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3652 2017-10-08 11:42:10
Control Systems Engineer

I would like to thank Att. Chen and her team at the North American Immigration Law Group (NAILG) for handling my case for EB1-A green card application. From the beginning, the attorneys were prompt and extremely clear about how they wanted to build my case, and how to best put forward available evidence to build a strong case. I appreciate their attention to detail in preparation of my achievements, which weeded out a few ambiguous points, and retained only those that could be backed by documents. All their responses were always within the times they specified in their agreement.

Once my documents were in place, they promptly prepared my application packet, and filed it with USCIS. Their hard work paid off with USCIS approving my I-140 application within 10 days of filing (we had requested premium processing).

Once again, thank you very much for preparing my case for the green card. I would be glad to recommend NAILG to friends and acquaintances for processing of green card applications.
3651 2017-10-05 15:42:43

First of all, this is my sincere apologize about some thoughts. When Dr. Chen or one of his crew were asking about removing a number or inaccurate word or insignificant statement from my application, I was unhappy and I was saying why they care about such details.
Now, I got it. My I-140 has been approved after two months from its submission. I really need to mention my apologize and let them know that you did a great job better than anybody even the applicant himself.

Thank you so much and of-course, I recommend you for everybody else applying for NIW or other immigration applications.
3650 2017-10-05 14:03:14
Optical Engineer

I want to express my absolute satisfaction with Chen Immigration & Attorneys. Chen handled my I-140-NIW case in a very professional manner and replied to my questions promptly. Throughout the time of the application, USCIS made several changes to the process (Visa retrogression, Dhanasser case, introducing interviews to I-485, etc..) so the process was very stressful and things could have gone wrong very easily. Having experienced firm handling my case was a key for setting things in the right direction from the beginning and avoiding any further delays or RFEs.

I highly recommend Chen Immigration & Attorneys and I always advised my friends and colleagues to contact Chen for handling their cases.
3649 2017-10-05 10:58:01

I would like to highly recommend Wegreened/Chen Immigration Group. They were very professional, and replied to my many emails promptly and really helped me a lot in getting the approval. I am extremely grateful to them for all of their help. I am very happy I chose them because comparing my experience to the experience of some of my friends with other lawyers, i am certain that Wegreened/Chen Immigration Group is the best.
3648 2017-10-04 16:12:54
Food Scientist

I had great experience working with Wegreened/Chen Immigration Group, and I am extremely impressed by their efficiency and professionalism. The communication through their web portal was very efficient and my questions were always answered in a timely manner. All of the drafted documents were prepared on time. The whole process was smooth and every single detail of my case and documents was evaluated thoroughly. I strongly recommend Wegreened for anyone's green card application.
3647 2017-10-04 11:26:36

I would like to highly appreciate Chen Immigration & Attorneys because of their mazing job.

They were great at every step from the evaluation to drafting the letters and submitting my application.
They are very professional in NIW green card category with a reasonable attorney fee. They are very quickly responding all my concerns.

I highly recommend them for your application.
3646 2017-10-03 17:36:56
Assistant professor

My experience with Chen attorneys has been very pleasant and they performed a marvelous job at presenting my case. They provided timely instructions and above all their response to my queries was perfect.Thank you.
3645 2017-10-02 18:01:10
Chemistry researcher

The attorneys @ Chen immigration are extremely professional, dedicated. and detail oriented. They provide free and accurate evaluation of each case before they agree to handle it and petition for it. During the whole process of filing my EB-1A, they provided step-by-step guidance such that the process was never overwhelming at any point. Drafting of recommendation letters and testimonial letters is an added benefit, since very few lawyers provide this service. Moreover, the recommendation letters and the petition are based on the facts and figures you provide and they don't embellish anything. This I guess is the secret for their success. Thanks to the whole team for getting my EB-1A approved!
3644 2017-09-28 16:41:26
It's been a great experience working with the amazing Chen Immigration team... I would like to thank the whole team for getting my EB1-A approved.. Looking forward to continuing this "team work" for the next steps.

3643 2017-09-28 15:19:05
I would like to thank the Chen Immigration team for getting my I-140 (EB-1B) approved with no RFE. I choose premium processing and the case was approved in 13 days. The team is very professional and helpful in every step on your way to the approval. I had many questions from time to time during the preparation process and they were answered in a timely manner. I have also retained them for I-485 and hope that it will also be approved in a timely manner.