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3412 2017-03-04 20:22:13
Associate Research Scientist

I think Chen immigration is very professional and did a great job in my EB1B-I140 approval (with PP). They are/were very prompt to answer any queries and have an excellent portal to communicate. I found them very honest in initial evaluation of a profile and they are perhaps only law firm to give money back guarantee. The petition/recommendation/experience letters were drafted very efficiently. I highly recommend them to any prospective immigrants who are considering filing an application.
3411 2017-03-03 17:15:01
Harvard Medical School
Staff Scientist

Having never worked with lawyers before in my life, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, from the time I got in touch the first time with Chen Immigration lawyers, I noticed a very professional approach. Before signing the contract, I asked them multiple questions asking details about everything and not only did I receive systemic answers for all my questions (and more clarifications whenever I asked), but also the answers were provided in less than 24 hours. This led me to go ahead and retain their services.
As pointed out by everybody else, these guys work with highest level of professionalism. However, I must admit - it does feel a little impersonal. You are never addressed by your name, and you never know who is replying to your messages. Having said that, getting your case approved is of the highest priority and of course I will take that above anything else.
I think there is no reason to go to anyone else for the following reasons:
- extremely fast turn around time
- letters actually drafted by the lawyers and not just edited (unlike most other lawers)
- legal fees about the same as all other lawyers
- money-back guarantee if offered

You might get 1 or 2 of these things but not all of them with others. I am VERY happy with this team and will recommend them to all my friends looking for immigration services/advice.

My EB1b (with PP) got approved in 9 business days.
3410 2017-02-27 14:23:48
Project Scientist

My EB-1A petition got approved in 3.5 months (10 days after premium processing). I will strongly recommend chen immigration for handling such cases. They are very professional and will go above and beyond to help your application look strong. From drafting high quality recommendation letters to generating the final petition letter, they provide excellence. I would like to thank North American Immigration Law firm for accepting and filing my case.
3409 2017-02-25 22:55:57
Postdoc Researcher

My eb2/niw petition was approved after only 38 days. I would like to strongly recommend anyone for filing their eb1/eb2 petition with we They are professional in their work and their service was very satisfying for me. North American Immigration Law firm has a great track record of success and i strongly recommend this firm for anybody who want to hire a lawyer for his/her immigration case.
3408 2017-02-24 22:03:11
Medical oncologist/ physician-scientist

Medical oncologist/ physician-scientist
My eb1a/I140 petition with PP was approved after 11 calendar days, and within less than 3 months since I retained chenimmigration firm. Ms. Victoria Chen gave me initially an objective assessment of my application and provided me with very helpful guidance as to how to proceed. The team is extremely professional, efficient and knowledgeable. The petition and offer letters were prepared on a timely manner, and accurately described my scientific contributions while highlighting what is deemed to be “extraordinary ability”, which is key for a successful application. The whole application was carefully reviewed and filed to uscis on a timely manner.
I highly recommend North America Immigration Law Group for eb1a petition.
3407 2017-02-24 20:46:31
senior scientist in bioanysis

My EB1B petition with Premium Processing was approved around 10 days. We greened group are supper professionals and give me help in every stage of my application . They answer my questions fast and accurately. Their group are the best!
3406 2017-02-23 22:47:36
ESX corporation
Director of Technology

My EB1B petition with Premium Processing was approved within 10 working days.
My colleague recommends this great law group to me, since he also got his petition approved smoothly and fast with their service.
No doubt, this law group is professional, careful on every detail, responsible and patient with every question you have.
When preparing the petition, they are experienced, high quality and quite fast compared with many other law groups.
Considering the immigration is one of our most important legal affairs, we should choose the best.
Based on what I have experienced, Chen Immigrations and Attorneys is the best.
3405 2017-02-23 20:20:33
Postdoctoral Scholar

My EB1a petition with premium processing was approved in 9 days! Initially, I had reached out to a handful of law firms with my credentials and the possibility of filing for permanent residency. Ms. Victoria Chen was the most upfront about my qualifications and discussed my case objectively. After retaining their firm, I realized that the Chen Immigration Law Associates is professional, superbly organized, and courteous; they did an excellent job of preparing my case, which included writing five excellent recommendation letter drafts and an extremely convincing petition letter. I am particularly impressed by their secure case management system, and how quickly and efficiently they deal with client questions and meet deadlines.
I strongly recommend the Chen Immigration Law Associates ( for your I-140 immigration petitions.
3404 2017-02-23 15:49:25
Post-doctoral Scholar

I would strongly recommend anyone for filing their EB1A I-140 petition through we They are timely, thoroughly professional and their service is excellent. Moreover, they are extremely careful in the case preparation and filing the application in time. My EB1A is approved without any RPE which is a welcome news. Definitely, we has a great track record of success and i strongly recommend for anyone applying through EB1A category.
3403 2017-02-20 14:09:58
Postdoctoral Fellow

I am glad to know that my EB1 I-140 is approved. You made my dream come true. I am very thankful to North America Immigration Law Group. In addition to one's extraordinary credential, it is very important to have very good attorney for this success. Chen immigration attorneys are very brilliant and professional. They are very prompt in replying every query.
My several friends recommended Chen immigration and indeed they are great. I worked with Ms. Chen and Mr. Ingebritson. They have explained and simplified all process. Their wining strategy of selecting most useful credentials and presentation helped me in success of my case. I am completely satisfied with their service and highly recommending to everyone who is interested in employment-based green card application.
Thank you very much for all your help and advice during entire process of my application.