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Client Success Stories NIW Approvals with Citations<10 EB1/NIW Approvals within 30 days
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8948 2023-01-25 10:58:18
Chen immigration law firm is excellent and provided me with a fantastic support during my green card application process. The team was very fast in responding and handled everything very systematically and without any delays. I'm very grateful and sincerely recommend this firm to anyone seeking green card related services.
8947 2023-01-25 09:31:03
PhD. Candidate
My EB2-NIW has been approved within 55 days (NSC). Highly recommended. Very professional and punctual.
Thank you Chen Immigration team.
8946 2023-01-25 09:19:04
semiconductor company
application engineer in semiconductor company
My NIW I140 has been approved after 80 days in TSC. Wegreen is very professional and responded very quickly, I'd like to refer wegreen to my friends.
8945 2023-01-25 08:37:36
A Power System Solution Company
Power System Engineer (R&D)
My EB2-NIW got approved after 2 months and 8 days(Nebraska service center). Chen was very professional and answered my questions promptly. Any details in my petition were carefully reviewed by Chen.
8944 2023-01-25 07:18:20
Formulation Scientist
I am extremely grateful to North America Immigration Law Group who helped me with my EB2-NIW application process. NAmILG diligently and patiently answered all my questions I had regarding the application process. NAmILG's extensive knowledge and strict adherence to the timeframe are commendable. I sincerely recommend NAImG to anyone looking for an immigration law firm.
8943 2023-01-25 02:18:58
Chen immigration Group was recommended for me by a friend who got an excellent service with them. I found the same thing, very supportive team, very helpful people who were responding to my requests rapidly and in a professional manner. I got my EB2-NIW I-140 approval in less than three months. Definitely, they are highly recommended and it was a great experience. Thank you so much!
8942 2023-01-24 21:46:04
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
It was a pleasure and a great experience to work with your team. My friend referred me to the firm, and I will recommend it to my friends and colleagues for sure!! My E2-NIW I-140 was approved in 3 months. You are the best; thank you so much!!!
8941 2023-01-24 21:17:39
I highly recommend these great attorneys. Their professional services help me a lot in my EB2 NIW I-140 petition preparation. I am very happy that my petition got approved with in two months.
8940 2023-01-24 20:39:18
Healthcare System
User Researcher
My friends referred me to the firm. My EB2-NIW I-140 was approved within 2 months. The firm was fast at responding to messages and also very easy to work with. They were able to customize my needs when preparing the documents. I would highly recommend them to others.
8939 2023-01-24 17:40:19
PhD Candidate at University of Missouri Saint Louis
I got my EB2-NIW I-140 approval in just 4 months. Very supportive and responsive attorneys.