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2024-07-19 13:20:15
It was really nice to work with Chen immigration and Katelyn on my EB1A I-140 application. My questions were responded within 1 day and the procedure of petition letter and recommendation letter writing went smooth. I highly recommend to apply with the team!
2024-07-19 12:05:50
I'm very happy to work with Chen immigration (My attorney, Sean Lopez). They helped me with many of my questions. If you give them all documents quickly, they will prepare your case faster . I applied for an EB2-NIW and I-140 was approved in four months without premium processing. Thank you Chen group. I highly recommend to this group to everyone.
2024-07-19 08:57:46
Great!! I was very excited to work with this group. They review all documents quickly and precisely. I definitely recommend filing with this group.
2024-07-19 06:35:23
Chen immigration team helped me with my EB2-NIW case.
My case got approved in half the time I was expecting, great job!
With this service, I was sure I am moving correctly and doing required actions during every step.
My attorney, Sean Lopez, was reading my letters and responding immediately (the same day) and I did always feel good with the supports.
Their online system was handy and organized, and the extra offline pdfs guides which I was provided with, were helpful.
I highly recommend this service for those willing file a petition for NIW.
2024-07-19 01:23:44
Great service! I really like their online system for information uploading and also communication and it makes the whole process lightning quick!!

And my attorney Sean did a great job on my case. Always patient and provided my a lot information during my EB1A application.
2024-07-19 01:12:09
I would like to express my deep gratitude with all members of the Chen group, particularly my attorney, William Borene. In fact, I am so proud to share that I have two approval cases with this law firm, both the EB-1A and the EB-2 NIW. Chen group benefits a collection of highly-experienced attorneys that can guaranty your case approval. Punctuality and speed of action as well as mutual respect provide you an amazing experience of working with this group, and I absolutely recommend them to everyone who thinks about EB-2 and/or EB-1 visa types.
2024-07-19 00:42:06
I strongly recommend the Chen Immigration Attorneys. The team is well organized, instructions are clear, expectation is realistic. I filed an EB1-A petition. My questions were answered promptly and clearly. I was supported continuously throughout the process.
Thank you Chen team!
2024-07-18 23:19:50
Great Team in EB1 petition! Highly recommended.
2024-07-18 18:45:34
Chen Immigration Attorneys did a great job preparing and filing my EB2-NIW. The process was streamlined and they ensured a smooth experience. They answered all my questions promptly and guided me well throughout the proceedings. I opted for premium processing and my case was approved in 3 weeks. I would highly recommend Chen Immigration Attorneys for immigration purposes.
2024-07-17 23:50:30
I received my NIW approval today. I'm thrilled with the assistance provided by the North America Immigration Law Group—highly recommended!
2024-07-17 21:59:17
It was great experience for me. Chen Immigration was so active and accurate. They worth trusty and enjoyed working with them. The approval of I140 of EB1/NIW was fast and easy. Thanks for your efforts!!
2024-07-17 14:06:18
It has been a great experience working with Chen Immigration. With their great professional team I was able to get my NIW approved in less than a week after submission of the petition. Recently, I also got my O1A visa petition (I-129) approved in less than 10 days with PP. I would highly recommend Chen Immigration for your Immigration support.
2024-07-17 07:58:53
Chen immigration group handled my EB2-NIW petition with exceptional professionalism. They meticulously prepared my petition package and were quick to respond to all my questions. The platform they use for case preparation is user-friendly and efficient. I opted for premium processing, and my petition was approved about a month after the submission date. I highly recommend Chen immigration group for their excellent service.
2024-07-17 03:41:50
WeGreened assisted with my EB2-NIW application. We worked closely together and filed the case in about two months. They were very responsive, professional, and knowledgeable, and the quality of the letter was excellent. My case was approved within a month without RFE. Highly recommended!
2024-07-16 23:48:55
I had an exceptional experience working with Chen Immigration Law Firm for my I-140 NIW petition. The team was highly professional, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout the entire process. Their expertise in handling National Interest Waiver cases is evident in their meticulous attention to detail and prompt responses to any queries I had.

From the initial consultation to the approval of my petition, Chen Immigration Law Firm provided clear guidance and reassurance at every step. Their comprehensive understanding of immigration laws and procedures made the complex process much more manageable.

I am extremely satisfied with their services and highly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with immigration matters. I will definitely be retaining their services for my I-485 filing and look forward to working with them again.

Thank you, Chen Immigration Law Firm, for your outstanding support and dedication!
2024-07-16 16:45:50
I had a very pleasant experience working with Chen Immigration Law Firm. Despite receiving an RFE, my EB2-NIW was approved in 7.5 months without premium processing. Special thanks to all the attorneys and the entire team involved in my case. The service they provided was very efficient and professional. I would highly recommend them!
2024-07-16 12:16:41
With over 1000 citations, my EB2-NIW case was approved after 5 months without REF. It was great to work with professionals from Chen Immigration Group.
2024-07-16 10:50:08
My EB2-NIW case was moving smoothly with the help of Chen Immigration group. Got approved after about a month of PP without RFE.
2024-07-16 09:52:12
Postdoctoral Research Associate
My experience with Chen Immigration group was excellent. I highly recommend them! My EB2-NIW case was approved after a month (with Premium processing) without RFE.
2024-07-16 09:43:53
Choosing Chen Immigration Group to handle my case is one of the most right things I've done in my life. I got an extremely unclear RFE from IO. Attorney provided a complete and strong strategy to response it. I would like to thank attorney Medessa C for her guidline. The draft of the response after her modify becomes powerful tool to point out IO's blind spot. It's my pleasure to work with Chen's Group! Strongly recommend!
2024-07-15 18:47:02
Chen Associates did an excellent job preparing my petition for the NIW I-140. I would like to thank attorney Katelyn R. for her guidance and professionalism throughout the process. Her attention to detail was outstanding and she always responded to my queries within 24 hours.

My timeline:

*Retained : March 11, 2024
*Petition filed : June 03, 2024 (Premium Processing)
*Approval Date: July 13, 2024 (No RFE)
*Notification of Approval: July 15, 2024

I had two recommendation letters and one testimonial letter along with the petition. Thanks.
2024-07-15 13:03:42
I have a great experience with Chen Immigration Group. The group is highly experienced and they reply promptly for any of your questions. My EB2-NIW case got approved after less one month without RFE with the Premium processing. I highly recommend them!
2024-07-15 10:37:27
It was a great pleasure working with Chen Immigration Group. My petition was in the EB2-NIW category, and I must tell you that they know what they are doing. They are a group of highly experienced individuals and the whole process was very smooth from start to the end. The responses to individual questions are fairly quick and very detailed. It was a pleasure working with you guys.
2024-07-15 10:17:51
My EB2-NIW was approved without RFE. This group is simply the best!
2024-07-15 02:10:54
It was my great pleasure to work on my I-140 ( EB2NIW) case with Chen immigration group. The group is very expert, they prepare my recommendation letters and arrange my petition professionally in my specific field of study. They are very patient and accurate in details and they answer all my questions in less than 24 hours.
I will definitely recommend this group to all my friends.
2024-07-13 14:09:00
I worked with attorney William B. for my EB2-NIW petition, and he did an amazing job throughout this process. I felt overwhelmed at the beginning because of the amount of documentation, but he guided me well and answered all my questions, which helped me a lot. I would say the overall process was smooth and timely, and I would highly recommend attorney William to those who hesitate to work on their NIW-EB2 process. It was my pleasure to work with you. Thanks!
2024-07-13 03:21:31
I am happy with the work for my NIW, EB2-NIW petition. Compiling all the writeups and documents is a bit tiring, but the quality of the deliverables is excellent. The attorney, Jonathan, was very helpful and quick to reply.
2024-07-12 16:40:42
It was a great pleasure working with the Chen Immigration attorneys on my I-140 immigration petition, which was recently approved. Due to their professionalism, the process was very easy and fast. The communication was straightforward, and the attorneys paid attention to every detail. I felt confident throughout the petition preparation that I was in good hands. I greatly appreciate the Chen Immigration attorneys' support throughout the preparation and filing of my petition.
2024-07-12 13:10:03
I am research in the health related field, the working process with wegreened is happy and smooth. They help a lot in preparing my documents, my case has been approved without having the recommendation letter
2024-07-12 12:21:46
As a Ph.D. student in psychology, I am delighted to have worked with Chen Immigration Law Associates. They helped me throughout the entire process and answered my questions quickly. I highly recommend working with them. My case has been approved without any revision. Thanks a lot.
2024-07-12 12:07:47
I am delighted to have chosen Chen Immigration Law for my NIW-EB2 application. William B., who handled my case, was exceptionally cooperative and knowledgeable. The entire process was straightforward and remarkably swift, with my case being approved within just 10 days (premium processing). I enthusiastically recommend Chen Immigration to anyone seeking to file for EB2-NIW.

Best regards,
Sasan B.
2024-07-12 08:19:28
It was my pleasure to work with Chen immigration group. This group did the whole process very carefully and reviewed all my case details.
This group was able to get I-140 NIW approvals for me within a week and I am very pleased about it.
I highly recommend to everyone to work with this group.
2024-07-12 03:47:36
Highly recommended! A big thanks to Chen Immigration Law Associates and their attorneys for securing our EB2 NIW and EB1A approvals. Their professionalism and timely responsiveness are unmatched. Thank you for the opportunity to transform our lives!
2024-07-12 02:46:54
Have guided me throughout whole process like a pole star. Efficiency and accuracy of your firm are the best power. Always care about the details for best result. I did my EB1 I140 petition from South Korea. I got the approval in less than 6 months.
2024-07-11 16:21:51
I am excited to share my experience working with Chen Associates. I did my EB-1A I140 petition and got the approval in a week. The entire process was seamless and very professional. They are excellent in their work, guided the whole process, and were very responsive.
2024-07-11 10:18:19
Post doctoral position in Industry.

Did my NIW and EB1A petitions. Approval on both on the first attempt. The documentations, instructions and prompt attorney responses made the whole process very smooth. The evaluation was on point and the inputs on making my profile stronger helped immensely. The whole experience was very professional and pleasant. I would recommend Chen Immigration to everyone in need of the services.
2024-07-11 07:03:58
I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Chen Immigration and Attorneys. Their expertise and dedication led to the approval of my NIW EB-2 I-140 in just four weeks—a testament to their profound knowledge and strategic approach.

From the initial consultation to the final approval, the entire process was seamless and professionally handled. Their team was incredibly responsive, providing detailed guidance and support at every step. The meticulous preparation and presentation of my case were beyond impressive, demonstrating their commitment to excellence.

I am grateful for their unwavering support and highly recommend Chen Immigration to anyone seeking top-notch immigration services. Their unparalleled expertise and professionalism make them the best in the field. Thank you for making my immigration journey a success!
2024-07-10 19:19:46
I filed and received approval for both EB2-NIW and EB1 petitions with their assistance. Their service has been excellent and extremely helpful throughout the entire process. They are highly responsive and meticulously reviewed all materials. I highly recommend them without any reservations.
2024-07-10 13:25:04
Excellent service, very thorough, on top of all the details and kept reminding me of things I forgot to add. Accepted within less than 5 months with only 2 LOR and did not pay extra for premium processing
2024-07-09 21:04:57
My EB2-NIW got approved yesterday. It was an excellent service, with devoted staff who scrutinize your paperwork meticulously. My approval came in 5-weeks under premium processing. My application was WITHOUT any recommendation letters.
2024-07-09 18:43:13
Chen Attorney Group was very supportive and professional throughout my EB-2 NIW application process. My attorney Blaine worked very diligently with my petition letter and everything else, which made the whole process very straightforward and stress free. I was able to get my I-140 approval within two weeks of the receipt.
2024-07-09 10:17:24
EB2-NIW, researcher
Used priority review. Approval was in 6 days. The case preparation was smooth, writing was easy, the result is excellent. I recommend to everyone.
2024-07-09 00:58:55
I am happy to recommend, without reservation, the team at Chen immigration law associates. Their guidance helped my gain Approval for my EB1A I-140 petition without RFE. Their approach is very methodical and successful.
2024-07-08 23:34:47
I am extremely thankful to the Chen Attorney Group for their exceptionally wonderful services for my NIW and EB1A petitions. NIW was approved in about 3 months and EB1A in about 8 months. The petition letters for both were exceptionally well written. I am grateful for their expertise and prompt professional services.
2024-07-08 19:35:35
I am extremely thankful to Chen law for all their assistance in getting my EB2NIW approved in 5 months without any RFE. My background includes a foreign medical degree, 50+ papers and 2000 citations. With a very broad and diverse experience, Chen Law helped me put all the experience and achievements in order and classified very cleanly for it to all make sense towards a proposed endeavor. Their service included timely responses, clear instructions and a highly professional attitude. A 5-star feedback for the team and for Joshua Theus who was my handling attorney.
2024-07-08 16:52:07
I am extremely grateful to Chen Attorney Group for their exceptional service. My EB1A petition was approved in just seven months without any RFE and premium processing. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism, managing my case with remarkable efficiency and ensuring timely responses to all my queries. I wholeheartedly recommend Chen Attorney Group to anyone. Their dedication and expertise have truly made a significant difference in my journey.
2024-07-08 14:50:59
I had a wonderful experience with Chen immigration law group. My NIW application was approved without any RFE. They were very helpful and meticulous in preparing the application. I'm grateful for their professionalism and expertise.
2024-07-08 11:22:47
My national interest waiver application was approved without an RFE. The Chen team was very responsive and collaborative. The entire process, from preparation to submission, was very smooth. I appreciate their hard work and professionalism.
2024-07-08 09:44:05
I had an excellent experience with the Chen team re: my EB2-NIW application. My i140 was approved without RFE. They are very diligent, respond in a timely manner and are highly professional. Recommend without hesitation. Very grateful for their service.
2024-07-08 09:17:35
I have worked with Chen Team to apply for EB2-NIW. My case (I-140) has been approved after 4 months and 9 days. I see, they emphasize my strong sides effectively. I am grateful for their hard work and dedication.
2024-07-07 17:12:57
Very timely responses and highly professional. Reasonably priced. Answered all my questions about immigration laws, visa status, and my EB2 NIW application. Got approved and I can't be more grateful to them.
2024-07-06 21:57:41
My EB2 NIW application was successfully approved without an RFE. During the evaluation, they confidently stated that there was a 99.99% chance of approval. Their professionalism and timely responses were greatly appreciated. Thank you for the smooth collaboration.
2024-07-05 18:17:15
My EB1A got approved without RFE.
They are very professional and quick with their response.
Thank You Chen Immigration.
2024-07-05 16:28:06
Many Thanks for NIW approval especially William Borene and his team.
2024-07-05 13:41:42
Many thanks to Chen Immigration Law Associates! It has been a pleasure working with them. I appreciate their professionalism and timely response/notification. I Highly recommend them because of their excellent service.
2024-07-05 11:22:48
Thanks to the Chen group, my I-40 EB1-A petition got approved in 11 months without RFE/ premium processing. The entire process was handled professionally and efficiently. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
2024-07-05 09:32:04
I recently applied for the National Interest Waiver (NIW) through Chen Attorney Group, and I am thrilled with the results. From the outset, the team was highly efficient and meticulous in managing my application. They demonstrated exceptional expertise and professionalism, ensuring that every detail of my application was handled accurately and promptly.
I was particularly impressed by their responsiveness and the speed at which they processed my case. Within just four months, my NIW application was approved! This is a testament to their thorough understanding of the process and their commitment to their clients.
I highly recommend Chen Attorney Group to anyone seeking assistance with their NIW application. Their dedication, expertise, and efficiency make them an outstanding choice for legal representation.

2024-07-04 16:51:36
It has been a great experience working with the Chen group for my NIW application. The whole process was efficient and professional. I received my I-140 approval within 10 days of submitting my package. I highly recommend them!
2024-07-04 14:42:18
It was a pleasure working with Chen group. My I140-EB1A got approved in 9 months without premium processing.
Highly recommended and 5 star review for their outstanding work on my petition.
2024-07-04 12:57:02
It was my pleasure to work with Joshua from the Chen group. My I-140 petition got approved without RFE and premium processing in less than 5 months.

Way to go Chen group!!!
2024-07-04 07:25:14
It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with Chen. The whole process went seamlessly and I got my EB2-NIW approval timeously. Thank you, Chen!

I highly recommend Chen Immigration Law Associated to anyone processing the EB2-NIW approval.
2024-07-03 23:33:00
I am very delighted to announce that my I-140 EB1A petition got approved after 11 months without premium processing. I would like to thank Chen group for their continuous support throughout the process. They dealt with my case very patiently, provided a lot of suggestions, recommendations, and answered all my queries promptly. Overall, they created a very friendly environment to put forward my situations right from visa issues to job related stuff. Thus, I highly recommend their law firm for green card processing due to their excellent services.
*****My five stars to all the team members@ Chen group !!
2024-07-03 13:51:03
I had the pleasure of working with Chen Group for my EB2-NIW US Green Card application. I am immensely grateful to Chen Group for their unwavering support and highly recommend their services to anyone navigating the US immigration journey
2024-07-03 13:43:51
Category: EB2-NIW
I got my I140 petition approved within a week through premium processing. Working with Chen on my immigration process was a wonderful experience. Chen conducted every step systematically and professionally. They responded promptly to every message, providing detailed information and guidance throughout. Their approach is highly standard and official, which gave me confidence in the process. I strongly recommend Chen for anyone looking for assistance with their immigration journey.
2024-07-03 10:27:39
It was a pleasure working with the Chen immigration firm. Their response time was quite fast and they helped with all the steps of the NIW process and gave me multiple options and solutions. They are very patient towards their clients. They provided a very precise petition document and checked everything to be meticulous.
Highly recommend them.
2024-07-03 09:39:19
Category: National Interest Waiver (NIW)
I am happy to share my positive experience with the I-140 EB2-NIW service. My I-140 petition was approved in just 30 days, far exceeding my expectations. The team demonstrated exceptional expertise and dedication, ensuring all aspects of my application were meticulously handled. Their thorough understanding of the NIW requirements and prompt communication made the process smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking an NIW approval. Thank you for your outstanding support and professionalism!
2024-07-03 08:44:08
It has been a pleasure to work with Chen immigration firm on my EB2-NIW case. Very straightforward and thorough instructions in case preparation and super responsive. Their professionalism got my case approved at ease. Will for sure work with them again for future immigration matters. Highly recommended!
2024-07-02 23:23:39
It was one of the best experiences working with NAmILG. During the NIW process, I was able to get both quick and quality responses. Everything was very smooth with no issues. Highly recommended.
2024-07-02 21:53:33
It has been my greatest pleasure working with Chen immigration firm. Their efficiency in processing and responding to every details of matters is highly appreciated! Very smooth experience in my NIW petition with them. Five star, absolutely!
2024-07-02 21:33:54
I am delighted to leave a 5-star review for Chen Law Firm, who have significantly helped me in securing the approval of my NIW-EB2 (National Interest Waiver) petition. From the very beginning, the team demonstrated exceptional professionalism, expertise, and dedication to my case. Their deep understanding of immigration law, especially regarding the complexities of the NIW category, was evident throughout the process. They meticulously reviewed my credentials, prepared comprehensive documentation, and crafted a compelling petition. Communication was seamless and prompt; every query I had was answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. The attention to detail and personalized approach made me feel confident and well-supported. Their guidance through each step, from gathering evidence to final submission, was invaluable. Thanks to their hard work and expertise, my petition was approved without any issues. I highly recommend Chen Law Firm to anyone seeking reliable and proficient legal assistance for their immigration needs. They have truly exceeded my expectations, and I am incredibly grateful for their outstanding service. Thankn you.
2024-07-02 21:05:23
My EB2-NIW has just been approved. I'm very satisfied with Chen Immigration. They always responded to my questions meticulously and kindly. I'm happy to have worked with them.
2024-07-02 12:25:11
My EB2-NIW has been approved. Working with Chen Immigration was an amazing experience. I am completely satisfied with the service and help provided my Chen Immigration. Most importantly, their response was so fast and clear. I would definitely recommend others to apply the immigration case via Chen Immigration.
2024-07-02 11:29:57
I was recently approved for an EB2-NIW. It was an amazing experience, thanks to Chen Immigration's expertise.
2024-07-02 11:09:10
My experience working with Chen Immigration was excellent. I am completely satisfied with the service. My petition case was EB2-NIW. They covered all my queries, their responses were quick and accurate. They were very detailed. I would definitely recommend to others.
2024-07-02 11:08:49
Working with Chen Immigration was an absolute delight. They promptly answered all my questions, making the NIW application process much smoother than I anticipated. While some steps, like gathering citations, were tedious, their excellent guidance made everything manageable. I've already recommended them to two friends and would suggest them to anyone. Despite applying as a postdoc and securing a job before approval, Chen Immigration made the process easier than going through my university. Their flexibility with unexpected expenses was a lifesaver. I'm deeply grateful for their support and thrilled with the smooth outcome.
2024-07-02 10:13:26
Working with Chen Immigration is very nice. They are working fast and professional, covering all aspects of my O-1 application. I can highly recommend them!
2024-07-02 09:37:48
I am a PhD recently received the NIW approval. I have great experience working with Chen Immigration. They are extremely professional and respond fast. I highly recommend Chen Immigration! Thank you a lot for the great help!
2024-07-02 09:02:55
My experience with Chen Immigration was extremely satisfying. After my PWD (filed by my employer) missed the special handling deadline, I reached out to Chen Immigration. They evaluated my CV and offered me a 100% refund option. Chen Immigration came highly recommended by a friend, but I was still stressed about how I would manage the extensive documentation and application process alongside my full-time job. The attorneys assigned to me made the entire process seamless and smooth. They guided me every step of the way, meticulously checked and rechecked my documents, and assisted in formatting my letters. The templates provided were exceptionally helpful. I highly recommend Chen Immigration for anyone considering the NIW route. They are professional, caring, highly responsive, and will undoubtedly work to get your application approved.
2024-07-01 23:25:28
I had a great experience working with Chen Immigration. I initially started to pursue EB2 through employment-based category with my employer, however later the attorney suggested me to try NIW without sounding too confident. I have a closed friend who had gotten I-140 approved through Chen. So I came to consult and had my resume evaluated with Chen, the evaluation gave me great relief and confidence. Chen Immigration is no doubt highly experienced in the area they specified. I got my I-140 approved after 20 days. I definitely would recommend to anyone who needs the service!
2024-07-01 12:41:54
I am a postdoc and recently EB2-NIW got approved. Thanks to Chen for the awesome consultation and support. Many of my friends suggested Chen requires more time to complete the process than other firms. We finished within two months!!!
2024-07-01 11:35:33
I am thrilled with WeGreened's exceptional service in securing my EB2-NIW approval. Their expertise and dedication made a complex process manageable and successful. From the initial consultation to the final approval, their support and professionalism were outstanding. I highly recommend WeGreened for their invaluable help and commitment. Thank you, WeGreened!
2024-07-01 10:58:43
I was recently approved for both EB1A and EB2-NIW I-140, thanks to wegreened's help. They are a highly professional team. Thank you for the excellent service!
2024-07-01 09:41:41
My EB1A -I140 just approved (by a week). It was a amazing experience with Chen Immigration. Chen Attorneys are very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. Any one can fully trust their service. I am very thankful to Chen attorneys for the success of my I-140 petition. I highly recommend Chen Attorney for any category of GC application.
2024-07-01 02:11:17
I am a phd student and recently approved for EB2-NIW. Great service for Chen Immigration's expertise!!
2024-07-01 00:40:35
I work in the pharmaceutical industry and recently received approval for EB2-NIW. I appreciate Chen Immigration's professional expertise.
2024-06-30 23:03:25
Outstanding work by Chen Immigration on my NIW petition, which was approved in just 9 days. They were very responsive and demonstrated a high professional work ethic. I will rehire them for my future EB-1A petition.
2024-06-30 14:03:15
My EB2 NIW application was just approved with the help of Chen Immigration. I am very thankful for their outstanding support and expertise, including attorney Mr. William, who handled my I-140 petition. Mr. William was understanding and responded quickly to all my questions, providing all possible options. Chen Immigration was professional, dedicated, and paid attention to every detail to make my case strong. I really appreciate them and highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their green card.
2024-06-29 23:39:58
Really professional law firm! Thank you!
2024-06-28 17:15:19
Applied Scientist
Strongly recommend this group. They are very experienced in immigrant cases. My EB2-NIW was approved and the entire process was extremely smooth. Staffs are very responsive, helpful and professional.
2024-06-28 13:49:33
I am professor of radiology and apply for NIW, EB2-NIW, or National Interest Waiver by Chen group.
They are professional in their work and do the best for clients.
I appreciate from them.
2024-06-28 13:08:04
Wegreened helped me with both my EB2-NIW and EB1B petitions.
They are very professional and efficient.
Highly recommend their services!!
2024-06-28 12:23:38
Wegreened helped me with both my EB2-NIW and EB1A petitions. Both got approved without RFE. They are very professional and efficient.

I specifically worked with Colin Siegel and he responded to all my queries professional and in time.

Highly recommend their services!
2024-06-28 11:32:20
My application category is NIW, EB2-NIW. I just received an approval notice. I really enjoyed working with the Chen group. They are very responsive helpful and professional. Their website is very easy to work with. Would recommend them to all of my friends.
2024-06-28 10:34:42
Got my EB1B approved after previously using their services form EB2-NIW approval. Chen Immigration & Attorneys are one of the finest firms out there with exceptional track record.

I specifically worked with Katelyn Reinke and she was quick to respond to all my queries, meticulous and extremely professional.

Highly recommend their services!!

2024-06-28 10:21:03
I had the pleasure of working with the team on my EB2-NIW application. The team was incredibly responsive and dedicated, enabling me to receive approval within just four months. I want to extend my gratitude to my Lawyer, and the entire team for their support!
2024-06-28 09:55:06
Great service and really nice people! Always respond timely and professionally. Got my NIW approval (without PP) in 5 months. Thanks to my lawyer, Blaine, and the whole team!
2024-06-27 23:55:16
From the beginning, the Chen Immigration Team demonstrated exceptional professionalism, dedication, and knowledge. They meticulously guided me through every step, ensuring all my documents were in perfect order and providing clear and detailed instructions. Their attention to detail and thorough understanding of the immigration process gave me immense confidence and peace of mind.
What truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to their clients. They were always available to answer my questions, address my concerns, and provide valuable advice. Their prompt and effective communication made the entire process seamless and stress-free.
I wholeheartedly recommend Chen Immigration Team to anyone seeking immigration assistance. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication are unparalleled. Thanks to their exceptional service, my I-140 NIW petition was approved, and I am now one step closer to achieving my professional and personal goals.

If you are considering their services, do not hesitate. Trust in their expertise, and you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Chen Immigration Team, for making my dream a reality!

Category: NIW, EB2-NIW, National Interest Waiver
2024-06-27 23:36:49
Helpful team with professional suggestions and case preparation! They always respond timely to my message.
2024-06-27 23:36:45
I sincerely appreciated the the great service, high quality materials and quick response from Chen immigration team. Especially my attorney Anisha did a great job for my case preparation. Thank you!
2024-06-27 16:30:34
Wegreened helped me with both my EB2-NIW and EB1 petitions. Both got approved straightly without RFE. They are very professional and efficient. Have recommended them to several of my friends.
2024-06-27 11:56:10
NIW Approved in 24 days with premium processing
2024-06-27 07:59:08
Thanks very much for wegreened's help to get my NIW and EB1A I-140 approved. They are very professional and help us a lot when dealing with all different kinds of issues during the application.
2024-06-26 22:10:28
I am grateful for wegreened's exceptional service throughout my NIW I-140 application process. Their expertise and dedication ensured a smooth and efficient approval. They consistently provided prompt responses, took the time to address my questions thoroughly, and offered strategic guidance that were instrumental in achieving this outcome. I highly recommend wegreend for their professionalism and effective handling of immigration matters.
2024-06-26 20:30:53
Team of meticulous, responsive and highly efficient lawyers.
2024-06-26 19:01:26
NIW I-140 case approved in 16 days! They were professional, clear, and quick in their response. I could not have prepared the application by myself the way they had prepared. Thank you!
2024-06-26 16:26:57
I hired this firm to help with filing the NIW-EB2, and they were excellent! They were detail-oriented, very responsive, and super helpful. I'm very satisfied and will highly recommend them! By the way, I just got an I-140 approval today!
2024-06-26 15:08:16
I have my I-140 approved yesterday. I am extremely satisfied with the service provided by Chen Immigration, and I highly recommend Chen. They are always responsive with high quality advice.
2024-06-26 14:47:01
My I-140 has just been approved in 8 days. I am very pleased with the support and service from Chen Immigration, and recommend Chen to everyone for very high quality. They have always been responsive to my concerns, very efficient in processing my case and knowledgable in providing suggestions on how to navigate or prepare my application.

It's scientifically impossible to find 100 stars, so I am giving 5 stars!
2024-06-26 10:48:31
I am incredibly grateful to Chen Immigration for their outstanding assistance with my EB2-NIW petition. Their expertise and meticulous preparation made the process smooth and stress-free. Thanks to their dedication, my petition was approved without any issues. I highly recommend them for professional and reliable immigration services.
2024-06-26 09:42:57
EB1a I140 approved in 10 days. The entire application took about 2.5 months, very efficient,professional and responsive.
2024-06-26 09:26:19
My I140 NIW was approved, and it has been a pleasure to work with this Law firm, would highly recommend to others!
2024-06-26 09:23:00
My EB2 NIW was approved within 16 business days. Thanks Chen Immigration for the excellent service!
2024-06-26 08:31:39
My NIW application was approved in 5 months without any RFE's. It was pleasure to work with this company.
2024-06-25 23:37:57
My EB2-NIW was approved! Thank you Chen Immigration for your excellent, professional, and thorough work.
2024-06-25 23:06:20
Thank you Chen Immigration Team!
My I-140 application was approved within 30 days of application. I had an amazing experience with the team. Promptly answering all my questions and assisting with the preparation of every aspect of my application. I highly recommend this group.
2024-06-25 14:26:03
My I-140 for NIW has been approved! Thank you Chen Immigration for your assistance and your patience throughout this process. The team is great, always ready to answer questions or doubts that might come up. I strongly recommend their service!
2024-06-25 13:00:12
My I-140 through EB2-NIW has been approved. Thanks very much to Chen Immigration. The team was very patience and guided me to prepare the documents carefully to avoid RFE. Please keep it in mind, you have to pay 100% attention to highlight your things. Chen is doing their part to a greater extent and taking care of the client's problem seriously. I strongly recommend Chen immigration for immigration related services.
2024-06-24 14:39:50
I want to thank everybody in your team who helped me with the EB1A petitioning. It has been pleasure working with you and very happy to see the positive outcomes. Will definitely be recommending you to my friends. Very quick and detailed response every time I had a query.
2024-06-24 12:34:13
Thanks for filing my case in EB1A.It got approved. I appreciate your help and suggestions. I recommend contacting the CHEN firm to file an immigration petition and for suggestions. Very supportive and hassle-free.
2024-06-24 07:46:55
5 stars all the way!
2024-06-24 07:23:19
It has been a great pleasure to work with the Chen group. Their responses are always prompt and informative. I received my NIW approval within a month after submission. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.
2024-06-21 17:59:08
Good, recommended.
2024-06-21 17:31:30
I received approval for my EB1A I-140 filed through the premium process on June 5, 2024. I would like to express my profound gratitude to my Attorney Elliot Chow as well as the entire team in Chen Attorneys. Super professional, supportive, responsive and efficient! I will recommend this firm to any of my friends in need!

My Timeline:
1. Reached out to Chen Attorneys on March 17, 2024.
2. My EB1A I-140 was filed on May 23, 2024 and opened on May 28, 2024 (through the premium process).
3. My EB1A I-140 was approved on June 5, 2024.
2024-06-21 16:59:10
I truly appreciate the expertise and prompt assistance provided by Chen Immigration Group in handling my EB2 NIW case. I will certainly recommend the services to my friends
2024-06-21 14:20:20
My EB-2 NIW just got approved in only 4 months, without premium processing!
2024-06-21 12:30:22
I received my NIW approval in just 4 months (without premium processing), and I am extremely satisfied with Chen's group for their organized and timely assistance
2024-06-21 11:42:22
Got my NIW approved in 38 days (PP). All my questions have been well answered in time from the Chen form. Their documentation and drafting are professional and well-explained!
2024-06-21 11:01:30
Received my I-140 NIW (PP) approval in just 7 days! Chen immigration has been extremely professional and detail oriented throughout the process and it's been an absolute pleasure to work with them!
2024-06-21 06:47:19
My I-140 NIW under EB-2 was approved within 22 business days (less than half of 45 expected with premium processing, that I did pay).
The packet they had filed was probably very well prepared which indicates their professionalism and familiarity with the bit and bytes of the whole process. I would definitely recommend to anyone who fits their criteria.
2024-06-21 05:07:56
Thanks to their assistance, my I-140 was approved within 10 days of application. I am truly grateful for their detailed and courteous responses to my numerous questions. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of immigration assistance.
2024-06-21 02:07:18
It has been great pleasure working with Chen immigration for my EB1A case. The lawyers are super professional and nice and patient, and provide clear guidance for every step during the application. I would definitely recommend Chen immigration to my friends and acquaintances.