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4012 2018-10-03 16:42:15
I am really grateful to Chen Associates and the team of this firm. They are so generous and professional to finish their job within the contract. I must say that I am so lucky to work with this Firm. The Attorney belongs to file my NIW petitions and I-485 applications are experienced enough. Their response to each question, even though very minor, was pretty smart and too quick. I am so lucky that I got I-140 NIW approval within 4 months of submission without any RFE. I am giving the 10 marks out of 10 to this firm and must recommend to many of my friends. Finally, I must say thank you very much for my heart and take my sincere gratitude.
4011 2018-10-03 01:22:20
I applied green card via NIW/EB2. I was really nervous during the process because I have less than < 40 citations at the time of filing. Chen immigration did a wonderful job guiding me through this process. Although I received a RFE, Chen immigration was able to formulate an effective strategy quickly and my I-140 was approved two weeks after submitting the RFE response to UCSIC. Thank you so much!
4010 2018-10-01 10:59:09
Chen immigration was recommended to me by a couple of friends who successfully used their services for filing EB1A applications.
My EB1A I-140 application was approved in 10 days after filing. I was very impressed with Chen immigration as they were very thorough in every aspect of the application. I don't think my application would have been successful without their diligence and deliberation. Highly endorse them for anyone interested.
4009 2018-10-01 01:07:24
Staff Antenna Engineer
I had the pleasure of working with North America Immigration Law Group for my employment-based (EB2-NIW) application. I have a PhD in electrical engineering, 50 citations (33 independent), 5 journal articles and 12 conference papers at the time of my I-140 petition letter application as well as six reference letters (4 independent and 2 dependent). I am extremely satisfied with my experience working with Chen Immigration. They did an excellent job in preparing my I-140 petition letter through a very efficient procedure. I was very impressed with the vast experience this firm has in handling NIW cases which is also proven by their success rate. Unfortunately, my I-140 case was issued a relatively unfair and very rare RFE for (only) the third prong which made me somewhat concerned. However, all of my concerns completely faded after discussing the RFE with the firm's attorney, Jesse Holmes, and hearing about their proposed strategy to respond to the RFE. My I-140 case was approved two weeks after submitting the RFE response to USCIS. I highly recommend Chen Immigration Law Group for a successful and care-free NIW submission.
4008 2018-09-23 19:46:44
Federal Government National Laboratory
Senior researcher
My first EB2-NIW petition with 1500+ citations was filed to NSC, and it was denied after a full year long of waiting. This failure was primarily triggered by the lack of U.S. employment. By then, I was still in my home country. Regardless of such the difficult circumstance, I deeply appreciate endless efforts given by V.Chen's team. After four months of preparation, we re-filed to TSC, and on the same day of my arrival at the U.S. right after staying in my home country for two full years long, I all of a sudden received an alert email notifying me that USCIS has taken an action on my case. After logging into my account, I am very surprised to learn the good news - my petition was just approved on the same day of my re-entry to the U.S.. I cried in the airport hotel room right away. I cannot express how grateful I am to V.Chen's teamwork. I still remembered my attorney made two Skype calls and discussed with me in regard to all strategies that would be applied to my second file. I also remembered how much time V.Chen's team spent on refining my personal statement and petition letter in my re-filing package. I cannot forget this team's great patience with a handful of encouraging and professional advices and prompt responses to all my inquires without any careless ignorance. Even V.Chen's team members helped me clarify what's useful evidences and what's not in practice. They further guided me to distinguish unhelpful reference papers from proper ones mentioned in my personal statement. In brief, I will continue working with V.Chen's team to complete the rest of my U.S. immigration journey through the consular processing. Thank you! I am very, very, very happy to work with you.
4007 2018-09-19 22:14:36
Research associate
It has been a great pleasure working with "Chen Immigration Law group". They have been super efficient, with amazingly fast response to my questions, and outstanding quality of drafted reference letters and petition letters. They also provided great insights into selecting references strategically.
My EB1A case was approved 10 days after it was filed. I am really grateful for their hard work, and I highly recommend Chen and associates to anyone who wants to file EB1 immigration.
4006 2018-09-18 23:47:17
Dignity Health
Research Fellow
It's been a great pleasure to work with "Chen Immigration Law group". They have been extremely professional, efficient and careful for all details of my EB-2/NIW Petition. I got the approval in 4 months without RFE. I benefited from their guidance and advices.
I strongly recommend this firm as Chen and associates did and keep doing an excellent job. I'm glad I simply relied and trusted them as they know better. Best choice ever. I'm honored to be among their clients.
"Happy clients are the best advertising money can't buy"
4005 2018-09-13 17:58:12
PhD Candidate
I would like to thank Chen Immigration Law Firm for helping me in filing EB-2 NIW petition. My application has been approved in almost 3 months without RFE. They are very professional in their work.
For those who want to apply I-140, I highly recommend Chen's team and just trust them.
With them you are in the best hands.
4004 2018-09-13 09:54:30
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Senior Researcher & Lab Manager
I recently received my NIW EB2 approval letter, and cannot thank the team at the North America Immigration Law Group enough. They were outstanding: efficient, professional and thorough. Their high success rate is definitely justified. Thank you Ms. Chen and associates!
4003 2018-09-11 05:27:35
Cornell University
I received the approval notice of my EB-2 NIW application, thank you very much, North America Immigration Law Group!
I'm very impressed with your work-style: effective recommendations/advices, quick feedbacks, attention to all of my suggestions and clear answers to all of them, even if (sometimes) my suggestions were not accepted, I understood and agreed with your answers.
The paperwork was done exactly as was promised before I signed the contract. I would definitely recommend everyone to contact the NAmILG for their paperwork.
It was a pleasure working with you.