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3755 2018-01-18 11:01:06
It's a very pleasant experience to work with this attorney group. The application for NIW is a long process and my case also dealt with an RFE before the final approval. However, the Chen Immigration & Attorneys has been very helpful throughout the process. They are very knowledgeable of the application procedures and requirements, and they structured a very reasonable timeline for each step of the process. Based on material and evidence that I gathered according to their clear instruction, the attorneys are able to develop high-quality reference letter drafts and the important petition letter, which fits my particular situation. Especially after we received the RFE notice, the attorney was able to provide effective strategies and suggest additional evidence for me to gather. Then the attorney was able to dive into the material I provided, study them carefully, and draft very professional and effective responses, which is the critical factor for the success of my case. I appreciate the attorneys' professional services and highly recommend this group for anyone who needs similar immigration services.
3754 2018-01-16 14:39:15
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I would like to thank the entire team of Chen Immigration Law Associates for their excellent service and support. I had perfect experience working with them. I did my PhD out of US (Iran) and then came to US for my Postdoc and I considered it as a drawbacks. However, they gave me enough self confident to apply and answered all of my concerns and questions in the best way possible.
The way they draft recommendation letters and petition is outstanding. I am glad that I chose them for my case. I would always recommend them to all my friends and colleagues. They are the best.
3753 2018-01-16 00:11:01
Postdoctoral Scholar - Electrical Engineering

When I was hesitating to choose an immigration law firm for my EB1-A I-140 petition, my colleague who is working in the same project strongly recommended Chen Immigration Law Associates (North America Immigration Law Group). Only after I filed my case with Chen Associates, I could fully understand why he gave me so strong recommendation on Chen Associates.

First, Chen Associates handled my case as if it’s theirs own. My I-140 petition was sent from Chen Associates to TSC right before Christmas. Due to the large volume of packages in the holiday season, an unexpected delivery exception occurred although the address was correct. Chen Associated had tracked the troubled postal mail to intercept it for quickly resolving the delivery problem during out of their working hours in Christmas holidays. I am so grateful to Chen Associates for such timely and kind support, with which my petition mail was found on the next day, and USCIS could receive it in the next week. My EB-1A I-140 case was filed with premium processing and was approved 10 days after USCIS received my petition.
Second, Chen Associates had handled my case with tremendous patience. My case took a very long time compared to others. It took almost two years as I had many things happened in my work and family and I couldn’t focus on case preparation. I am so thankful to Chen Associates for their patience and continued support over this long time. I feel what Chen Associates have done for me indeed goes well beyond the typical responsibility range of immigration law firms.

Third, Chen Associates has a very well organized system and clearly documented procedures. I-140 petition was much more complicated than what thought. The extremely detailed step-by-step guidelines and samples from Chen Associates corrected several of my misunderstanding and saved much of my time. Multiple teams and attorneys, who concurrently reviewed a different part of my petition file, did a superb job in a very short time and I could get most of the responses to my questions in 1 business day. The bottleneck in the schedule during my case preparation was always in my side.
Lastly, the attorney Victoria Chen reviewed my application. Otherwise, since there are multiple teams in Chen Associates who are preparing and reviewing a different part of my petition, I think it will be quite challenging to maintain a high-level of consistency to achieve such a high case approval rates.

Since my I-140 case was approved, I have been giving my strongest recommendation on Chen Associates to all my friends and colleagues who are preparing I-140 petition for US permanent residency application.
3752 2018-01-15 13:24:13
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Thank you very much for all help and support. I have received approval for EB1A premium processing in 11 days. Chen immigration associates and the team has worked very efficiently with my case. They are very prompt to answer my queries with in the same day. They present my petition letter in a format that the immigration officer will not get distracted. Please choose Chen immigration associates to file your green card. Thanks again!
3751 2018-01-15 13:05:38
I got my EB1A approval notice 10 days after USCIS received my case. The Chen Immigration law firm is a very professional team. They always reply to my messages within 24 hours. My major is in Chemical Engineering, I only have 7 publications and 140 citations, but the lawyer dig into my materials and found many highlights in it, which is very helpful for the application. The suggestions from the Chen Immigration law firm are great. Therefore, I highly recommend Chen Immigration for the EB1/NIW applications.
3750 2018-01-14 14:37:02
Research Scientist

I received my NIW I-140 in about 9 months after application, which was the time that I was expecting. Everything from the beginning went smoothly, and the Chen Immigration attorneys always had solutions for any problem I was encountering during case preparation. For instance, some recommenders did not reply to my emails anymore although they had initially agreed to provide a recommendation letter, and we had to write letters for new recommenders. Chen Immigration was always very fast at providing new letters.

The guidance throughout the application process was also very clear.

I'm very happy with the decision that I made, and I totally recommend Chen Immigration to any researcher / PhD student who wants to get US permanent residence without a sponsor company/etc and totally by themselves!
3749 2018-01-14 07:56:02
Research Institute in Europe
Senior Researcher

I hereby would like to sincerely acknowledge and recommend Chen Immigration & Attorneys (North America Immigration Law Group) who handled my EB2-NIW case with great care and professionalism. If you are reading this, you are probably looking for an (employment-based) immigration path into US. In this scenario,
I do highly recommend Chen Immigration Attorneys who have excellent credentials (cf. number of successful cases published on their website) in this field.
After a thorough (but incredibly fast) evaluation of your situation they will recommend the most promising category for you - free of charge!

A few facts about my case:
- EB2-NIW (Approval or refund)
- MSc (Electrical Engineering) and PhD (Physics) obtained in Europe! (Germany respectively Belgium)
- Working as senior researcher in europe at time of case filing (never worked or studied in US before!)
- No solid job offer from US when case was filed
- ~40 co-authored journal/proceedings papers (9 first-author), 1 book chapter, ~450 citations
- 4 recommendations letters and 3 testimonial letters (all well drafted by NAmILG) stating the importance of my recent work for the community
- Case approved in 2.5months (Texas service center)

Thanks again to all the attorneys and officers of NAmILG involved in this case. I am glad I made this journey with you.
3748 2018-01-12 16:12:19
PhD student

I would like to thank Chen Immigration & Attorneys for all the great work you and your attorneys did for me to prepare and file my I-140 case.
I really enjoyed working with them. They deliver what they promise in a timely manner. I got my I-140 approval after about 10 months. I highly recommend the firm to people who want to apply for their green card through EB1/MIW or EB2. However, I don't think they need referral or endorsementl from me or others, clearly they have build their good reputation that most of the people I know got their greencard have filed their cases with Chen Immigration firm. Thanks again!
3747 2018-01-11 15:13:24
Senior Research Assistant

Thank you X 100 times. Chen immigration associates has worked very systematically with my case.I have received approval in 7 days.. They always make sure that they present case in appropriate way so officer will not get distracted. They have drafted all recommendations very efficiently. I really recommend them for any client who wants to file green card. Totally worth it. Thanks again for all your help. Have a nice time.
3746 2018-01-11 14:16:00
Postdoctoral Researcher

I would like to thank the entire team of Chen Immigration Law Associates for their excellent service. I had wonderful experience working with them . Right from evaluating resume to submission of your petition they give their 100% for your case. For them every client is especial and they work diligently to prepare a strong case. The way they draft recommendation letters and petition is outstanding. I am glad that I chose them for my case. They are the best. I would always recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.