NIW (National Interest Waiver) Recommendation Letter 4

RE: Form I-140 Petition of EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) for [The petitioner]

Dear Immigration Officer:

I write this letter in support of [the petitioner's] petition for immigration to the United States, in the category of EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver). [The petitioner] made significant scientific contributions to the field of two-dimensional turbulence where new non-invasive techniques were implemented with a great potential for future research. [At] XXX University, he has continued studies in hydrodynamics, but now in binary mixture systems. This work is especially timely because of possible impacts on oil refining techniques and oceanography studies.

I am presently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at XXX University. I received my Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Duke University in 1990. I have been a Principal Investigator for XXX Program sponsored by the United States Department of Defense. My research have been published in a number of highly esteemed journals, such as IEEE. I have also presented my work at conferences around the world. Additionally, I have served on the peer review board for United States Department of National Defense research grants, and have been invited to review papers for several leading scientific journals including IEEE. Thus, I believe I am well qualified to evaluate [the petitioner's] research ability and contributions to the field and its benefits to United States' National Interest. Attached is a copy of my Curriculum Vitae for your review.

I met [the petitioner] in the summer of 2001 when I visited Professor XXXs lab at the University of Pittsburgh. During my 6 weeks of stay there, [the petitioner] and I worked together on the research project of two-dimensional thermal convection. It was during that time that I noticed his special understanding and broad knowledge in physics, especially in the area of fluid turbulence. Although I have not met [the petitioner] in the last few years, I noticed from reading the literature that his scientific career is really taking off. For example, he has published just within the last 18 months 4 papers in the journal Physical Review Letters, which is indisputably the best physics journal in the world. This is a tremendous achievement for a research scientist in the field. In many universities in the world a single publication in this journal is sufficient to lend someone a full professor position.

[The petitioner's] work at Pittsburg [sic] focused on the extremely challenging and important problem of two-dimensional turbulence. Though somewhat surprising, the flow of systems that are effectively two dimensional is relatively common, occurring in various thin films and biological membranes. Therefore, [the petitioner's] work on understanding turbulence in two dimensional systems will have wide ranging impacts. . . .

[The petitioner] made significant scientific contributions to the field of two-dimensional turbulence where new non-invasive techniques were implemented with a great potential for future research. Important results were also obtained by [the petitioner] in the field of polymer-turbulence interactions where polymer stretching imparts a drastic effect on quenching turbulence. He also obtained new, important and unexpected results regarding the exponential tail for the decaying two-dimensional turbulence. These results might shed a new light on the physics of final stage of a vortex liquid.

[The petitioner] outstanding contributions to the scientific community and its benefits to U.S. national interest have been recognized nationally and internationally. He has been elected as a senior member of IEEE, which is a leading Scientific Research Society, offered to those who have shown noteworthy achievements as an original investigator in a field of electrical engineering.

In summary, I believe that [the petitioner] is a talented investigator who has made, and will continue to make, substantial contributions in United States and its economy, and his work is in U.S. national interest. I endorse [the petitioner's] application for U.S. permanent residence status strongly and without reservation. I will be pleased to provide any additional information that might be helpful in your evaluation and approval of this petition.

Sincerely yours,
XXXX, Professor
Department of XXXX
XXXXX Center

About NIW (National Interest Waiver) Recommendation Letter

Strong reference letters are key to a successful NIW case. Our firm has realized the significant role reference letters play in the success of an NIW approval and we therefore draft reference letters for our clients to individualize each letter without extra charge. We are of the opinion that drafting a good reference letter requires a good understanding of the immigration law and USCIS regulations and these cannot be replaced by templates.

Filing an NIW petition is a significant step and should not be taken lightly. Don't file an NIW petition just to "Give it a shot!" Due to the recent prolonged processing time, reckless filing will substantially delay the time you receive a green card. Moreover, although the law does not preclude the possibility of repeated filing under the same category, if you file anther NIW petition after the rejected one without having significant improvement of your credentials, your case will very likely be rejected again.