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3680 2017-11-04 14:57:06
Postdoc at Emory University
I would like to thank Wegreened/Chen Immigration Group for their huge help and assist in preparing my I-140 and later RFE packages. They are very professional and efficient and have provided me excellent and wonderful services. They respond to me very quickly every time and are absolutely the best in immigration field. I am extremely grateful to the whole team for all of their great help and would definitely recommend their wonderful services to my friends!
3679 2017-11-03 12:15:10
Research Associate

My great appreciation to Chen Law Group. It would have been impossible to go through my NIW case without them. My case was filed on early Nov. 2016 and on May 2017 I've got a RFE response. The RFE was generic requests that asked for the evidences for all three prongs. Basically, it asked to start the whole process all over again but we only had about 3 months to do all that. I was totally in panic at the time because I was using my EAD/AP. But Chen Group helped me greatly through their very professional and prompt ways to deal with such complicated case. They were all very patient answering all my small questions and highly proficient. We had to generate more letters and provide more evidences but Chen Group were highly experiences in choosing the best evidences and best ways to prove my substantial intrinsic merit. My I-140 for NIW got approved nearly a year after filing. I also retained them for my I-485 (concurrently filing) and still waiting for the response but the process was all very smooth and Chen Group were all very good at double checking everything during the process. It was a great experience working with Chen Group and I'll highly recommend them to all my friends and anyone who is seeking to file immigrant petitions. Thank you Chen Group!
3678 2017-11-03 09:52:16

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Chen Law Group. They are professionals dedicated to help customers in all possible aspects. Preparing for an immigration petitions are challenging add the amount of documents are simply overwhelming. The guides they set up is user-friendly, answer a lot of details, and prepare me for a smooth process. They replied my messages quickly. I am very happy about the results. Highly recommended.
3677 2017-11-03 00:18:28
The University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston TX
Medical Laboratory Scientist

I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks for Chen Attorney Law firm and especially Ms. Victoria Chen. From the very outset of free evaluation of my CV and from the questions that were asked of me, I knew that when I am ready to file for my green card, I will go and hire the North American Immigration Law group.
Finally, I decided to file I-140 in EB1A, and after getting the nod from the Ms. Chen and Associates that I was eligible, it was the smoothest ride possible. I hired them in July, 2017.What stood out was any question I asked was promptly and clearly answered. I was skeptical on some recommendations but then trusted Chen Associates and had faith in them.
My I-140 under EB-1A category was filed on Oct 20, 2017 and I got my approval via premium processing on Nov 2nd, 2017. Before filing my I-140, I knew from the thorough professionalism from Chen & Associates, that I am going to retain them for I-485 procedure and get the entire process done in a professional manner. Hence, I have retained them for I-485, because I know I have the best law firm to guide me through acheiving permanent residency in USA.
Once again my heartfelt thanks and gratitude. I will surely recommend the law firm to any aspiring new applicant for green card.
3676 2017-11-02 19:45:50
North America Immigration Law Group is highly experienced. They delivered straightforward and thorough preliminary evaluations of my case. I then worked with them to file I-140 NIW and I-485. They have been helpful, legally responsible, and professional during my experience working with them. My I-140 NIW has been approved recently, and awaiting our I-485 applications. I highly recommended them for everyone thinking to file green card applications.
3675 2017-11-02 03:55:01
University Professor

I got my NIW approved this week after 80 Days. I am very thankful to North America Immigration Law Group (WeGreened) for assisting me from the beginning of this process in a very prompt, professional and dedicated manner. It took me almost 6 months to prepare all my scientific records and during this time I have had their kind supports and valuable comments, continuously and generously. They guided me through a user friendly web system that they have set up for their guidance. I had their valuable advises at every stage of my case preparation on how should I prepare the petition letter and other professional documents by which I learnt a lot from their professional management. I will surely continue with the rest of IVP process and I would highly recommend others to use their services.
3674 2017-10-31 14:58:13

I got my EB1A 140 approved in 11 days with PP. Thank you North America Immigration Law Group for helping me prepare the application. They are very professional and responsible for all the questions I had. I would highly recommend this team for the green card application.
3673 2017-10-31 12:35:54
I got my NIW approved last week. I am thankful to North America Immigration Law Group (WeGreened) for helping me smooth sail my case preparation and filling quickly. They were prompt in responding and professional throughout the course. They guided me well at every stage. My friend recommended me and I got in touch with them at the very onset. They advised me on how should I focus to apply. I took 2 years to make my profile good enough to file the case. When I reached out to them with my updated profile they considered me with 100% guarantee for NIW approval. I will use them for my Eb1 petition and recommend others to use their service.
3672 2017-10-30 23:37:40
I got my I-140 case approved in 10 days with PP. I am grateful to the team at North America Immigration Law Group (WeGreened) for supporting my case. They have a very systematic, organized professional approach and the team provided timely replies to all queries, They are highly specialised and expert in the green card application support. I will recommend them to all my friends who want to apply for I-140.

3671 2017-10-25 21:28:28

Last week,I received the approval notification from USCIS for my I-140 application. I am very grateful from Chen immigration Attorneys for their great service in carefully preparing my I-140 application/petition. Starting from the preparation of summary of contributions through petition filing, a whole lot of processes in less than 4 months, I was always supported by the Chen immigration Attorneys with timely replies to my queries, impressively with best professional solutions. I will always recommend your service to my friends in the future.