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Client Testimonials

Client Success Stories NIW Approvals with Citations<10 EB1/NIW Approvals within 30 days
Client Testimonials EB1A Approvals with Citations<100 EB1 Approvals with Citations<50
6060 2021-04-14 13:28:25
University of Wisconsin Madison
My NIW I-140 was approved without RFE, and I will file I-485 with them as well. They were very professional, prompt in replying, and it made the process was very smooth. I highly recommend Chen immigrations!
6059 2021-04-14 11:49:34
University of Central Florida
PhD student
Very professional work and prompt response. I had a great experience with them during my NIW case preparation, which was accepted in April 2021 with no RFE.
Highly recommend!
6058 2021-04-14 11:08:41
postdoc at University of Maryland
首先我要说这家公司的服务货真价实!比起国内那些吹嘘的移民公司不知道好上多少倍。而且价格公道,国内很多公司都是漫天要价。再次,工作人员在材料准备期间非常耐心,发信息回复的很快,打电话咨询也是非常耐心,尽力帮客户解决问题。最重要的是他们做事很专业很细心,绝对要做到最有把握通过的程度。最后我要感谢Chen immigrations公司,让我的case只用了12个月就通过了!谢谢!!!
6057 2021-04-14 10:43:57
I have had a great experience with Chen immigrations. They are prompt, professional, and do their job extremely well. Their service helped me not feel anxious as I usually do with other people I have worked with this in this difficult immigration process.
6056 2021-04-13 23:22:18
Michigan State University
I really like the service from Chen Immigration. They are very efficient and professional. They are also very responsive to any questions I have. I highly recommend them!
6055 2021-04-13 16:28:36
Very professional. Great service. Highly recommended!
6054 2021-04-13 15:57:56
Cornell University
Postdoctoral Associate
I would like to thank the Chen Immigration team for their effort to have my I-140 approval without raising any RFE. I have also retained my I-485 with the same team. Highly recommended!
6053 2021-04-13 10:46:25
Scientist from Afghanistan
This office did a fabulous job preparing my case in Sept 2020 and my NIW was approved with no RFE in Apr 2021. Will highly recommend this team to others as well. Their approval/refund policy is a great peace of mind which other law firms do not offer, showing their confidence in their client's case and credential as well as the law firm's outstanding service.
6052 2021-04-13 08:31:59
I am very satisfied with my experience with Chen immigration. A very professional team that I highly recommend to work with for preparing the NIW.
6051 2021-04-12 22:01:50
I would say many thanks to the lawyer team of this company. Their service is sincere, prompt and of high quality. After near two years' wait, I finally got the approval notice from USCIS. Thanks again!