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Client Testimonials

Client Success Stories NIW Approvals with Citations<10 EB1/NIW Approvals within 30 days
Client Testimonials EB1A Approvals with Citations<100 EB1 Approvals with Citations<50
5715 2020-11-30 13:33:36
Postdoc researcher
The Chem Immigration Law Associates works very efficiently and are very responsible. Highly recommend!
5714 2020-11-30 13:26:20
Postdoctoral research scholar
I strongly recommend Chen Immigration Law Associates for NIW and EB1 cases. Their working style is very professional and they have a very good experience. They work on your case in detail and their strategies for each of the cases is very unique based on the credentials the candidate have. I am very happy with their service. My NIW got approved and we are now working on to file EB1. Hopefully it will be approved in near future.
5713 2020-11-30 13:03:23
Mayo Clinic
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
I worked with Chen Immigration for EB2-NIW petition and Stefan Yambao was my attorney. He is highly profession, experienced , and well organized . I will highly recommended him as well as Chen Immigration law firm.
5712 2020-11-30 12:25:24
I worked with the Chen immigration law firm on my national interest waiver (NIW) and it was approved within 11 months. I could not be happier with their work and support! They are extremely competent and a real pleasure to work with! Based on the above as well as their high NIW approval rates and their fair attorney fees I highly recommend this firm!
5711 2020-11-30 10:03:48
Research Associate
I highly recommend Chen immigration law firm to anyone applying for a National Interest waiver. It has been a great pleasure to work with them!
5710 2020-11-30 08:39:30
Just got my NIW approved today and cannot say thanks enough to the Chen Group. They worked closely with me and prepared everything professionally. Nothing I can complain about.
Again, thank you Chen Immigration law firm and I highly recommend it to everyone (actually I did recommend some of my friends and they started the service already).
Best of luck.
5709 2020-11-29 14:52:19
I am truly satisfied with the support they provided for my case.
5708 2020-11-29 10:37:44
Arizona State University
Research Associate
I highly recommend Chen Immigration law firm to anyone considering applying for a National Interest waiver and to receive a greencard. These lawyers have a great understanding of the process which assures the approval of the case as well as letting the applicant know about any potential mistake and wrongdoing. I greatly appreciate my lawyer Stanley Cheng and his masterpiece petition work for my case.
5707 2020-11-27 14:16:51
Postdoc Fellow
I strongly recommend Chen Immigration & Attorneys to anyone who is planning to submit immigration petition.
5706 2020-11-26 17:30:12
Software Developer
I greatly appreciate Chen Law Firm for their professional assistance on my case. From the initial evaluation to the portfolio at the end, they have provided helpful and detailed instructions and guidance at each step. The team responded to all my questions, including some not quite relevant to the specific case, very quickly with informational answers. I could say with their assistance, I avoid many detours for this application. So I highly recommend Chen Law Firm to anyone trying to apply for green cards.