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8090 2022-09-29 01:09:44
Research Scientist

I started the NIW application knowing very little, but NAILG was very responsive and made sure to answer all my questions and address all my concerns. Putting together my application with this group has been very smooth, can't recommend enough. After filing, my I-140 was approved in 1.5 months with no RFE and no premium processing.
8089 2022-09-28 17:42:31
My EB2-NIW I140 approved recently after 4.5 month of application. I have a great experience with working North American Immigration Law Group. Their professionalism about client was the best side. Highly recommend this law group. I had 24 citation and very law confidence to apply for I140 but their refund offer, case study and great petition writing make it easier to approved without any RFE.
8088 2022-09-28 17:08:07
Ph.D., Coastal Scientist
My EB2 NIW I140 was recently approved in under 3 months without RFE. It was great working with the North America Immigration Law Group. They were very responsive and patient with all my questions and all of their suggestions made my case stronger. I will be retaining Chen for the next step (I-485) and will make sure to recommend to my colleagues.
8087 2022-09-28 14:55:18
My EB2 NIW was recently approved. North Immigration Law Group was very responsive to all my questions and did an amazing job ensuring I had all needed to receive approval. I am in Animal Sciences/Veterinary Medicine Field and applied with my Master's degree (Ph.D. completed at approval) and 36 citations (46 at approval).

My timeline for I-140
Priority Date: Dec 14, 2021
Conversion to Premium Processing: Sep 22, 2022
Decision (Approval): Sep 27, 2022

We will be retaining Chen for the I-485.
8086 2022-09-28 13:47:36
My EB2 NIW was recently approved. I would like to thank Wegreen for their help during the preparation, as well as their timely response to my tedious questions during the 10-month waiting process. I certainly recommend them with your application.
8085 2022-09-28 12:56:06
My I-140 was approved in 12 months. I am retaining them for I-480 filing as well. I want to thank Chen Law firm for being professional, friendly and punctual in responding. Everything is on point as advertised. You can't go wrong with them! Best in business!
8084 2022-09-28 12:15:04
PhD. Research Scientist
My EB2-NIW was approved within the designated processing time period. I am very pleased with the way Chen Immigration Law Associates prepared my case. They were very responsive, attentive to details, review forms and letters for accuracy. Further, they are very good at keeping me informed with everything going on and made me aware about the process in advance. So far I worked with Chen Immigration for two cases (including EB2-NIW) and in both cases I am very satisfied with their work and I would gladly recommend Chen Immigration for anyone who wants to file an immigration case.
8083 2022-09-28 10:56:01
I got my I-140 EB2-NIW approval in 8 months, including the RFE response. Chen Immigration Law Associates were very professional in preparing my application and RFE. They were also very timely in responding to all my questions.
I am very satisfied with their work and have gladly recommended them to friends.
8082 2022-09-28 10:53:11
Research fellow
My EB2-NIW case was approved 8 months after filing (shortly after I file a premium processing). Thanks a lot for the help from Wegreened. They provide detailed information and quick response to my requests. Very helpful and highly recommend!
8081 2022-09-28 10:21:09
University of Texas at Dallas
Research Associate
My EB1A was approved in seven days with premium processing at TSC. Many thanks to the attorneys at Wegreened. They are very professional, patient and efficient. It's a great pleasure to work with Wegreened.