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4680 2019-12-05 12:15:38
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Research Associate
It was great experience working with Chen Immigration in preparing my case for EB2-NIW. They helped me drafting my petition as well as reference letters to highlight my case in an impressive way. While there were cases taking longer processing time with RFE, they made sure to point out every detail that would make my case strong. I am thankful that my case got approved in less than a normal processing time.
4679 2019-12-03 18:21:35
UMass Medical School
Postdoctoral Associate
I am so happy to have worked with the Chen Immigration Team for my EB2-NIW case. They paid great attention to details during my case preparation and made sure everything was on point. My case was one of those that was delayed for no apparent reason, but Chen Associates were very helpful during the uncomfortable wait time and responded quickly to my questions and concerns. I want to really appreciate you guys; you're obviously so good at what you do. Thank you!
4678 2019-12-03 16:10:34
University of Minnesota
Graduate Research Assistant
I really liked working with Chen Immigration Law Group. They were very professional and trustworthy. It was a relief knowing that they are looking in detail to make sure everything is alright before submission. I submitted my I-140-NIW while I was a Ph.D. student and got the approval 6 months later. It can be stressful to start the process before graduation, however, working with Chen Law Group was great since they put together your case at its highest possible level.
4677 2019-12-03 11:11:48
University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Genus Life Sciences
Post Doctoral Researcher
I really appreciate the support and effort of the Chen Attorneys for my O-1A visa petition. My O-1A and I-140 both cases were approved within 9 days after submission, respectively. I would strongly recommend Chen Attorneys for I-140 immigration and O-1A non-immigration services.

Thank you very much.
4676 2019-12-02 20:59:20
research scientist
I would like to thank the professional service of Chen Attorneys for my EB1A application. The replies were prompt, and the petition letters were well prepared. Thank you very much.
4675 2019-12-02 14:58:11
I had a great experience with Chen's immigration law group. They are so responsive and professional. Working with them saves me a lot of time and their instructional information for each step is clear and helpful. I would strongly recommend them for any immigration services.
4674 2019-12-02 14:01:35
I really appreciate the help of the Chen Attorneys for my NIW case. They are very professional and experienced. I strongly recommend them for immigration cases!
4673 2019-12-02 13:31:17
I had the best experience with Chen's immigration law group. They are always very responsive and pay enormous attentions to details. I'm very grateful that they sort of pushed me in the whole process rather than otherwise. My NIW case was approved within six months after submission without RFE. I'm definitely gonna stay with them for any immigration service they provide in the future.
4672 2019-12-02 10:42:01
I am very impressed by Chen's immigration legal service. Very professional and efficient. I highly recommend them and already referred them to my friend who needs the same help. Thank you all so much for your dedicated work and efforts on my case!
4671 2019-12-02 02:19:48
Very professional and excellent service! Outstanding and I highly recommend Chen's immigration legal service.