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3952 2018-07-27 16:51:06
University of California, Davis
PhD Candidate
One of my friends recommended me Chen Immigration Law Associates for NIW application.

Thanks to them, My NIW application is approved in only 4.5 months without RFE.

They did an excellent job! I highly recommend Chen Immigration to someone seeks for NIW application.
3951 2018-07-27 00:47:21
Tufts University
PhD student
Wegreened provides supper supper helpful and professional attorney service. I have many questions before I made a decision to work with them for Eb1a because I am afraid my F-1 Visa may be affected if it fails. However, after closely consulting with Victoria and an evaluation of my case. I got a approval or refund contract. This encourages me to start the petition. During preparing the petition, I was impressed by their efficient and professional work. They integrated all of my work and contributions perfectly in the petition letter. I highly recommend their service. A few of my friends have been worked with them through my recommendations and two of them have also been approved with EB1A.
In addition, the attorney fee they charged is very reasonable and more competitive than other attorneys.
3950 2018-07-24 00:11:54
University of Michigan
Research Assistant
It was a great pleasure working with Chen Immigration in filing a case for NIW. I decided to go with Chen simply because they seemed to have the most experience in this field as a result of accumulation of various cases they handled. The case preparation step turned out to be less painful than I initially anticipated and I believe it is partly due to the fact that the Chen Immigration helped me to see what we have to emphasize and what should not be included. I got the impression that they know how to make the case strong.

Here is a brief summary of my case:
Case approved after 5 months. PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering. 7 journals & conference, 4 US patent. Citation ~ 150

I will certainly process my I-485 with them for I have trust in how they handle immigration petition. Thank you!
3949 2018-07-23 18:07:00
Research Associate
A friend of mine referred me to Chen Immigration for my EB1A application. It is such a great experience to work with them. They replied all my questions and concerns in a short time and made sure my application was 100% complete and every minor detail in place. All those careful review resulted in a speedy approval with no RFEs or hiccups. THANK YOU!
3948 2018-07-23 13:13:20
Postdoctoral Research Associate
As a chemistry researcher from India, applying for NIW was not a very good option for us because of the very long wait periods. We had to get EB1 and we were not sure of how good was my credentials for getting EB1. I had only 3 publications (1 first author) at the time and a small number of peer reviews. When we contacted Chen attorney, we were told that they would classify cases into average chance, higher than average chance and extremely high chance of getting approval, and they would place me in 'higher than average' category. That reply seemed very realistic. So we decided to get their service.

Chen attorneys helped us immensely throughout the process. They drafted all letters, reviewed all documents and letters and replied to every question we had in at most a day's time. They also said what would help the case, so I got few more peer reviews done and got one more paper out. Their experience and strategy proved to be extremely efficient in drafting the petition letter that USCIS approved my case in just 11 days, with premium processing.

Here is the case summary
PhD in chemistry from a mid-level university in US. 4 Papers (2 as first author). 17 peer reviews, ~250 citations.
3947 2018-07-19 12:52:13
Postdoctoral Rresearch Associate
It’s my pleasure to share my exciting news that my immigration petition for I-140 under the EB-2 NIW category got approval without any RFE within 5 months. I came to the USA as a Postdoctoral Research Associate on J1 visa, and I had no intention for immigration. However, after a year of my arrival, I attended a workshop on Pathways to the US Permanent Residence which gave me a lot of inspiration to build up my research career in the USA seeking permanent residency. Later, from my friends, I have heard about Chen Immigration Law Associates (North America Immigration Law Group). I was delighted to read North America Immigration Law Group’s huge success stories of I-140 immigration petitions. I got my CV free evaluated by them, and received their “Approval or Refund” offer for I-140 petition under the EB-2 NIW category. Immediately after signing the-140 retainer agreement, I was really impressed with their quality of services, especially their user-friendly secured web portal system that allows easy filling out questionnaires, uploading and downloading documents, and communication with them for case preparation. Amazingly, they used to give me the best answers to my messages within 24 hours in business days. I appreciate their team members who are involved in the communication process. Their "Client Packet" has enormously helped me prepare my “Summary of Contribution” perfectly without unnecessary delay and confusion. They did a splendid job in drafting recommendation letters within the specified time limit. It was awesome! and I was largely satisfied with their first draft. They also prepared my petition letter very perfectly and satisfactorily. I deeply and sincerely express my gratitude to Attorney Medessa C Cheney, who represented my case with a great success! I am more than happy with their nice and unique service. I also retained them for my I-485 application. I strongly suggest all of my friends retain the North America Immigration Law Group for immigration petitions.

3946 2018-07-13 09:02:36
Vanderbilt University
If looking for immigration services to apply for GC, then I will always suggest Chen immigration. After the first attempt, we were not willing to try again, but the lawyers were really sure that our profile can go through EB1 process. To convince us and re-apply for EB1, they really worked hard, and now we have our I-140 approved.
3945 2018-07-12 08:59:56
Mechanical Engineer
Quite a few of my friends were approved for NIW through Chen team. In my mind I was already decided to work with them because of the great experiences my friends had. Now I can add my experience in the mix, which is amazing!!!

They are very professional. Whatever is written in the retainer agreement, they will follow through no matter how busy they are. I loved their commitment for making my petition perfect. In the end, I received the NIW approval without any RFE within 6 months.

From what I had heard: they are the best. From what I have experienced firsthand: they are committed, timely, takes care of even the smallest detail, and all these make them the best.
Thank you Chen Immigration - I am grateful for all the help you have provided.
3944 2018-07-11 13:10:22
Research Scientist
A friend of mine referred me to Chen Immigration for my NIW application, and I couldn't be happier working with them. Their attention to details in so assuring. They made sure my application was 100% complete and every minor detail in place, which resulted in a speedy approval with no RFEs or hiccups. Another thing I find extremely valuable about Chen Immigration is their user friendly web portal which allows easy communication with your attorney (and very impressed with timely responses I got every time I had a question). Immigration processes could be stressful. Chen Immigration made mine a smooth and easy process. THANK YOU!
3943 2018-07-08 14:00:26
I just found out that my EB1 case was approved in 10 days. Thank you very much for all your help in preparing my case and helping every step of the way.