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3533 2017-07-09 21:38:41
Data Engineer

- My EB1-B I-140 PP was approved on the 12th day after USCIS receipt date.
- Before signing up with Chen, I was also considering another lawyer who was in the same time zone as me and also specialized (and popular) for preparing EB1/NIW cases. But, I later realized the advantages of picking Chen. Their meticulous case preparation, timely responses, and quality of document preparation was remarkable.
- Their army of lawyers and the high volume of cases handled give them the advantage of a large data repository which is invaluable for responding to RFE/NOID as they can estimate the behavior of each USCIS officer.
- They even were generous enough to open my case and share the steps of case preparation even before my payment was received my them so as to not waste any time waiting.
- The quality of LORs and PL were so good that I only had to make very minor revisions. But be prepared for it to take a month in total.
- They provided documents verifying journal and article rankings, which are very useful and important.
- We chose to use their free I-485 DIY packet which makes it straightforward to prepare the I-485 package, but I did wish they offered an hour or two of free consultation time as well, which I hear is usually the case with other lawyers. That's the amount of time most people would need to handle any and all questions they may have regarding their specific cases.
- Thank you so much Chen immigration lawyers for helping me prepare my case. I'll forever be grateful to you for the help!
3532 2017-07-09 09:38:39
I had applied for NIW-EB2 from outside US. I heard about Chen Law group from one of my friend and retained their services for NIW-EB2 filing. These folks have very professional approach towards handling my case and respond quickly to all my queries. I got approval of my case in little over than 2 and half months. I recommend all my friends.
3531 2017-07-07 12:24:10
I am a post-doc in neuroscience field (originally from India). I retained Chen attorneys in Feb 2017, filed my EB-1A petition on June 19th, 2017 (premium processing), and the petition was approved on June 30th (only 11 days!).

Victoria Chen and her team are extremely professional, very quick to reply, and great with getting documents back to you in time. Their recommendation letters were rock-solid, and petition letter was fantastic. They take a lot of effort tailoring each letter to better fit specific clients and even referees. You will never see two letters that look the same.

I have told all my friends about this firm!
3530 2017-07-07 11:55:52
Reservoir Engineer

I got my EB1-A I-140 approved in about 10 months since the case is handled in the Nebraska Service Center. I really appreciate the excellent service from WeGreened, your hard work and dedication lead to all of the successes. I have and will continue recommending your service to my friends, and I believe your great team is the top choice of immigration application for scientists and researchers.
3529 2017-07-06 13:56:58
Data Engineer

- I got my EB1B I-140 PP approval ~3 months after signing the retainer agreement with Chen immigration. They were kind enough to even open my account and share all the case documents/instructions even before my payment was received by them.
- Before signing the retainer agreement, I was also considering the option of signing up with another lawyer who specializes in this category of I-140s and was in the same time zone as me. But I ended up signing up with Chen since they seemed to be considerably bigger, and I soon realized this was a very good decision. Their vast experience and the size of the team gives them invaluable experience in handling RFEs/NOIDs as they have documented the responses and behavior of different USCIS officers.
- Their LORs and petition letters were so good that hardly any time was spent on modifying them. The only time lag from Chen's side was 20 business days in preparing them. So be prepared to wait for a month in total to wait for them to prepare your documents.
- The only thing I wish is they provided some time of free consulting for I-485 for those who wish to file on their own. Nevertheless, their I-485 DIY packet is very helpful.
- Thank you so much for helping me!
3528 2017-07-06 10:49:46
Petroleum Recovery Research Center
Research Associate

I got approved for my NIW within 4 months. Thanks so much for the hardwork and dedication. It was great working with your firm.

3527 2017-07-06 10:34:47
Research Assistant

I got my NIW approval in exact 3 months. Thank you so much for your excellent service. Most of my friends have worked on their NIW with your firm and all of them got approval. It was my pleasure to work with you on this. I highly recommend your firm to scientists and research scholars.
3526 2017-07-05 21:03:18
Science Analyst

I received my EB1A I-140 approval in 8 calendar days thanks largely to the professional petition package that the lawyers at prepared for me. My background was not particularly strong for EB1A, but the letters and supporting documents has tremendously helped to highlight my contributions in a clear and convincing manner. I would surely recommend to my friends.
3525 2017-07-05 20:54:24
It was my pleasure working with you. One of my friend recommended your firm and it did work out, was very much pleased with your effort and dedication. Even after getting an RFE, I got my I-140Approval. You have an excellent strategic plan to deal with EB1A category and this.made my dreams come true.

Thanks a lot !!

3524 2017-07-05 01:00:16
Post doctoral fellowship

I got my I-140 approved via EB2-NIW category within 4 months. I really really appreciate all the support and help from your impressive team, very professional and reliable.
All my questions were answered on time and have kept me updated at each stage of the process.
I highly recommend the North america immigration law groups to my friends and research scholars.

Thank you so much. This was an important step for my career.