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Approval or Refund

We guarantee the approval of your case or you get the full refund. No other law firm can make the same guarantee. Our firm has developed winning strategies in NIW application, and therefore have 100% confidence in every NIW petition we submit.

Winning Strategies — from the Beginning to Approval

From the moment you retain us, we are committed to the approval of your case. After careful study of thousands of cases and court opinions, we have developed winning strategies in NIW petition. We present your qualifications in a way that is clear, convincing and definite that adjudicating officers cannot reject. Remember, although it is up to the discretion of the adjudicator to approve your case, the USCIS as an administrative agency cannot make inconsistent decisions.

Top Law School-Educated Attorneys

Unlike other immigration law firms, we only employ attorneys with Juris Doctor Degree, graduating from top law schools. Our insistence on topnotch lawyers ensures your success on the path of immigration. Our attorneys have familiarized themselves not only with the law and USCIS regulations but also with cases and court opinions. They pay attention to the most update trends, issues and changes. Immigration law and regulations change constantly, you need the most professional and hardworking attorneys to do your petition.

Legal Fee

With our comprehensive service, including drafting all the documents submitted to the USCIS and guarantee of refunding the attorneys fee if the case is denied for selective cases, North America Immigration Law Group still keeps the attorneys' fee affordable and reasonable.

We are confident of our capability to successfully represent our clients and that is why we are the first immigration law firm that has refund policy on I-140 petition. That is not an empty guarantee but is specifically laid out in the attorney-client contract and is binding to our law firm.

In addition to affordable attorney fees, North America Immigration Law Group also offers a flexible payment schedule for qualified clients, who may pay the legal fee in multiple installments.

What are the payment methods?

We accept cash, personal checks, money orders, traveler's checks, cashier's checks, wire transfers, and MasterCard and Visa credit cards (payment online).

What does the legal fee include?

  1. Unlimited Inquiries for the Petition: An attorney-client relationship arises once we receive your signed Retainer Agreement and payment till the time the case is closed. We will prepare your case timely, thoroughly and professionally. As your lawyer, we will:
    1. Strictly follow to the timeline specified in the contract: As we already specify the timeline on our part preparing your petition, you can be assured that nothing will be delayed on our part when we prepare your petition. We are always prompt, efficient and laser-focused.
    2. Promptly answer your questions regarding your case: Most of the time, you can expect response to your inquiries of I-140 case preparation within 24 business hours.
    3. Be available to discuss your case on the phone: Our team of attorneys are available to discuss your case on the phone with a 24-hour notice.
  2. Discussing Potential Recommenders: We will carefully review the potential reference list proposed by our clients and advise on the list for the best candidates for recommendation letters.
  3. Drafting the Recommendation Letters: Unlike most law firms which only provide templates and ask their clients to draft their own recommendation letters or charge more for the service, North America Immigration Law Group draft the recommendation letters for our clients. Drafting good recommendation letters requires vast experience petitioning to the USCIS and profound understanding of the USCIS regulations and preferences. We believe well-drafted recommendation letters are essential to successful petitions.
  4. Drafting the Petition Letter: We will analyze your credentials in the context of our carefully-designed petition structure and prepare your petition in accordance to our winning strategies. You will receive the first draft of the petition letter within 10 business days after providing all the signed recommendation letters. After receiving the petition letter, if you wish us to revise the letter, we will revise the petition letter till your satisfaction.
  5. Preparing and Filing the Petition Package: After receiving all supporting evidence, we will prepare exhibits and organize your supporting documents according to the USCIS regulations and preference.
  6. Responding to RFE (Request for Evidence) or NOID (Notice of Intent to Deny) Without Extra Charge: If RFE or NOID is issued by the USCIS, we immediately notify our clients and provide an RFE/NOID response strategy to ensure the case will eventually be approved. We will prepare additional documents applicable, including but not limited to recommendation letters and/or testimonial letters or Citation Impact Analysis Report. We respond to USCIS in a timely manner and will never miss the deadline for the response.
  7. In the Case of Denial, Your Choice of Full Refund or Free Re-filing: I-140 approval is up to the adjudicating offer's discretion and not all officers adjudicate cases the same way. If you use our "approval or refund" service and your petition is denied, you may decide to have the full refund immediately or have us re-file the case with NO extra charge. If your case is denied again after our re-filing, the full-refund policy still applies and we will refund your attorney fee.