Client Testimonials

Client Success Stories NIW Approvals with Citations<10 EB1/NIW Approvals within 30 days
Client Testimonials EB1A Approvals with Citations<100 EB1 Approvals with Citations<50
8958 2023-01-25 21:44:20
I got the approval for my EB-2 NIW and EB-1A with a minimal number of citations. The Wegreend team guided and answered all my questions promptly. I'll definitely refer my friends.
8957 2023-01-25 20:32:16
Ph.D. student in Neuroscience
My NIW got approved today. Thanks to Wegreened's effort in helping prepare the documents along the way. They are very responsive and efficient. I'm grateful and fortunate to have been working with them on my case.
8956 2023-01-25 18:55:29
My EB1A get approved with help of Chen's team.
They are very effective and helpful during my case preparations. Highly recommend it to people :).
8955 2023-01-25 18:25:51
Research Specialist
My EB2/NIW I-140 was handed in on July 25th, 2022, it got approved on Jan 13th, 2023. I prepared 2 recommendation letters. Wegreened is very helpful and effective, I like their client portal and I highly recommend it.
Thank you so much.
8954 2023-01-25 17:37:05
Senior Research Scientist
My EB2/NIW I-140 got approved in 4 months. Chen Immigration Law Associates is very professional and highly recommended. I appreciate their help.
8953 2023-01-25 16:25:19
PhD in Applied Physics
My EB2-NIW got approved within 4 months. Chen immigration law firm offers a very professional and dedicated services to client.
8952 2023-01-25 15:49:57
Graduate Research Assistant
I got my NIW/EB2 approval in less than two months. They did an excellent job to make a very good petition. I highly recommend Chen Immigration Law firm. They have a group of knowledgeable and highly professional attorneys.
8951 2023-01-25 13:44:00
Graduate Research Assistant
My EB2-NIW got approved within 4 months, I highly recommend the very professional and punctual Chen Immigration Team. Thank you !
8950 2023-01-25 13:12:29
Systems engineer
My EB2-NIW application was accepted within 50 days. I am grateful to Chen immigration law firm for their help and support throughout the application process.
8949 2023-01-25 11:43:16
My NIW was approved in 47 days, NSC. The team is very efficient and very professional. Great pleasure to work with them