What Expert Testimonials Will Help an EB1-B Case?

As a general rule, an expert letter for an outstanding professor/researcher should be submitted only if it supports the argument that the alien is internationally recognized as outstanding. Evidence that merely establishes an alien's competence or which fails to set the alien apart from other persons in the field should not be submitted because it carries little weight and may actually be used to deny the petition.

Moreover, an expert testimonial needs to include the description of the expert. An introduction of the employer should be made if a job has been offered. If the letter is from an expert from the field of the foreign person's endeavor, a statement should be included in the support letter that establishes the qualifications of these individuals to judge the applicant's work.

Also, recommendation letters from independent and outside sources carry more weight because they are proof of the petitioner's accomplishments. If a petitioner's contributions are not praised widely outside his or her current and former circle of acquaintances, then it cannot be concluded that he or she is internationally recognized. Therefore, the government will not give as much weight to letters from the petitioner's immediate circle of colleagues submitted in support of the criterion of original contributions of major significance in the field.

Moreover, objectively is one of the factors considered by the USCIS. Letters of support from other employees of the same petitioner or organization that is currently employing the alien or seeks to employ the alien may be rejected on the basis that they lack objectivity.