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3337 2016-11-30 09:57:15
Cornell University
Postdoctoral associate

Similar to many other Chen clients, I hired Chen associates for filing my I-140 in EB1A category based on my friend's recommendations. From petition and recommendation letters to the last piece of evidence, Chen associates were sound, punctual, efficient, and extremely professional. My I-140 was approved in just 6 days.

I strongly recommend their services.
3336 2016-11-28 18:17:36
Postdoctoral scholar

Based on the very positive feedback that a couple of my friends had, I retained and worked with North America Immigration Law Group for my I-140 immigration petition under the category of EB2-NIW. They have a user-friendly online system, wherein I can leave messages any time I want. Their response to my questions is always prompt, in most cases within a day. The petition and reference letters that they drafted are professional and accurately reflect my previous accomplishments. They also have a clear timeframe for the whole preparation process (e.g. time required to draft the petition letter, etc), so that I knew where we were at. It has been a great pleasure working with them for my case, and everything went very smoothly.

I will highly recommend this firm to my friends who plan to apply for I-140 related immigration petitions in the future.
3335 2016-11-28 17:24:09
It was wonderful working with Victoria Chen and her team. I just came to know about the approval of my I-140 in EB-1A category. They are always responsive to all my queries and I will highly recommend their farm for preparing green card petition. Thank you!
3334 2016-11-28 16:38:35
Postdoctoral Research Associate at Iowa State University
I heard so many positive recommendations from my friends about North America Immigration Law group working here in Iowa State University and also University of Kentucky and I decided to proceed my I-140 application with them. They have wonderful services and responds to any query within 24 hours. I am really thankful to Victoria Chen and her team for their wonderful service on my I-140 approval. I highly recommend "North America Immigration Law group".
Thank you so much.
3333 2016-11-28 16:38:12
Iowa State University
Postdoctoral Research Associate

I heard so many positive recommendations from my friends about North America Immigration Law group working here in Iowa State University and also University of Kentucky and I decided to proceed my I-140 application with them. They have wonderful services and responds to any query within 24 hours. I am really thankful to Victoria Chen and her team for their wonderful service on my I-140 approval. I highly recommend "North America Immigration Law group".
Thank you so much.
3332 2016-11-26 21:10:47
Researcher and Physics Faculty

I decided to proceed my I-140 application with North America Law Group (Chen Law Firm) with positive recommendations from my many friends working at reputed places. It was a very good decision to proceed my I-140 application with this law firm. This law firm provides excellent guidance and suggestion to prepare the case. They take care of everything which can make a case very strong and prepares excellent petition letter with the necessary evidence. I was really impressed with their easy and highly professional way of presenting my research work in the petition letter. They are highly professional and expert in this field! This could be a reason that their approval rate is almost 100% of NIW cases. This law firm responds to any query within 24 hours and prepares all the documents within a given timeline. I would like to thank Victoria Chen and team for their exceptional service on my I-140 approval. I highly recommend Victoria Chen’s law firm without any doubt! Thank you very much!
3331 2016-11-23 11:25:36
University of Florida
Research Assistant Scientists

I was referred to by a friend who complimented their service. I did not expect that they would be that good.
The first thing that distinguishes them form other immigration attorneys is that they held themselves accountable for unsuccessful petition and they would return the attorney’s fee. Most lawyers do not offer that option. That was what eventually convinced me to go with them.
Relatively they are not expensive. I checked few attorney firms and they were usually 1000$ more expensive. As it turned out their service is worth all the money.
They are true specialists in immigrant VISA under classification EB-1A, EB-1B and EB-2. I am a Polish national and I applied under EB-1A.
They start with the assessment of the case and they advise under which classification to apply.
Then we sign the contract and then they walk you step by step with how to prepare documentations, fill out forms. Their templates and filling instructions are superb. If there is any confusion they are more than willing to help. They know exactly which exhibits to gather to make a case stronger. Also they beautifully craft all the testimony letters. I heard from the professors I asked for recommendation that these letters were of very high quality. They have seen many of those and they even asked which lawyers I used as my letters were the best they have seen.
With everything is done timely. There is plenty of transparency to understand at which step in the petition preparation we are. There is clarity as what needs to get done and when.
Finally their secure online system where all the files are stored and exchanged is very easy to use and is a fantastic way of communicating. Although we use the internal messages system every time a message is posted the alert is sent to the usual email account as well. There is really no everyday checking. I am really impressed with how smoothly the work of few people can progress thanks to the good online system.
They are very methodic and true professionals, from my experience the best there are out there. They are also kind, helpful and very willing to assist. I do not have much experience working with lawyers and I am impressed with my experience I have working with the
As to timeline as that was my main concern when we started. We signed the contract for preparation of the I-140 on the 16th of August 2016. We filed on the 14th of November 2016. That took 3 months to gather all the documentation, craft the letters, the petition etc. With a premium processing fee I got the approval decision on the 23rd Of November.
If you hesitate as how to approach the green card application I so strongly encourage you to go with They are amazing!
3330 2016-11-22 20:20:38
Postdoctoral Associate
MIT/Ragon Institute

I rarely write reviews, however the exceptional quality of legal advice and service that I received from NAmILG has prompted me to write this. Victoria Chen and her entire team are truly amazing in terms of immigration law acumen, competence and above all their commitment. My EB1A I-140 petition prepared by their firm was approved in 11 days. Based on my wonderful experience working with them, I have also retained them for I-485 applications for me and my wife. I will list a few objective criteria that in my opinion make their firm truly outstanding:

1. Success rate - This speaks for itself. Based on my research online and from publicly available USCIS documents, EB1A approval rates over the last few years has been hovering between ~60-85%. Having an approval rate close to 100% for EB1A/EB1B petitions, especially in a post-Kazarian world is incredible.

2. Setting excellent contractual obligations and honoring them to the letter - They responded to most queries within 24 hours and all queries within 48 hours. All other contractual obligations of drafting documents in 10 business days were also honored. This is especially great given how many clients they have. It also suggests that they have a highly efficient system in place of routing/handling client queries - kudos to all the attorneys, paralegals and support staff!

3. Understanding of science - This is perhaps the most important one. Our (my wife & I) previous experience of working with lawyers with regard to scientific documents (e.g. my wife's patent application) left a lot to be desired. However, the lawyers at NAmILG have an amazing grasp of scientific language across a wide range of disciplines. Thus, the recommendation & petition letters they draft are excellent and come across as written by a scientific professional. Some of my senior recommenders were also pleasantly surprised by this fact.
3329 2016-11-22 11:30:07
Associate Specialist

I would like to thank Victoria Chen Immigration & Attorney Team for preparing my petition together with an excellent advice and support to collect the documents. Without them, it was not possible for me to get my case approval. Thank very much for helping me on my petition.
3328 2016-11-21 19:20:38
University of California Santa Barbara
Postdoctoral Scholar

It was a great experience working with Victoria Chen and her team at NAmILG. They had drafted an excellent petition letter and recommendation letters for me that was instrumental in my petition getting approved smoothly. All interactions with the team was very professional and my queries were answered within a 24 h time frame. I would highly recommend everyone to apply for their green cards through the Chen Associates. Given their expertise in this field, I decided to hire their service for my I-485 application as well. Thank you everybody at Chen Associates for your excellent work and support!