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3660 2017-10-16 04:01:05
Pennsylvania State University
PhD Candidate

I would like to thank Victoria Chen and her team at the NAILG for their help in preparing my I-140 and RFE packages. They were in touch during the whole process and also quick in replying to every query. I got my I-140 approval within 23 days of filing the RFE. I will continue working with them to file my I-485 package.

I would highly recommend the NAILG for EB2-NIW case filing.

Thank you very much again!
3659 2017-10-13 15:06:17
Senior Engineer

I appreciate the help and guidance of Chen Immigration & Attorneys in preparing my NIW case.

I contacted them when I had just heard about NIW. Using the info on their website and with their free evaluation, I reached to a point of confidence to start preparing my supporting material. That was also a convenient and easy-to-follow process thanks to them and their detailed instructions. My case was approved after 90 days with no RFE.

I would highly recommend them to friends and colleagues for NIW cases.

3658 2017-10-12 00:16:44
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

I thank Chen immigration Attorneys for their great service in carefully preparing my I-140 application/petition. Today, the 12th day after the I-140 premium petition submission I received the approval notification from USCIS by email. Starting from the preparation of summary of contributions through petition filing, a whole lot of processes in less than 5 months, I was always supported by the Chen immigration Attorneys with timely replies to my queries, impressively with best professional solutions. Thank you Ms Chen and her Team! I will always recommend your service to my friends in the future. I also thank you for providing me with your complementary DIY packet for I-485 application.


3657 2017-10-11 17:53:15
University of New Mexico
Graduate Student

I am really thankful to Chen Immigration & Attorneys. They always replied my queries in time. They helped me throughout the application package. Being a graduate student at US university is tough to get approvals. I evaluated my profile through Chen Immigration & Attorneys which was 100% free. The evaluation process was very smooth and helpful. Based on the recommendation by Chen Immigration & Attorneys, i applied for EB2 NIW and got approval within 100 days. I am really thankful to Chen Immigration & Attorneys for the service, suggestions and help.

It was a long and helpful journey.

Thank you very much again
3656 2017-10-11 12:55:52
Penn State university
Research Associate

My case was approved in 7 business days after USCIS received the package.
I really appreciate the help from Chen Immigration & Attorneys. They are really professional and really hardworking guys on this immigration area.
I will work with them in the next step to apply my I 485.

Thank you so much.
3655 2017-10-10 23:46:32
Koh Young Research America
Senior Research Scientist

I want to express my absolute trust and satisfaction with Chen Immigration & Attorneys. Chen handled my I-129 for O-1 visa. Throughout the time of the application, Chen dealt with all documents with most delicate manner and made them perfect.

For anyone interested in legal services, I highly recommend Chen Immigration & Attorneys .
As always, I advise my friends and coworkers to contact Chen for handling their cases.

Again, thank you for your excellent services.
3654 2017-10-10 21:12:18
Research Associate

Thank you Victoria Chen (North American Immigration Law Group) for carefully organizing my petition with a thorough professionalism in their approach. Even though, my credentials are good, but drafting a variety of letters to prepare for the strong case - I can imagine your expertise in EB1A case preparations.

Finally, I highly recommend North American Immigration Law Group for EB1A case filing.

3653 2017-10-10 14:22:07
Postdoc @ NASA

I would like to start by thanking Victoria Chen and her team of absolutely amazing people at the North American Immigration Law Group for their hard work and dedication. It was a pleasure working with them in every stage of my NIW process. Everything was handled extremely professionally and well. Their return time to my specific questions was fast and I always got the answers i needed. I am very happy that I decided to work with this law firm on my NIW application. It was one of the smartest choices I made. I highly recommend that you choose Att. Chen and her team to handle your immigration needs.
3652 2017-10-08 11:42:10
Control Systems Engineer

I would like to thank Att. Chen and her team at the North American Immigration Law Group (NAILG) for handling my case for EB1-A green card application. From the beginning, the attorneys were prompt and extremely clear about how they wanted to build my case, and how to best put forward available evidence to build a strong case. I appreciate their attention to detail in preparation of my achievements, which weeded out a few ambiguous points, and retained only those that could be backed by documents. All their responses were always within the times they specified in their agreement.

Once my documents were in place, they promptly prepared my application packet, and filed it with USCIS. Their hard work paid off with USCIS approving my I-140 application within 10 days of filing (we had requested premium processing).

Once again, thank you very much for preparing my case for the green card. I would be glad to recommend NAILG to friends and acquaintances for processing of green card applications.
3651 2017-10-05 15:42:43

First of all, this is my sincere apologize about some thoughts. When Dr. Chen or one of his crew were asking about removing a number or inaccurate word or insignificant statement from my application, I was unhappy and I was saying why they care about such details.
Now, I got it. My I-140 has been approved after two months from its submission. I really need to mention my apologize and let them know that you did a great job better than anybody even the applicant himself.

Thank you so much and of-course, I recommend you for everybody else applying for NIW or other immigration applications.