How to Assemble an I-140 Petition Package

  1. In a plastic sleeve provide:
    • A copy of your passport (all pages with stamps; do not include blank pages);
    • A copy of the approval notice for your current non-immigrant visa status (H1-B, F-1, J-1, etc.);
    • A copy the front and back of your most recent I-94 card. CBP now maintains electronic I-94 records. You can go to the following website to retrieve your I-94 number and print out documentation-
    • Two copies of the ETA 750B with your original signature and one copy. Do not include the Privacy Act Statement.
  2. On top of petition letter:
    • Your I-140 e-filing confirmation receipt notice (if you e-filed the I-140) or Form I-140 , if you are doing paper-based filing of your I-140.
    • Foreign name and address page: If your native alphabet does not use Roman characters, include a page at the front of your package with your name and foreign address written in your native alphabet. If you were born in India, you do not need to provide your name or foreign address written in your native alphabet, as English is an official language in India.
  3. Provide a complete and legible copy of your petition letter.
  4. Recommendation letters:
    • Your recommenders' CVs should be included behind their signed letters. If you cannot get your recommenders' CVs, printing off a page of his or her online biography is sufficient.
    • You do not need to include more than 5 pages of each recommender's CV.
  5. A copy of the diploma for your highest degree, accompanied by academic records/transcripts. If your highest degree is from a foreign university, the diploma must also be accompanied by a degree equivalency evaluation. Exception: If your highest degree is an M.B.B.S. from an institution in India, you do not need to provide a degree evaluation, as the USCIS recognizes that the M.B.B.S. is equivalent to an M.D.
  6. A copy of the first 3-5 pages of your publications. Highlight your name in the author list.
  7. Copies of your conference presentations with your name highlighted. If you are providing conference schedules, only include the first page and any subsequent pages that have your name on them. You should highlight your name on these pages.
  8. Information about the journals in which your work has been published.
  9. Your citation record: Only official citation records can be submitted. For proof of international citations, be sure to include both evidence of the citing institution (usually the first page of the article) and evidence that the article cited your work (this can be printed from Google Scholar). Highlight your name and your total number of citations. Also, highlight the relevant field in the citation averages table, if submitted.
  10. Peer review: Be sure to provide evidence that you actually completed the review work (such as thank-you letters).
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