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Client Testimonials

Client Success Stories NIW Approvals with Citations<10 EB1/NIW Approvals within 30 days
Client Testimonials EB1A Approvals with Citations<100 EB1 Approvals with Citations<50
5345 2020-06-30 08:58:47
data scientist
Thank you for the great work!
I was referred by a senior colleague in a research lab. Chen team helped me submit EB1A application in 2019.4. I got RFE in 2020.4 and Chen team wrote the response. It was approved the second day after the RFE response was received.
They are doing a very professional job, including a carefully designed website to streamline every detail in every step. Highly recommend!
5344 2020-06-29 14:44:47
I was refered by my friened. Her EB1A case was approved with 100 citation. My NIW case was so weak, but still got approved within 6 months without any RFE. I do appreciate Chen Immigration's help. I will definitely recommend to anyone that I know.
5343 2020-06-29 12:36:18
Northwestern University
Postdoctoral Fellow
I knew I would be Chen Associate's client the day I received my free case evaluation!!!
I am so very glad I chose them as my attorney for filing my NIW petition. Everything is the BEST about them. They were more diligent about case preparation than me. It was such a fantastic experience working with them. I never felt overwhelmed by the amount of paper work. The attorney's at Chen Associates know knitty gritty of their job inside out, and they provide excellent guidance throughout the whole process from case preparation to approval. I would recommend their services to anyone who wish to get their petition approved without any hassle.
5342 2020-06-29 11:14:14
Principal Engineer (outside USA)
Fantastic work! Chen Immigration Law Associates, thank you so much. They have given me timely and accurate guidance in each step of my EB1A case preparation. My case approval is possible mainly because of their rich experience, strategy and dedication in preparing the case. I highly recommend Chen Immigration to everyone.
5341 2020-06-29 10:30:30
Postdoc Fellow
My EB1A was approved within 6 days. Thank you very much!
- Jonas
5340 2020-06-28 14:56:28
I got my I-140 approved recently. Very happy with the services provided by Chen immigration firm.
5339 2020-06-28 01:52:31
My I-140 got approved recently. I really appreciate the very professional service provided by Chen Immigration! They are very responsive and very patient to my questions during the preparation process. Highly recommended!!!
5338 2020-06-27 14:46:07
My I-140 just got approved recently. I'm so grateful for all of their hard work. Highly recommend Chen Immigration to everyone who'd like to apply a green card.
5337 2020-06-26 22:18:12
I got my I-140 approved. Great service. very responsive. I highly recommend their services.
5336 2020-06-26 20:07:38
Fantastic Service! Professional attorneys, fast response, excellent communication with clients and being responsible in all steps, are characteristics of Chen Immigration office! Although they had completed their great job after getting fast approval for my NIW application, they also assisted me for paying IV processing payment because I did not have US bank account. They are always helpful and kind with clients! Thank you again! I highly recommend Chen Immigration Service to everyone!