Success Stories: An Advanced Attending Physician from India Secures EB1A Approval in the Field of Clinical Medicine in Just 6 Days, Thanks to our Expedite Service


Client’s Testimonial:

“Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure working with your team!”

On January 8th, 2024, we received another EB-1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability) approval for an Attending Physician in the Field of Clinical Medicine (Approval Notice).

General Field: Clinical Medicine

Position at the Time of Case Filing: Attending Physician

Country of Origin: India

State of Residence at the Time of Filing: Illinois

Approval Notice Date: January 8th, 2024

Processing Time: 6 days (Premium Processing Requested)

Case Summary:

The petitioner must demonstrate remarkable ability and the intention to continue working in the field of extraordinary ability after entering the United States in order to be granted an EB1A visa. Therefore, our primary goal when our client—who holds an M.S.—came to North America Immigration Law Group for assistance filing her EB1A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability) petition was to verify that she is one of the exclusive few who have reached the highest level of clinical medicine.

Thus, extraordinary skill can be demonstrated in various ways, including winning significant accolades in one’s area, being paid significantly more than others in the field, and other similar circumstances. The following qualities were listed in our client’s EB1A petition:

Her Research Focus: Our client proposed to focus on clinical care for patients with rheumatological diseases, and she has achieved a consistent and notable record of success and influence in this area of study. Her strong background in rheumatology and clinical research has allowed her research to be particularly original, resulting in her success in fundamentally transforming lupus treatment approaches.

Research Relevance: We deduced that her research addresses some of the world’s most pressing issues, including the severity of diseases such as lupus, which currently lacks effective treatment methods. It was noteworthy to mention that her research in clinical medicine is of extreme and direct benefit to the United States. Since arthritis and other rheumatic conditions are a leading cause of work disability among adults, our client’s work is helping patients with chronic rheumatological diseases by providing important insights regarding clinical care and patient outcomes.

Authorship of scholarly articles in the field: She has a well-documented track record of accomplishment in her profession and a special set of clinical medicine talents that have allowed her to reach the highest position in her field. Her work has resulted in 34 peer-reviewed journal articles (7 first-authored) and 1 book chapter. Her work has been published in some of the most authoritative and influential journals in the field, confirming that she satisfies this criterion.

Citation Count: We emphasized the fact further that there are many independent researchers who have professionally benefited from our client’s research findings. Her work has been cited 422 times by peers using her prior findings to make additional discoveries, highlighting her extraordinary influence in the field of clinical medicine.

Review Experience: In addition, she has conducted 50 peer reviews for a number of publications highlighting recent progress in the field of clinical medicine. Our client being entrusted with determining which of her peers’ research is of sufficient value to ultimately get distributed to the global research community is a testament to her position at the pinnacle of clinical medicine research.

Furthermore, we received four recommendation letters from her fellow specialists worldwide because a foreign national must demonstrate extraordinary ability in their chosen field by receiving national or international recognition in order to be eligible for a green card based on that skill. Among these recommenders was the following statement made by one: –

“I am confident you agree that [client] is an outstanding scientist and that her research is of great importance to clinical medicine and overall public health. Furthermore, she possesses extraordinary skillset analyzing clinical care and quality of life and is an asset to any institution conducting research in this area. Therefore, I strongly recommend that she be permitted to continue her research endeavors in the United States.”

Our client’s ability and expertise were undoubtedly recognized as she belongs to the highest echelon of researchers who are making remarkable contributions to address important questions in the medical field. She has shown herself to be a leader in research focused on raising the standard of care. As a result, we provided all the pertinent data to show that allowing our client to carry on with her excellent work is in the best interests of the United States. As a consequence, she didn’t receive an RFE and got her EB1A approval 6 days after we filed the petition with USCIS. It is a fantastic victory for both our client and the law firm. We hope she has the finest possible life here in the United States.

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