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3634 2017-09-20 13:06:53
The Scripps Research Institute
Research Associate

I wanted to thank the Chen Immigration Law Group for obtaining EB2-NIW approval. I am thankful and grateful to Ms. Victoria Chen who was my immigration lawyer. It was pleasure to work with Ms.Chen. It was and it is a great experience to work with the Wegreened team. I would strongly and highly recommend to anyone the Wegreened. Thank you for all.

With warm regards to you,
Yosef Avchalumov.
3633 2017-09-20 11:29:45
I wanted to thank the Chen Immigration Law Group for obtaining my EB-2 NIW approval. Having my petition submitted pre-Dhanasar case, I was worried that my case receives RFE since the prongs are slightly modified. But thanks to their professional and detail oriented work, I got approval with no RFEs.
3632 2017-09-20 10:29:23

Thanks for the WeGreened team. My EB2-NIW I140 was approved on 9/9/2017. My research area is Statistics. I am had a great experience to work with the Wegreened team . I strongly recommend the Wegreened.
3631 2017-09-20 09:37:41

My EB2-NIW I140 was just approved within less than 2 months without RFE. I was completely surprised seeing the notice in my mail box last night, never thought it'd come so fast!
Chen immigration team has provided me tremendous help along the way, they always respond to my questions promptly with accurate answers to leave my worry behind. BTW, their online system provides so much useful information and allow us to communicate without any issues.
I have already recommended their law firm to my friends and I believe you should also consider!
3630 2017-09-19 20:45:57
Thanks for the Wegreened's help. My EB1A I-140 got approved by NSC after RFE. I had a great experience to work with the Wegreened and highly satisfied with their excellent and professional service. I strongly recommend the Wegreened.
3629 2017-09-19 11:57:01
Research Scientist

My I-140 (EB1B) petition was approved recently after receiving the NOID. I want to thank the entire staff at Chen Immigration team, especially Attorney Jesse Holmes for their hard and thorough work. Jesse was very helpful is acquiring all the necessary information, writing a strong response to the NOID, and highlighting my major accomplishments in the industry. I highly recommend this group.
3628 2017-09-19 03:23:28
Software Engineer

My EB-2 NIW petition was approved on 09/08/2016. Application was received by Nebraska center on 09/21/2016. My I-140 got approved without RFE. My field of study is avionics, navigation, electrical engineering, aeronautics, and computer science. My research area is navigation satellite system. I contacted several law firms before contracting Wegreened. There are several reasons why I contracted with Wegreened.
1. Objective Evaluation
2. Approval or Refund service - another law firm denied refund, bou re-filing I-140 if the petition is denied.
3. Wegreened allows applicant to review the final I-140 petition letter - another law firm did not allow to review. They said it is their intellectual property and did not want to disclose.
4. It is able to review contract online before contact and free evaluation inquiry.- Another lawfirm did not show until I decide.
5. Another law firm request $7000 for IVP after I-140 approval. As I asked to Wegreened, they said there is no attorney fee, because applicant can take care of IVP by himself. Another law firm was not honest.

Hence, I strongly recommend North America Immigration Law Group
3627 2017-09-17 23:24:41
Post Doc

Last week my I140 was approved without RFE. Thanks to the diligent and painstaking effort by Chen Immigration team for drafting and re-reading all my documents several times during the case preparation. Moreover they also went over all my supporting documents very carefully to make sure that all evidence was in place before the submission of my case. Frankly speaking, I don't think I would have ever been able to represent my case so strongly and yet accurately without their help. I strongly recommend them for this reason .
3626 2017-09-17 23:15:16
Columbia University
Postdoctoral Research Scientist

I am so happy to hear that my EB1a I-140 got approved after RFE. I would like to express sincere gratitude to Chen Immigration Team (WeGreened). I have retained WeGreened for both EB1a and NIW I-140 preparation, with NIW filed before EB1a. Professional, responsible, and punctual are some of the characteristics that they manifested during the whole process. Besides, the online system that they used to communicate with clients is highly organized and efficient. Lastly, whenever I ask them questions, their answer is always quick, specific and to the point. I am very satisfied with my experience interacting with them. I would highly recommend WeGreened (PS: actually, after my recommendation, one of my friend is currently retaining WeGreened for his NIW I-140 petition. And he is also satisfied based on his experience with Wegreened so far).
3625 2017-09-17 19:32:26
Recently, my NIW case was approved and I really thank Chen Lawyers for making this happen.

Preparing my NIW case was such an easy and smooth process thanks to the excellent services they provided. I am currently working as a software engineer and there is definitely not enough time for me to prepare all these documents as well as recommendation letters myself, and Chen lawyers prepared all these documents in such a high quality so that my case finally got approved. They provided step-by-step guide for preparing my NIW case and ensure any question you might have are answered as promptly as possible. I am currently working with Chen Lawyers to prepare my EB1A case. I would definitely recommend Chen Lawyers if you want to apply for NIW or EA1.