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3877 2018-04-30 22:19:37
Postdoctoral associate

My EB1A petition was submitted on Apr 16 and approved on April 16. And I received my notice today. Chen immigration law firm checked my material with 300+ citations and 17 publications. Very good experience with Chen's group! It's really a right choice to use Chen's group as attorney for I-140 petition.
3876 2018-04-30 11:28:00
Lead Software Engineer

I have a PhD in Computer Science with 200+ citations. It's been almost a year since we filed our EB1A petition and I received my approval notice today. It's been a rough journey with an RFE with ambiguous demands. However, our attorneys drafted a remarkable response that eventually led to the prompt approval of my case. I strongly recommend North America Immigration Law Group to anyone pursuing their EB1 status.
3875 2018-04-30 01:21:03
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Postdoctoral associate

I have received my approval notice for I-140 (NIW) last week. It took almost 7 months. I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. At the time of filing, I had 5 journal (3 of them as 1st author) and 2 conference papers and 130 citations. I was 3rd author in my most cited paper (100 citations). I really appreciate The North America Immigration Law Group for their professional help. I had a great experience working with them. They have always responded within 24 hours.They prepared the recommendation letters, author contribution letter and petition letter within their contract deadline. The drafts of those letters were very strong and convincing for my case. I did not need RFE. I will strongly recommend Chen Immigration Law Group to anyone who wants to file NIW petition. Several of my friends/colleagues also retained them and had wonderful experience with them.
3874 2018-04-27 13:42:31
PhD student, RA from Iran,

It's hard to trust and find a law firm for obtaining green card specially people from academia. When I started to search there were tones of firms and I was lucky to hear about Chen from a friend. I can trust them and they are really professional, always ready to answer your concerns, and the best.

I worked with them for I-140 under EB2-NIW and I am hiring them for my I-485.
3873 2018-04-26 17:27:25
Ph.D student, Research Assistant

Great experience with Chen immigration law firm. They guaranteed my case on the beginning and I revived my I-140 approval notice just a few days ago through NIW section.

They helped me to go through the preparation of filing I140 form step by step. They are always available for clarification and answering questions. Strongly recommended.
3872 2018-04-26 15:10:53
PhD Student, Graduate Assistant

Thank you the North America Immigration Law Group!
My I-140 based on EB2 NIW was approved in 3 months and 5 days!!

Before working with the Chen Immigration, I contacted to a different law firm, which found my case not strong enough to apply for EB2 NIW. However, the Chen Immigration worked on the strong points in my case and made it successful!

The Chen Immigration team is very professional and very detailed on each document you submit. Also, they are very responsive to your questions!

I highly recommend the Chem Immigration Law Group to anyone who wants to apply for EB2 NIW!
3871 2018-04-26 10:55:18
Quantitative Developer in NYC

I was referred to many law firms when I was planning to apply for EB2 NIW by my friends but I'm so glad I took advice of a close friend and went with North America Immigration Law group. From the very beginning (free case evaluation) to the I-140 approval they were the most professional and efficient law firm I have ever dealt with. They always honored the deadlines and time frames they adhered to and never have I had a reason to get on the phone with their team. Very prompt with their responses all the time and I could observe and attest to the high standard of quality they put into their work. They caught even the slightest mistakes by me and worked with me to get everything in good standard. I had middle of road credentials (not outstanding or subpar) for an NIW but they made it shine with drafted recommendation letters, petition, and cover letters. My advice to others is to stop researching and soliciting evaluations from any other firms and go with Chen and associates. You will not regret. I believe all the other outstanding reviews justify my experience. I have come to believe how stressful the whole process but they made it very seamless and easy on our part. Thank you very much for an outstanding service and always having my best interest and working diligently to get my petition approved! Top notch!!
3870 2018-04-25 10:31:22
University of Kansas
Graduate Research Assistant

I am not talking too much. This is the right attorney that you are looking after to get your green card.
3869 2018-04-24 12:11:43
Genentech, Inc.
Post doctoral fellow

Before contacting Northern America Immigration Law group I had contacted a few other lawyers and law groups. I thought I had found competent lawyers, but when I heard back from Northern America Immigration Law group my opinion rapidly changed: the response and care I received from Northern America Immigration Law group was exceptional! They are highly experienced in EB2-NIW cases and this was easy to see. The whole process was made very simple and easy to follow for me, with little steps to take along the way. And the end product was great! I was approved after 5.5 months of applying without RFE. Thank you for the great service, always answering to my concern in a timely manner and your professional expertise.
3868 2018-04-24 10:57:00
Applied Research Scientist

Thanks to the Northern America Immigration law group, my I-129 petition to change status from j1 to O1 was approved last week. Their attorneys are very experienced and provide very accurate and detailed answers to the questions in less than 24 hours. They certainly know how to lay out the best strategy in presenting the applications. For my case, I got a RFE on a Friday afternoon and since I was running out of status, the attorney (Micheal Linn) worked on the response letter during the following weekend to reply to the RFE with minimum delay. I appreciate all their hard work and give them my strongest recommendations.