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North America Immigration Law Group (Chen Immigration Law Associates) is a U.S. immigration law firm dedicated to representing corporations, research institutions, and individuals from all 50 U.S. states regarding I-140 immigration petitions. We specialize in employment-based immigration petition and have a proven record of high success rate for the categories of:

We keep close track of the latest immigration trends and regulations of USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), decisions of AAO (Administrative Appeal Office) and judicial review opinions. The massive collected material contributes to the winning strategies for our clients' cases.

Approval of each case is the goal of our law firm. The key to our success is how we present supporting evidence and the high-quality petition letters based on systematic knowledge and comprehensive database developed by our firm. To provide the best immigration service, North America Immigration Law Group only hires attorneys with J.D. degree from top law schools.

We have one hundred percent confidence in our capability to successfully represent our clients, and we are the only U.S. immigration law firm with refund policy on I-140 petition. This is not an empty guarantee but specifically laid out in the attorney-client contract and is binding on our law firm.

We are pleased to announce that North America Immigration Law Group has so far received over 5,000 EB-1A, EB-1B and EB-2 NIW approval notices. In 2014 and 2015, the approval rate is 98.22% for cases using our Approval or Refund® (money back guarantee) service and 96.95% for all kinds of services.

For NIW cases, the approval rate is 99.18% for cases using our "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) service and the overall approval rate for all NIW cases is 98.47%.

For EB1A cases, the approval rate is 97.25% for "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) service and the overall approval rate for all EB1A cases is 95.27%.

We are one of the leading U.S. immigration law firms providing the most comprehensive services for EB-1/NIW petition with a large volume of approval cases and high approval rate.

*The number of approval notice for EB1B cases is under-estimated of the total EB1B cases we successfully petitioned because many EB1B employer petitioners did not submit G-28 and we are not the attorney on the record.

*Our approval rate is 98.47% for all NIW cases and 99.18% for "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) NIW cases.

*Our approval rate for all EB-1 cases is 95.36% and 97.21% for our "Approval or Refund®" (money back guarantee) EB-1 cases.

*The approval rate statistics only include cases that were originally filed by our law firm and exclude RFE (Request for Evidence)/NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) cases that were taken over in the middle from other law firms or DIY clients.

*In 2015, all our EB1B denials and many of our EB1A denials were issued by the same immigration officer working in Nebraska Service Center. This officer holds a significantly different adjudication standard from the rest of the officers. Without exception, the officer firstly issued a generic template NOID (Notice Intent to Deny) or RFE (Request for Evidence ) without addressing specific evidence submitted or raised specific challenges. After our response, the officer issued another template denial, without addressing any information in our RFE/NOID response.

*Most of the denied NIW cases are from the same immigration officer working in Texas Service Center, who, similarly, always issued template RFEs (Request for Evidence) and denials without addressing evidence submitted. Clients with similar credentials as those in the denials were able to get approvals from other officers.

Client Testimonial

  • University of California, Los Angeles

    I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to North America Immigration Law Group! Thanks to their efficient and professional assistance, my EB-1A case was approved in just 5 business days. The whole preparation process only takes about 3 months between the first beginning of signing the retain contract and case approval upon request of premium processing regarding my petition, which once again indicates the high efficiency and professionalism of North America Immigration Law Group. Their service is perfect from all aspects of application for permanent residency. Hence, I strongly and definitely recommend them to any one who is interested in applying for EB-1A in the future!! Thanks again, WeGreened!
  • Fitness Trainer

    North America Immigration Law Group’s expertise and experience on EB1A is surely not limited to academic field. I am a fitness trainer living in Beijing of China, with Ms. Chen’s professional help, I got my EB-1A I-140 approved in less than 30 days.

    Chen group’s service are actually beyond what they promised. While they promise to reply clients’ email in 24 hours and deliver Recommendation Letters / Petition Letter in 10 business days, in real, they almost always replied me in 4 hours, and they finished my six Recommendation Letters and Petition Letter in eight and six days respectively. They also wrote three testimony letters for me for free with each took less a day.

    The huge amount of success stories Chen’s group had on academic field once made me worry that if they have enough experience handling cases in sport / fitness field. These doubts were swept away immediately after I saw the Recommendation Letters they wrote. They really understood my works with hearts, and they spent time researching my recommenders and found data to support my works, made these letters appealing.

    The Petition Letter also surpassed my expectations. There were no big amendment needed, moreover, they initiatively added more discussions to my Petition Letter when I achieved new accomplishments during the case preparation. Their dedication on making my case as strong as possible makes me really appreciated.

    Their expertise is also reflected on how deep they know the current “tendency” of each USCIS service center. Chen encouraged me to upgrade to Premium Process when I was in hesitation, and the final result proved their excellence.

    I can not imagine how I can get an EB1A case approved without Chen Group’s help. North America Immigration Law Group is trustful, reliable and professional. I strongly recommend them.

    WeGreened-北美联合律师事务所在 EB1A 案件申请的专业性和经验上绝不仅限于科研领域。我是一名居住在北京的健身教练,在陈品瑞律师及其团队精湛的专业帮助下,在申请递交后的二十多天就收到了I-140批准。


    陈的律所在科研领域巨量的 EB1A 成功案列曾一度让我担心她是否有同样足够的经验处理体育类的案件,而这种疑虑在看到她们写就的推荐信后一扫而光。她们不仅真的理解和挖掘了我在健身领域的专业成就,并且还搜索了我推荐人的信息和与我工作有关的公开数据,让我的推荐信看起来更加丰富有力。



  • Johns Hopkins University
    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Well, I feel Chen Group is obtaining a high reputation in NIW cases, as Google in web-searching! All of my friends chose this group, and they were all happy. I can also second this, as I felt that they care about your case, and the high number of clients does not lower the quality of their service.
  • Postdoctoral Associate

    I would like to thanks - Chen Immigration Law Associates for their help in preparing my EB1-A petition. I am highly impressed by their work especially the recommendation letters that they drafted. Their case preparation helped me get my approval in 13 days. I would highly recommend them. Their record speaks for them.
  • Brown University
    Postdoctoral Researcher

    I had a great experience working with Chen Immigration Law Group. I applied for EB1A premium processing and the case was approved within 2 weeks without any RFE.

    I was impressed with the quality of petition letter and the reference letters drafted by their team. Although my field is highly technical, the attorneys seemed highly knowledgeable and were able to present my research in a manner which was easy to understand, impressive and yet not 'over-selling'.

    They went over my research/citations meticulously and were able to catch mistakes which honestly I would have missed if I was preparing my own case. They were also very prompt with replying to any questions I had during the process.

    In short, I would strongly recommend them to all who want to get through the green card process without stress.
  • UGA
    Post Doctoral Associate

    Many thanks to Chen Immigration & Attorney Team. This team comprises of highly qualified professionals who would guide you at each and every step. I am impressed by the high quality of letters of recommendation and petition letter drafted by them. I would strongly recommend them to all seeking green card.
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate
    Rice University

    Many thanks for Chen Immigration Team's great help! I am impressed with your professionalism and patience. I will recommend your firm to my friends who are willing to apply for a green card.
    They are the best.
  • HTRI
    Research Engineer

    It has been a privilege to work with Chen Immigration Law Group. They guided me through all the steps in preparing documents and answered all of my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Chen Immigration Law Group to anyone who wants to apply for NIW, EB1 and O-1.
    Thanks again Chen Immigration for great work.
  • University of North Dakota
    Post Doc Fellow

    Wegreened People are truly proficient and outstanding cluster of attorneys that I admired and appreciated their work from the beginning.
    They drafted extraordinary and impressive letters of recommendation, petition letter, and answered my boring question during whole process. I communicated with Chen immigration all through the online system without any difficulty. I did premium processing and the approval came in 7 business days from the time of up-gradation of my case. I have already recommended Chen immigration to my friends. Hope to hear their success soon!
    I really appreciate their great and successful work in my application of I-140.
    I always highly recommended this firm to my international friends and will always recommend them.

    Thank you very much.
  • Industry
    Development Engineer

    I graduated two years ago and currently I am a development engineer in a company in Florida. I applied for my I-140 through Chen immigration. The service that I got from this firm was very professional. They address all you questions and concerns very patiently and accurately. They are very honest with you and explain where your case needs improvement. I definitely recommend. Good luck with everybody!!!
  • Boston
    Postdoc fellow

    I am very happy to share my amazing experience with Chen immigration. Initially they gave me courage, then they guided me through all the steps. The references letters and petition letter are very professional which saved me lots of time! I communicated with Chen immigration all through the online system without any difficulty. I have already recommended Chen immigration to two friends. Hope to hear their successful application soon!
  • Material Scientist (Working in Industry)

    I am currently on a postdoctoral assignment with a major chemical company. I hired Chen Immigration team to apply for I-140 (NIW) and it just got approved. It has been a great experience, they are truly professionals and I highly recommend them to anybody seeking adjustment of status through EB-1, EB2 or NIW.

    What I appreciated most was that they are very honest and up-front in terms of your chances to get approved unlike some other attorneys out there that try to lure you into applying just to take your money. Plus, they have a great online system and extremely quick in responding to clients' questions or concern.

    Overall, I've been extremely happy with the Chen Immigration Team and have recommended them to my friends and colleagues. In fact, I plan to retain them for my I-485 application as well.
  • UIC
    Postdoc fellow

    Chen Immigration has been working on my EB1A case for last three and half months and it just got approved. Decision came within 4 business days after upgradation to premium processing. It has been an awesome experience and there are multiple things which make attorneys at Chen Immigration different and unique. I found that they have an extremely strategic way of working with a user friendly online system. They are time bound and always meet the dead-lines. It seems that Chen Immigration got some good minds with great experience as they know how to fit the things together. I was pleasantly surprised to see the draft of my petition. The way they have written it was incredible. Overall, these guys are professional and friendly at the same time. I highly recommend Chen immigration services and want to take this opportunity to thank them.
  • Oak Ridge National Lab
    Postdoc Research Associate

    Great experience with Chen Immigration team! I chose to work with them on my EB1A application because of my friend's recommendation and also because they gave me more detailed free evaluation.

    Their online system is great. It's easy to use and to keep track of time, messages / documents. They were very responsive in answering questions and addressing any of my concerns.

    Their recommendation letter writing service saves me a lot of time. Most of my recommenders only have minor modifications. One of my reference, a professor at a top university, was surprised by the high quality of the letter Chen Immigration group drafted since many of the letter requests he had in the past were always too "flowery" and "flashy"compared to professional letters.

    They also helped prepare some of the exhibits which also saves me lots of trouble looking for them, such as the information of journals, rankings, information about the media etc.

    I am very satisfied with their work and have recommended to my friends. I would also strongly recommend them to all who are interested in applying for a green card via EB1.
  • Northwestern University
    Postdoctoral Fellow

    It has been excellent experiences working with Chen Immigration. Indeed, they guided me every stage of successful approval of I-140 (EB-1A). I strongly recommend to engage with since they always guiding you on the right track.
  • Assistant Professor of Information Systems

    It was a great experience working with the Chen Immigration team. They worked on my I-140 EB1B case with premium processing. The team was highly professional and always responsive. My case was approved in a short span of 3 months from the time the team started working on my case. I did premium processing and the approval came in 11 days from the time of application.

    Chen's team was always available for any kind of questions and concerns. The responses to any of my queries/concerns were received within a few hours (generally 2-3 hours was average). I highly appreciate such quick responses to questions that can be very complex sometimes and were specific to my profile. It was always clear during the entire process what the next step is and when I should expect to hear from the team. They use 10 day timer for preparing various aspects case materials, which again are very useful since it becomes easier to understand when and what to expect next. Given the complexity of the i-140 filing process, this is very important. They have an online system that is used for the entire process (any document sharing, messaging, and communication). I did not feel the need to call their office since all questions were handled efficiently through the system. I highly recommend Chen Immigration Law Group. Many thanks for all your help.
  • Amazing experience working with Chen Immigration Law Group. I just got my I-140 approval notice today. Very happy and excited! Chen's team is very efficient and accurate in providing information. Also, very responsive and fast which makes this stressful process to be sort of pleasant. I'm happy and satisfied with working with them, and I HIGHLY recommend anyone taking this route to get help and support from Chen's professional and experienced team.

    THANK YOU Chen team for all of your help.
  • University of Texas at El Paso
    Research Associate

    I applied for I-140 in the EB1A category on 16th Sep 2016. I got my case approved today without any RFEs within a week after my request for PP. This was a great experience for me working with North American Immigration Law Firm. I have also opted them for my I-485 filing. They were very helpful and answered all my queries in time. During all this preparation of my case, I never had to physically call them to talk. Every query of mine was answered timely using their web portal. They prepared my case very well right from the recommendation letters to my petition letter. I appreciate their effort in gathering all the stats and numbers regarding my journals, publications etc., for preparing my petition letter. I also appreciate their fast responses to the changes that I requested to my petition letter. The only major work on my side during the process was to compile all of my research achievements, which took a lot of time. They were very professional in handling my case and also gave me the assurance of 'Approval or Refund', which helped me in getting confidence in approval of my case. I would definitely recommend them for those wishing to apply for their green card.
  • Texas A&M
    Assistant Research Scientist

    I received the news of my EB1 I-140 case approval on tuesday. The case went through without any RFEs within 7 working days after they received my request for PP. My experience to work with the North America Immigration Law Group was very satisfactory. They prepared all documents and answered all my questions in timely manner and were very careful and knowledgeable in their responses. During the whole process the only stressful part for me was to write about my research summaries and achievements but after that everything seemed very easy due to their professional experience and hard work. The petition was flawless with very well thought arguments. Also their "Approval or refund" guarantee kept my confidence in their sincerity since they also had a lot at stake. Overall they worked very sincerely and with the help of their high quality and hard work they delivered as they promised. You guys are the best. Thank you so much Victoria Chen and team.
  • Baylor University
    Postdoctoral Research Associate

    I just received approval notice of I-140 for my EB1-A without any RFEs. I really don’t have any words to explain my experience working with the North America Immigration Law Group. I am completely satisfied. They answered all my questions. The team is very responsive, professional and thorough. I practically did nothing except writing research summary and achievements and list of references for them. That’s it. Then they did everything for me. The things which amazed me most was their writing skills. The draft of recommendation letters and petition letter were all so perfect. Overall they are truly best and now I know why all my friends and colleagues (who used WeGreen for their EB1-A) recommended me WeGreen. I recommend now everyone to use WeGreen for their immigration purpose. Thanks a lot WeGreen.

Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved Without RFE for Research Scientist in Missouri with 132 Citations Gathered from his Physical Chemistry Research

I would like to thank WeGreened team for helping me to get my EB-1A approved. When I signed the contract with WeGreened for my EB-1A case, I have no idea about what green card is, they guided me through the whole process from drafting research statement, recommendation letters to petition letter, which really saved me a lot of time. I would always be glad to recommend WeGreened to my friends as a 'worry-free' immigration law firm when they are interested in applying for green card and seeking lawyers to help them for these two most important reasons: 1. WeGreened will draft professional and high-quality recommendation letters for you, which will save you a lot of time especially when you're not good at writing; 2. You don't have to push your lawyers to deal with your case from time to time, because they will always have the drafts ready in time and have your questions answered in 24 hours.

Approved in 223 days

State of Residence: Missouri

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Success Stories: Bioinformatics Research Analyst in Oklahoma with 130 Citations Receives NIW and EB1A Petition Approvals 2 Months Apart (No RFE Issued)

I found my EB1-A case was approved (closed), I can't believe my eye. However, I just checked the USCIS case status web site and found that my case was approved and emailed. I just wish this is not a dream. Thank you very much for your great help, great thank!

Approved in 29 days

State of Residence: Oklahoma

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Success Stories: Facility Program Administrator in Ohio with 127 Citations in the Field of Structural Biology Secures EB-1A Petition Approval (No RFE Issued)

Thanks! I really appreciate your help. It has been a wonderful experience to hire you for my EB1A application.

Approved in 269 days

State of Residence: Ohio

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Success Stories: Helped a Chinese Postdoctoral Researcher in the Field of Oncology Obtain an EB-1A Petition Approval

Thank you for the help on my I140 application. I am very happy to know it has been approved. And the whole process is very exciting. So I am glad to have you to help me on the adjustment of status.

Approved in 278 days

State of Residence: Texas

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Success Stories: Research Associate from Bangladesh in the Field of Pharmaceutical Sciences with Approved NIW Petition Now Has a Green Card

Good morning. Thank you for email. I am very happy to inform you that I have been received the I-140 approval notice from USCIS also. Thanks for your all co-operation. I really appreciate the way you work and your best professionalism. [...] Again I am very lucky to have you with me. I really happy and wish to congratulate you to handle my case confidently.

Approved in 278 days

State of Residence: New York

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in 8 Days (No RFE) for ORNL-based Postdoctoral Research Associate with 138 Citations in the Field of Polymer Chemistry

Thank you so much for your kindly help.

Approved in 8 days

State of Residence: Tennessee

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Success Stories: 12 Days after Filing, a Senior Mixed Signal Engineer from China with 132 Citations in the Field of Electrical Engineering Procures an EB-1A Petition Approval (No RFE)

I am very happy to hear this news in the morning! I really appreciate your great help and I am willing to share my experience [...] and introduce WeGreen to my friends in possible. [...] Thank you very much!

Approved in 12 days

State of Residence: New Hampshire

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Success Stories: Fellow in Florida in the Field of Cardiovascular Research Receives NIW Petition Approval 9 Months after Filing

I wanna thank you for all your professionalism and for helping me achieve this big accomplishment.

Approved in 278 days

State of Residence: Florida

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Success Stories: Formal Verification Engineer in California in the Field of Computer Engineering with Approved NIW Is Waiting for Green Card Approval

Thanks a lot for helping us prepare the I140 application. I started to prepare my case in June 2015. Wegreened team was very professional. They helped me to draft recommendation letters and petition letter with high quality within a few weeks. Everything moved very fast and I never though I can have my case ready to file in mid August. Fortunately, my PD became current in August 2015 for just one month and Wegreened team's effort enabled me grab this precious chance to file my I140 and I485 together.  In addition, attorney Yida Zhang even managed to obtain a copy of my old I140 approval notice from my previous employer, which was a big surprise for me, since I tried many times before and always got rejected. This is critical for linking my old PD and filing 485 simultaneously. I am glad that I hired Wegreened team to help me with I140 NIW application.

Approved in 248 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: Chinese Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Illinois with 94 Citations in the Field of Reproductive Science Secures an EB-1A Petition Approval (PP Requested, No RFE)

I am happy to let you know that my case was approved on May 18th. Thank you for your professional work along the way.

Approved in 9 days

State of Residence: Illinois

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Success Stories: Michigan-based Visiting Associate Professor in the Field of Electrical Engineering with Approved NIW is One Step Closer to his Green Card

Thank you for the hard work and professionalism. I will certainly recommend this law firm to every friend of mine. The best of it, you communicate with them through a convenient online system and you get a response in less than 24 hours.

Approved in 250 days

State of Residence: Michigan

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved for Chinese Postdoctoral Associate with 136 Citations in the Field of Biomedical Science (PP Upgrade, No RFE)

Thank you very much.

Approved in 20 days

State of Residence: North Carolina

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Success Stories: Our Effective Response to the RFE Issued Allowed a Medicinal Chemistry Postdoctoral Research Associate from India with 70 Citations to Receive an EB-1A Petition Approval

First thank you very much to Chen's and team for working on my EB1A case. It was really great experience working with you. I approach them because one of my friend work with them and successfully got the green card. I approached first for free evaluation and they gave me very honest opinion and ask me to improve my case (eg. Review paper, wait for citation to improve etc). I approached them after six month with some addition to my resume and they took my case as regular service. First thing I notice is they treat your case as their own case. They gave me response not only in time but with valuable suggestion while from writing research summary, selecting recommender and finalizing petition. I want specially mention some things like "one of my recommender ask me if I sent the draft in idiomatically correct English and without any hype, he will take two week to edit and sign otherwise he don’t have time. When I sent him letter he sent me back within two days with very minor changes". Other one is "while writing RFE I want to add one of my paper commentary in magazine but Chen's team suggested me not to mention because of one sentence which will affect thinking of officer". Other thing like online system, time deadline, multiple revisions everything is perfect. Chen's team work with Patient, response on time and with perfection" while working with them once can learn many things to be successful professional. I strongly recommend Chens Immigration law group.

Approved in 91 days

State of Residence: Georgia

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved for Research Fellow in Massachusetts with 134 Citations to His Optical Sensing Research (PP Requested, No RFE)

Thank you so much, guys for this great news. I had a very pleasant experience with your service! [...] I'll definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.

Approved in 14 days

State of Residence: Massachusetts

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved in 3 Weeks for Indian CIO with 140 Citations in the Field of Engineering (PP Upgrade, No RFE)

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful news! I truly appreciate all the efforts and guidance by you and your team. The entire application process was meticulous and very well organized and I would like to congratulate you on achieving such high standards.

Approved in 21 days

State of Residence: Pennsylvania

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