration Law Group only hires attorneys with J.D. degrees from top law schools.

We have one hundred percent confidence in our capability to successfully represent our clients, and we are the only U.S. immigration law firm with refund policy on I-140 petitions. This is not an empty guarantee but specifically laid out in the attorney-client contract and is binding on our law firm.

We are pleased to announce that North America Immigration Law Group has so far received over 6,000 EB-1A, EB-1B and EB-2 NIW I-140 approval notices. In 2015 and 2016, the approval rate is 97.9% for cases using our Approval or Refund® (money back guarantee) service and 96.9% for all cases.

Our approval rate is 99.6% for NIW petitions using our "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) service and the overall approval rate for all NIW cases is 99.2%.

In terms of EB1A petitions, the approval rate is 96% for cases entitled to our "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) service and the overall approval rate for all EB1A cases is 94.3%.

As one of the leading U.S. immigration law firms providing the most comprehensive services focusing on EB-1/NIW petitions, we are proud to maintain our high approval rates with a large volume of approved cases.

* The number of EB1B approvals is under-estimated because we calculated our approval rates based on the approval notices we received. Some EB-1B petitioning employers did not submit a G-28 so only the employers received the approval notices.

** One denied case was not originally filed by our firm. We took the case after an RFE (Request for Evidence) was issued and the case was denied after the RFE response.

*** Among 125 EB-1A denials, 71 were processed in NSC (Nebraska Service Center) and 54 were processed in TSC (Texas Service Center). The majority of the EB-1A denials processed in NSC were issued by officers who requested thousands of citations for EB-1A approval.

In 2015-2016, our approval rate for O1A I-129 cases is 100%.

Note: These statistics are based on the final adjudication received in the specified year.

Client Testimonial

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

    I first contacted Chen Immigration to conduct an initial review on my eligibility to apply EB1A. After that, I then selected the Chen immigration to help me going through the whole EB1A process. From review to final approval, I can testify that the work done by Chen immigration was thorough, responsive and professional. I am extremely satisfied with the services provided by Chen immigration. No matter how trivial my concern was, Chen immigration was always there to help. The whole process, thanks to Chen immigration, was very smooth and completed in a timely fashion. I highly recommended Chen immigration for everyone who is interested.
    Postdoctoral Researcher

    My friend has recommended Chen immigration associates for my GC application. I contacted Chen with my detailed CV and brief outline of my research credentials. After evaluation, on the same day Chen Associates (CA) informed me about their confidence in my I-140 application. I signed my contract on the immediate next day and then Chen asked me to prepare an overall research summary. Based on my research summary, CA prepared five recommendation letters. These recommendation letters prepared by CA attorneys were through and clearly descripted my research outcome and impact very effectively. They have been excellent in highlighting the key points and discussing the importance of my work in US perspective. Before the final submission, CA attorneys reviewed the petition at least three times to make sure everything is in place. I did premium processing (PP) after 5 months of my submission. My I-140 (Eb1-A) petition approved 10 days after upgrading to PP. Submission of documents and communication via website are also good. In short, my overall experience with Chen Associates is excellent and thus I strongly recommend Chen immigration team to my friends and colleagues.
  • Physician ( oncology fellow)

    I filed for EB1A via premium processing ( Nebraska service center) and it was approved without any RFE today. Chen attorneys are highly meticulous, dedicated and very professional. They are very patient and punctual with answering all the questions and concerns in an extremely timely fashion. I would highly recommend this phenomenal immigration group to all the physicians who are planning to file the green card petition.
  • UT MD Anderson cancer center
    Postdoctoral Fellow

    When i looked at all the reviews for the immigration firm, Chen immigration caught my attention for two reason, effective clear communication and their experience to approve otherwise difficult cases. After the initial free evaluation by their experienced attorneys they presented me with step by step instructions and options. I took a week to understand and signed the contract with them. My only concern at that time was not seeing the firm in person as everything is online, However that concern was gone as i saw their work ethics. They are super professional and respect the timelines and deadlines. they meticulously prepare all the documents, which is really important for such cases. I had a wonderful experience with them. I had already recommended two of my friends to hire them. I hired them for both I-140 and I-485. My I-140 was filed with PP and I received the approval in 8 days. for other details about my case and timeline follow this link:-
  • Physician

    I filed by EB1 via premium processing and it was approved without any RFE last week. Chen immigration team is a group of very professional and highly qualified attorneys. They are very meticulous in their approach and answered all the queries and concerns in a very timely fashion. The time and effort they dedicate in preparing the case is phenomenal and is evident by the quality of the petition letter. I would highly recommend Chen Immigration to everyone especially physicians who are planning to file their green card applications whether NIW or EB1.
  • Weill Cornell Medicine NY
    Postdoc - Biology

    My nationality is Spanish and I applied for a green card in 2016.

    The experience with the Chen team was unbeatable. They are professional, responsive and knowledgeable. Communication is fluent at all times through their own messaging system.

    The Chen team carried out an incredible amount of work for me, so I didn't have to worry about writing letters or statements, which is the most cumbersome and time-consuming part.

    They use a clear and organized system to walk you through the application process that saves you effort, time and headaches. So you don't need to worry about anything.

    Applying with the chen group was easy, convenient and painless.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the Chen team, my experience was fantastic

  • Postdoc - Biology

    By far - one of the best professional services engagements I have been involved with. I started my NIW journey with a 1-person law firm and switched to Chen Associates after realizing how experience and attention to details are crucial in this process.

    The Chen team will make you work hard! but no small detail will be skipped and quality of the essays and letters are remarkable.

    I think this is the only place you should look for if contemplating an NIW process. It feels like this firm is one the most experienced in all of the US.

    Additionally, responsiveness of the lawyers through the internal messaging system is great. They will answer promptly and each small or large question you may have.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher

    My I-140 was approved within 6 days after submission. Chen team is very effective and professional. I really appreciated their work. I am very impressed the way they prepare the case. They prepared four reference letters for my case and a petition letter based on my research summaries. Very neat, straightforward, effective. They know how to organize and show key points and I am also impressed that they reviewed the printed materials and corrected an error for me before submission. I would recommend Chen immigration team to my friends.
  • Chemical Engineer

    Excellent experience! I just got my I-140 approval recently. Chen immigration team are very professional and helpful. They responded your question quickly. They knew what to do for the client's successful application. I would strongly recommend them to others.
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

    2 years ago when I googled saying "Best immigration lawyer for NIW" - It showed up Chen immigration on top of the list at Yelp. I decided to work with Chen immigration firm and now I am highly satisfied with my decision.

    My EB2-NIW application has been approved after 13 months. Chen immigration helped me to submit this application. I am very much impressed the way they prepare my application for this category. They are very professional ! I have already recommended dozen of my friends to Chen immigration and will highly recommend to all those who are currently looking for immigration lawyer in USA.

  • Social Scientist

    My EB1A was approved within 15 days with premium processing last week. No RFE. We spent about 4 months preparing everything. The Chen Immigration is always careful at details and I am thankful for having worked with them. Applying for a green card can be daunting, but the Chen Immigration makes sure that you are on a steady progress with a foreseeable future. I would recommend their service to anyone seeking green card in the U.S.!
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    My EB1A petition got approved in 11 days with premium processing. I'd highly recommend Chen immigration to anyone who's trying to apply for permanent residency. I'm really impressed with their professional services, particularly their focus on details! They always respond to my questions in a very timely manner. Thank you! I had a wonderful experience working with them!
  • Physician

    My I-140 (NIW) was approved this week!
    I was fortunate to come across Chen immigration when I started looking into my options for green card. I quickly realized they are extremely professional and would handle my case at a personal level. Indeed, over the last 1 year they have performed beyond my expectations.

    Chen immigration team gave me a free evaluation after assessing my portfolio. Their timing for my case has been impeccable at every step. The lawyers have worked with me as a team. Communication with the whole firm has just been outstanding. I would recommend Chen Immigration extremely highly to all my friends and anyone who is in my shoes and looking into the process for Green card.
  • Physician

    My I-140 was approved recently. Chen Immigration group was professional and very effective. They are very knowledgeable and VERY good at what they do. They responded in a timely fashion to all my questions and needs. They walked me through the entire process and made it pretty straightforward for me. I would recommend them to any of my colleagues.
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

    My EB1-A was approved in 11 days with premium processing. My friends referred me to Chen Immigration Group. I am glad that I made right decision to choose them for my I-140. They are very professional, responsible and answered to my questions within 24 hours. They provided me with high-quality petition letter. I recommend Chen Immigration Law firm to my friends and colleagues for their green card application.
  • Scientist

    My EB1A petition got approved in 11 days with premium processing. I strongly advice Chen Immigration to anybody seeking immigrant visa approval. They are working with a precise and professional fashion; and also do their job with a highest attention. They really deserve appreciation.
  • Postdoc Research Associate

    I received my I-140 (NIW) approval notice a few days ago and I am so relieved, ....Chen team made this happen for me, ...I did not think I had a good chance because of low citation count (19), but Chen team drafted a strong petition letter for me and focused on criteria other than citations. Thank you!! I had a wonderful experience working with you!!!!
  • BCM
    Postdoc Fellow

    My EB1A petition got approved in 11 days with premium processing. With Chen Immigration Group, I was constantly feeling that the eggs are forever in the basket. From the initial evaluation towards the final petition submission, they tailored my case in a timely and professional fashion. Many thanks to Chen Immigration Group and YES I would definitely recommend them.
  • Scientist

    Chen Immigration is such a professional team. They provided me with all the help I need and my case got approved today. Thank you for your hark work. And I will definitely recommend your team to my friends.
  • PhD student

    Thanks so much for help from chen's group. Their work is outstanding and essential, the pace of work is extremely impressive, my question always got answered within a few hours in a clear way, Chen's group is not doubt best of the best eb1/eb2 immigration lawyer I have ever known in the U.S. Definitely I will tell all of my friends who need immigration help to turn to Chen's group.

Success Stories: PP Allowed a Molecular Biology Research Scientist in Texas to Secure EB-1A Petition Approval in 13 Days

Thank you for letting me know about the approval notice. I am very much thankful to you for your excellent work that let to the approval of I140. I am very impressed with your judgement of selecting relevant documents for the application and exceptionally well drafted recommendation letters and endorsement letters. I very much appreciate the work you conducted for me. it was money well invested. Thank you again.

Approved in 13 days

State of Residence: Texas

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in Under 2 Weeks for Postdoctoral Fellow in Texas in the Field of Molecular Biology

Glad to know it has been approved and thank you for your help!

Approved in 13 days

State of Residence: Texas

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in Less Than 2 Weeks for Postdoctoral Researcher from India in the Field of Optical Physics (PP Requested, No RFE)

I thank you for successfully working on my EB-1A application. I must say that I was impressed right at the start when you did thorough evaluation of my CV, followed by your professional way of working, be it in maintaining the time lines or careful preparation of the application. I will not hesitate in admitting that it was your sincere effort that helped in getting my application approved.

Approved in 13 days

State of Residence: Tennessee

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Success Stories: Application Scientist in California Working in the Field of Materials Science Secures Company-Sponsored EB-1B Petition Approval

It was so nice to work with you. Thank you for all your help!

Approved in 13 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: 21 Days after Filing, a Chinese Postdoctoral Fellow in the Field of Medical Biology Receives the Go-Ahead on His EB1A Petition (No RFE)

I am really appreciated your team excellent job.

Approved in 21 days

State of Residence: Texas

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved Without RFE for Texas-based Petroleum Engineer in the Field of Petroleum Engineering (PP Requested)

Many thanks again, and I look forward to working with your team on the I-485 application.

Approved in 43 days

State of Residence: Texas

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Success Stories: Premium Processing (PP) Upgrade Led a Stem Cell Biology Postdoctoral Researcher to Obtain EB-1A Petition Approval 13 Days Later (No RFE)

Thank you! I do appreciate your efforts on my case!

Approved in 131 days

State of Residence: Maryland

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Success Stories: University-Sponsored EB-1B Petition Approved in 12 Days for Assistant Professor in Mississippi in the Field of Geoscience

I am so happy to hear this news! All our hard work finally paid off. I would like to thank you for all your help and support from the bottom of my heart!

Approved in 12 days

State of Residence: Mississippi

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Success Stories: German Professor in the Field of Physics with EB-1A Petition Approval is Now Ready for Immigrant Visa Processing (IVP)

Thank you very much for you professional help and for the excellent news. I greatly appreciate your effort and assistance on my case. I will definitely recommend your group for anyone looking for professional help.

Approved in 8 days

State of Residence: NA

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Success Stories: EB1A Petition Approved in 3.5 Months for Computational Modeling Expert from China

I am very pleased about your professional assistance throughout the petition process

Approved in 105 days

State of Residence: New Jersey

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Success Stories: Fellow in the Field of Cardiology from India Obtains EB-1A Petition Approval Followed by Green Card

Without your team, my and my family's dream would not have been possible. I am so amazed how efficiently your team works and responds to thousands of questions (at times stupid questions and at times same questions) on time and to the best of client's satisfaction! You guys all deserve special kudos! Our success isn't really our own success but you all are part of our success and you all will be in our blessings!

Approved in 12 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: Chinese Research Assistant in the Field of Systems Engineering Obtains EB-1A Petition Approval Just 8 Days after Filing (PP Requested, No RFE)

Thanks for your help!

Approved in 8 days

State of Residence: NA

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Success Stories: Postdoctoral Research Fellow from China in the Field of Nutrition Medicine Obtains EB-1A Petition Approval Just 14 Days after Filing

Much appreciated on your help to file my I-140 case. I will be happy to share my story on mitbbs and already referred wegreened my friends.

Approved in 14 days

State of Residence: Georgia

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved (RFE received) for Florida-based Postdoctoral Researcher in the Field of Chemical Engineering

I really appreciate your team's great help and support to my case.

Approved in 100 days

State of Residence: Florida

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Success Stories: Research Associate in the Field of Remote Sensing Obtains EB-1A Petition Approval Just 10 Days after Filing with Premium Processing

Many thanks for all your help along the way. Finally we made it!

Approved in 10 days

State of Residence: Maryland

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