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4759 2020-01-06 02:53:56
University of Nevada Reno
PhD Student
I am very happy that I have worked with the North America Immigration Law Group to file my I-140 NIW application. You can trust them and prepare the summary of your contributions for them and they will prepare a very prestigious and professional petition package for you which will definitely makes the USCIS officers approve it!
4758 2020-01-06 02:36:12
I heard about North Immigration Law Group from one of my friends. I am very happy with my decision. Their work was great in creating customized forms and letters for the NIW. I believe their professional experience in gathering all the needed documents with paying attention to all the details was so helpful in getting approval, especially their skilful efforts in preparation of RFE response. I recommend it to anyone seeking firm for the NIW application.
4757 2020-01-04 23:53:12
University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine
Research Scientist
North America Immigration Law Group is undeniably the “US Immigration success formula” with a plethora of extremely experienced, considerate and knowledgeable team that is committed to clients. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Chen Associates for their numerous invaluable, timely and constructive email/telephonic suggestions, expertise, tremendous efforts, exemplary professionalism and outstanding service for my NIW/EB-1A case. My EB-1A I-140 recently got approved within three months after an initial RFE. Their expert and fabulous team was always proactive at every step of my journey from beginning to end (including the daunting RFE phase). They not only determined the best course of action for my cases, but also, provided me with much needed step-by-step instructions and ultimately delivered the results with great prowess and aplomb. I highly recommend them.
4756 2020-01-04 11:34:58
Cornell University
Postdoc fellow
I was very happy to work with the North America Immigration Law Group to file my EB2-NIW application. Just follow their instructions and prepare the raw materials, and they will provide a good petition package. The communication was efficient and effective. Will certainly recommend it to my friends.
4755 2020-01-03 11:12:20
University of Texas at Arlington
I truly appreciate all the help and support I received from North America Immigration Law Group regarding my I-140 application. They are very professional and check everything in detail. It is very straight forward to work with them. I strongly recommend everyone to work with this firm for their Green Card application.
4754 2020-01-03 10:45:02
IBM Research
Research Scientist
I would like to thank North America Immigration Law Group for handling my EB2-NIW application. They always respond my questions properly and find the solutions to help. I strongly recommend to work with Chen Immigration for your green card application!
4753 2020-01-02 16:02:47
Oil Industry
Senior Researcher
North America Immigration Law Group's handling of my EB2-NIW application was simply second to none. They operate to very high professional standards and provided me with excellent guidance through both the I-140 and I-485 application processes. I was particularly impressed with their documentation cold eyes review process where a different team of attorneys is used for the final review. I strongly recommend them to anyone looking to apply for a green card.
4752 2020-01-02 15:20:34
Postdoctoral fellow at California State
I heard the firm from 3 of my friends completely independently even they came from different countly. I went through I-140 NIW process from H1B VISA. They have tons of experiences and manuals for this process. They even have an email template when you ask or gentry push for a letter of recommendation. They run multiple rounds of the review process for all steps if you need them. They will answer very quickly and professionally for all of your questions.
4751 2020-01-02 11:40:29
University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Fellow
I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone at the firm for the support during the whole process of my I-140 application and beyond, keeping me updated with all the current changes and steps to cope with same. I am really happy for the smooth and streamlined process at the firm which resulted in my approval and will open new opportunities for my professional front. I came to Chen immigration via a friends reference and am glad that I made a right choice. Thank you so much and Happy New Year.
4750 2020-01-02 11:13:20
Michigan State University
One of colleagues referred me North Immigration Law Group and I am happy that I made a right choice. They are very professional during my application process of the NIW, later a REF response, and until approval. I will recommend them to anyone who is seeking for Green Card but don't know how to start.